50 mm macro 2.8 and 100 mm wr macro over saturating


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Thanks for the list. I have the 15 and 70 Ltd's, (I don't think I would use a kit lens as reference, no matter how good their reputation), albeit the 70 is an HD version.

I do agree, by the way, that macro close-ups of flowers often do appear either over-saturated or 'off' colour wise. Exposure compensation usually fixes it.


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I think we need some examples of what the problem is, so we can make some meaningful suggestions. As it stands, it is very hard to see how a lens can be faulty in terms of its saturation.
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If it is indeed lens saturation and not something completely different it should be present in every shot. Simply taking the same image with two comparable lenses and posting the examples should be sufficient to illustrate the problem I would have thought?


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50mpCMOS wrote:
Few questions about the over saturating...
2. If K3, which variation?

What difference does that make?

I thought they all had the same internals.
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Hello Folks,

The over-saturation was present in every single shot. Yes I could adjust the camera accordingly, to dumb it down a bit, but this is the issue. I don't want to create a special "user" location so to speak, for an odd lens.
What I want from a lens is to simply put it on the camera, point it at a subject and get something accurate.

What I was hoping from you all was to confirm that indeed you have seen quality variants. But it seems that maybe you folks haven't...that's good for you, it seems that maybe pentax sends different batches of stuff to different markets.
What I described was my experience with these two lenses, especially the 50mm, the Leading Pentax pro here at my favorite store stood with me as we shot random things in the store and he also confirmed that the lens was behaving strangely. We stood there together going over the camera, he used the same model (k5) as a wedding photographer, knew the camera as well as I did. Nothing changed the behavior of the lens, this became a great topic of discussion with the staff there.
Then he gave me my second copy with many apologies, agreeing to accept the return if I found the second copy to be acting strangely also. I did, but ended up keeping it past the two week deadline, I was too busy to return it on time. So I was stuck with it.

Same story with the 100 wr, different camera store, but I reproduced the problem in front of that guy and he also agreed that it wasn't the camera or me...and accepted the return.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we get here in Canada - bad copies of lenses and camera bodies.
I agree with all of you about how unlikely this is, but I feel quite satisfied that I did all the requisite testing to eliminate all other possible reasons. The firmware is one possibility, the other most likely reason is the quality of the lens, especially here.
I don't know what else to say, I compared two copies of the 50, one copy of the 100wr to my other gear and to other gear in each camera store. The end of this story is unfortunate - neither store with their experts could understand the cause, but when a different lens was put on the camera right in the stores, why the different results...?
The why, nobody could explain. Thus my question to this forum.
Here in Vancouver I know two pentax experts, one is a Russian guy who runs the biggest store here (Broadway Camera), He and I have had many discussion about this and he has also seen variants that didn't perform correctly. He has had to ship back batches of stuff to pentax that were sub par. This is something that pentax would require significant proof to even consider accepting the returns, but he did, supplied his data and pentax accepted the returns. Although begrudgingly as he informed me.
This store doesn't just sell Pentax, they sell Leica, hasselblad, the nikon and canon lines, along with sony, with those brands there are also huge discrepancies, canon and nikon have their own QA issues.

All I'm saying here: I have seen variants with two lenses, color rendition being the primary reason I decide to not keep a lens, I am not a lab guy that will spend hours and days scientifically discerning the differences between lenses, but the Russian guy here is, also when he lived in Russia. For me to even be able to return a lens for this reason, the camera store requires proof that the lens is faulty. I did this to their satisfaction, what else can I say?

I do appreciate everyone taking the time to offer their opinion; I apologize if I came off defensive or in another way that may have offended anyone. I really do appreciate the time any member has taken. The hard part for me is that I have been through all of this well before I ever decided to post the question, I had to prove to the store owners that the lens was sub par. It was a long, arduous emotionally exhausting process - I really don't want to begin this process of examining all other possibilities again through this forum.
My question was straightforward - Has anyone experienced color discrepancies with these two lenses?
It appears not, and that some of you think it not possible. Ok.
I am only prepared to offer my experience, I don't really want to take the time needed to prove this to all of you who don't believe. I appreciate the curiosity and I certainly appreciate those among you that want to solve the mystery. I just don't have the spare time to engage this way, I was able to satisfy the camera store guy and I feel like I did my due diligence with my own testing.

As I said, I will try to look for the photos I took with these lenses and the comparative shots I took, hopefully I can find them as I would like to show you guys. I have been with pentax for a couple of decades, when they moved their factory the issues began. It upsets me that there doesn't appear to be the same devotion to absolute quality as there once was with pentax. I read that Hoya nearly put pentax out of business, the new owners seem to be trying very hard to bring the brand back to the spec they were once so admired for, but unfortunately here in Canada, pentax has lost a lot of it's older customers. Currently most stores don't even sell the brand anymore as we did experience enough of the occasionally reported issues found on this and the american forum, that most of the stores don't want to sell the brand anymore. It's sad but true. This link is a bit old, but it does illustrate some interesting market differences. http://ricehigh.blogspot.com/2006/12/where-are-pentax-dslrs-and-lenses-made.html

Also for some reason we see brand new versions of most of the newer lenses on the used market that are either old stock? Or still made in Japan...? I hear rumors that they still make small quantities of the best stuff for the Japan only market.
We use a site called Craigslist, if anyone is interested they can peruse the photography section and see these MIJ lenses, they sell for twice the normal price of the lenses made in Vietnam or the Philippines..

I was just offering my experience, don't want to offend anyone or make statements that people don't agree with. It seems I have, I am sorry to upset anyone.

Warm regards to all of you,



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The most useful thing would be to post an example or two. As nobody has experienced what you are describing it would be very helpful.
Best regards, John


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[quote50mpCMOS wrote:
Few questions about the over saturating...
2. If K3, which variation?

What difference does that make?

I thought they all had the same internals. ][/quote]

I thought the same thing as well, but...

I have taken highly controlled photographs under exactly the same controlled conditions with variations of the Pentax K3's... I could not happen but notice somewhat of a "processing" difference (similar to adjusted settings under items such as bright and natural) between versions of the Pentax K3.

But also specifically noting... There are "different factory run" versions of the Pentax K3 other than cosmetic differences. These have addressed items such as "mirror flap".

The differences in model runs: Between the initial release of the Pentax K3, then to just before the silver model was released, then to the most recent run - including the gunmetal version. This could also be in the coding of the firmware updates. Anyone else out there notice a difference between firmware versions??
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