997 GT3RS


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A close friend asked me to shoot one of his cars this evening.

997 GT3RS High Contrast by philnmorgan, on Flickr

RS at Network Rail by philnmorgan, on Flickr

RS at Network Rail CMK B&W by philnmorgan, on Flickr

High Rear End View by philnmorgan, on Flickr

Low Rear Quarter View by philnmorgan, on Flickr

997 GT3RS Side Profile by philnmorgan, on Flickr

Low Front End B&W by philnmorgan, on Flickr

Under Spoiler Reflections by philnmorgan, on Flickr

Side Decals B&W by philnmorgan, on Flickr

Side Stripes by philnmorgan, on Flickr

Big Rear Arch View by philnmorgan, on Flickr

Pentax K-5 IIS with DA 15 Ltd and FA 31 Ltd
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Love #9 and #11. especially #11
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Great shots. Great subject, although the sharp reflections from the surroundings don't work for me as they conflict too heavily with the lines of the vehicle, so best image IMO is the low rear quarter view.
Last image of an otherwise perfect subject only spoilt by the wheel nuts


Link Posted 28/05/2013 - 13:00
Point taken regarding reflections. My friend wanted to shoot the car in front of this particular building. As you can see it's almost completely glass. A later time of shooting would've helped a little i'm sure. He was going out last night, these were taken at 6pm.

It was an enjoyable and interesting experience, trying to see the car from lots of different angles.

I'd love to try it again in an underground car park, using a tripod of course.
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I prefer the mono, because of the colour of the car, as they are all good shots



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Very nice ..... I like the rack on the back for holding the shopping!

I can't believe that they have built a canopy to keep the sun off
the building...... Sun in the UK
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You did mean to say "ONE of his cars"...
Best wishes,


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It's my favorite car and the picture are amazing.
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Link Posted 29/05/2013 - 17:40
These are superb car pictures, but I would have preferred for the car not to compete with the rather complicated building background. However that is what your friend wanted so he ought to be very pleased.



Link Posted 29/05/2013 - 18:20
You would loose marks on a professional car shoot!

The wheel spokes need aligning to have a pair exactly horizontal or vertical with both front and rear identical and the RS logo should also be correctly aligned.

I have watched as a car was prepared for a shoot and they were checking the wheels to within a degree!


Link Posted 29/05/2013 - 18:32
Lol, I'm hardly a professional and it was just for fun. My wife did comment on the RS wheel centre caps being upside down though! Point taken.
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Gamka wrote:
You would loose marks on a professional car shoot!

It's not a professional car shoot though, it's for a friend ... and imo he did a damned good job.

Excellent set of photos, love the car, colour is amazing and so are the pics. If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be the last one (Or maybe Side Decals B&W)
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