645D 55mm kit lens issues


Link Posted 13/12/2013 - 13:50

I have a 645D with standard 55mm kit lens. The camera has around 500 actuations.

I am concerned by the loose and imprecise movement of the focusing ring. If I place my thumb and index finger either side of the focus ring and gently move it from side to side there is movement in each direction of around 1mm before the ring starts to alter the focus. When the lens is taken to the stops in either direction the focus ring continues to rotate indefinitely

I am familiar with my Pentax 67ii lenses which have precise movement and focus rings that cease to rotate at the stops.

Have any Pentax 645D owners experienced the same characteristics with their 55mm lens? Are these traits a result of modern manufacturing methods or do I have a cause for complaint?

Incidentally, if anyone out there has a 'as new' Pentax 67 to 645 lens adapter for sale, I would be very interested to hear from them.


Link Posted 13/12/2013 - 14:01
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