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My 70 Ltd no longer exposes correctly at f22 and I suspect that the aperture control is in some way wrong as when you flick it with your finger (off camera) it's sluggish to move unlike my other lenses. My guess is that it doesn't stop down fast enough and hence over exposes.

I cleaned the contacts but working the lever by hand suggests it's not as smooth as it should be.

Anyway it needs a repair - who do I go to? There's Johnsons but I'd rather deal locally if I could - I am based in Worcestershire.

All advice appreciated.


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Johnsons, Asahi Photo or Harrow Technical all specialise in Pentax and will be able to clean the diaphragm on your lens.

It will mean packaging up and sending the lens, but it may well be cheaper to do that than travelling somewhere and parking.

It's a simple job that shouldn't take very long to do.
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Interestingly Asahi declined to do it and recommended Johnsons. You think it's sticky blades then?

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When my 18-135 lens was doing something similar they replaced a motor and a PCB (under warranty). I thought at first that it was only doing it at the 135mm end but the problem became more and more obvious the more I used the lens.
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No motors here prime only and a lovely one too. I did wonder if it was a PCB that was failing as now I think harder it wasn't always at f22 but a good flicking seems to ease the problem.

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Yes, it sounds like sticky diaphragm blades. Unless the engineers find it's something else.

It's worth repairing as it's a fine and expensive lens. Why not join PU Plus and go to JPS, taking advantage of the 20% discount?
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10 quid to save 20 if their estimate is correct must be good I suppose.

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I use a chap called Alan Marlow, I can let you have his email address when I get home if you wish. He recently stripped and cleaned my MkI Sigma 70-200mm for me as I am about to put it up for sale.

Charged me £40 incl return postage which I thought was pretty reasonable. I am sending my F* 300mm next.
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Yes please Mike

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+ 2 Mike please

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+3 please Mike

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I've used Alan a few times for lens repairs although on older manual glass. He did a nice job of getting rid of the fungus on my S-M-C Takumar 135mm f/2.5 lens. His charges are reasonable and the turn-around pretty quick.

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Am I correct in assuming this is him? link
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bforbes wrote:
Am I correct in assuming this is him? link

Yup, that's him
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I don't need Alan's services quite yet, but I've bookmarked him since he's relatively local to me, and my ops supervisor lives in Shepperton too.

Sometimes, useful info such as this just "falls into one's lap".
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