A few night sky sights (low res)


Link Posted 25/03/2020 - 01:54
Back to the night sky!

I was reading up on the Comet Atlas (C/2019 Y4) and noticed that it has started brightening considerably. It could fizzle out at any point since the experts aren't sure how much material it actually contains so I had to get out there and take my 'I was there' shot. It took a lot of effort to find it since Stellarium Mobile didn't have the little bugger. Eventually I cross referenced the night sky with a few maps of where it should be and then took a few general shots with the D-FA* 50 and DA* 300.

I also managed to catch another few sights while out there. Nothing great but it's definitely 'different' to what you'd usually see. Low resolution images may not show much detail anyway, and there's also reduction during the upload.

Comet Atlas itself

Four galaxies here!

M3 Globular Cluster with a few dust bunnies

All the gear with no idea
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