A few car pics what do you think?


Link Posted 16/02/2008 - 19:50
Thought i would practice abit with my K100 so me and my friend decided to take our cars and find some nice places for pics. Any suggestions of how i could of taken better ones would be great

thanks for looking

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Link Posted 16/02/2008 - 21:10
A polarising filter might cut some of the reflections on your highly polished cars.
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Ok thanks


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Some people would also edit out the number plates...



Link Posted 16/02/2008 - 21:58
Tyr wrote:
Some people would also edit out the number plates...

Yea i used to but now i think people see the cars everyday anyway so its not too bad.

Also any comments on the photos? advice etc? Im just trying to get the most out of my pictures


Link Posted 16/02/2008 - 22:09
Using multiple exposures or a grad ND filter to bring out the skies more would be nice, adds more detail to the photo
Otherwise, the cars look great, perhaps as someone said, a cpl filter to remove the harsh reflections

I can imagine a very nice shot of the blue car at sunrise/sunset with the orange highlights shining on it, on a sandy beach with a nice sky in the background
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Now me, I'm more of a detail person. I would have loved some close ups of the badges/wheels/lights/fancy artwork/whatever.
I agree a sunset one would look good with the blue car, the sun reflecting off the car, so you don't actually see the sunset.

I like the first one, and the sixth one where you got down low to the car - always much better than just taking a car photo at eye level - we see cars like that all the time.


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try making sure the cars aren't in the shot, they spoil the view!

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Ok, I won't comment on the cars...

I think you need to pay more attention to the light. Look at #1,3 and 4: The cars are waay too dark. It's hard to see that bug (or spider or whatever) on the blue car (in fact it only registered with me in the last pic). Bracketing shots and/or ND grad filters have been mentioned. Getting the sun behind you when shooting might help as well.

As Lilly said, going down low is perhaps a good idea.

I like #5 but would crop out the blown sky.

Best way to learn how to do it: Get some brochures or look at WEB sites from car manufacturers. They spend a lot of money for professional photographers who make their products look good. Don't be afraid to look at WEB sites of manufacturers that you don't think of as cool (we won't tell your mates that you visited their WEB sites )

Look at the photos you like. Think about what makes you like the shot, where might the light sources be, what might the light sources be, how many did they use etc. pp.
That will teach you a lot I would guess.

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