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Hey peeps, it's been quite a while since I last posted in this forum. But recently a question has sprung my mind.

After a few very happy years with the Kx, it decided to die on me with a faulty mainboard; costly and time consuming to fix so I'm thinking of replacing it with the K30. I'm not a pro but rather a casual enthusiast so this seems an ideal camera.

I'm really intrigued with the twin dials on the K30. I understand that in TAV mode, one controls the shutter speed and one controls the aperture and the same goes with P mode (from what I have read).

Control over both aperture and shutter isn't really my shooting style. Ideally I would like one dial for the aperture and one for the ISO with the Green Button used to reset the ISO range. I would prefer to have the camera set the shutter speed by itself.

Now I know I could just choose AV mode and use the ISO button on the back but then one dial goes to waste so what I'm asking is, in AV mode or something similar, can I have manual aperture and ISO using the dials with auto shutter speed?


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I don't think you can do what you want exactly, the closest I can find is AV mode. The back dial adjusts aperture, the front dial does ISO after you've pressed the ISO button. If you haven't pressed the ISO button, the front dial does nothing. The ISO is shown in the VF but it also turns the screen on temporarily to show just the ISO even if it's turned off. I would have liked this optional as I don't like the screen shining when I'm looking through the VF, but it goes off with a half-shutter press.

It's best to be in non-auto manual ISO mode for your purposes as in Auto ISO mode the front wheel will just adjust the low end of the ISO range, the back wheel the top end. The Auto ISO does work very well though and shouldn't be dismissed.
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It can be done.
I have set up the front dial to change iso and the rear dial to change aperture in Av mode / shutter in Tv mode.

It is a dream to use and has sped up my shooting.

Change the settings under e-dial programming. You are given a basic range of customisation for the dials for each shooting mode but you can then customise each of these when you select them as an option. It is a bit hidden and not so obvious. You have to click OK on the first set which shows you options for each 'shooting mode' set then Ok on the next page (which at first only shows one set of dial programs) this brings up a new screen where you can choose from about 6 different dial settings - confusing to write down!



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As above, it can be done very easily by customizing the e-dials, refer to page 162 of the user manual which can be downloaded from......

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Amazing. Thanks guys everyone was super helpful. And thanks for the manual link. Looking forward to buying one of these


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I'll have to say thank you as well. Missed that one completely.


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I have a Kx and have upgraded to the K30. I'm very pleased. The K30 has a better dynamic range and is much better with getting highlight details than my Kx. It also has a lot more features and the menus are much more intuative. The 100% view in the viewfinder is a big improvement.

My only negative would be it doen't feel quite as solid
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Final question. Pentax released firmware 1.04 for the K30. If my Camera came with 1.00, should I install the firmwares one by one or can I just straight to the latest?


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You can go straight to the latest. Each new version includes all previous updates. Go for it. Just make sure you have a fully charged battery and follow the instructions on the Pentax site.



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Cheers Steve
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