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Looking for a 400mm lens either pka or AF what would you recommend
k5iis k200d
8mm fisheye sigma 15mm sigma 10-20 3,5 hsm
tamron 17-50 2.8 pentax 18-55 al ii sigma 18-125 hsm tokina 20-35 af tokina 28-70 atx pro ii tamron af 90 Pentax A 135 pentax F 35-105 pentax fa 50 1;1;7 pentax 55-300 sigma 70-200 apo ex 2.8 tamron sp 500
kenko pz af 1.5 tele tamron pz af 2.0 tele and a flash


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There are a number of 400mm primes that crop up now and again second hand, although many are quite rare. That step from 300mm to 400mm also means quite an increase in cost. The one most likely though is the Tokina 80-400mm AF zoom, which is good if stopped down but not exceptional.

Pentax have a 560mm prime which is not expensive compared to other marques, but still pricey enough for most of us. Also upcoming is the new 150-450mm zoom.

I'm waiting for the 150-450mm and just hope it will at some point be affordable!


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I have heard good a bad things about Sigma 400mm primes and personally would look for the tokina/hoya versions - I did buy one but sent it back as it was full of fungus

I have an m42 NPS 400mm which is rare and takes a bit of work but I have had decent results with it

The Tokina one even with fungus gave decent results
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I parted with a Tokina 400 f4.5 ATX (pka mount) last year for altruistic reasons rather than wanting the money or space but if you see that lens for sale it is really very good.

Bit noisy in AF but optically I loved and printed quite a number of large display prints off it which were stunning according to my fellow snappers.

Great option though


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I managed to acquire a Mint FA* 400 f5.6 recently but god was it pricey...even after some negotiation......
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The only Sigma 400mm worth getting is the APO telemacro version.
The rest are mediocre at best.

Good luck finding one in Pentax mount though.
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andy_bell wrote:
I managed to acquire a Mint FA* 400 f5.6 recently but god was it pricey...even after some negotiation......

Still waiting to see some pics from it Andy.

My Canon mount Sigma 150-600mm sport is due today .. waiting in for delivery as I type.
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andy_bell wrote:
I managed to acquire a Mint FA* 400 f5.6 recently but god was it pricey...even after some negotiation......

That's not the way to get onto my christmas card list
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Sorry guys, its currently sat next to me on my K5IIs at work waiting for something to come along worth shooting!!!
At the moment I'm spending far too much time at work, on the smallholding or fishing....

On the few test pics I took with the K3 it doesn't seem to be as sharp as the DA* 300, but I may need to adjust the front/back focus.....
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One for MikeP
As taken, no cropping or editing

K5IIs & FA* 400 f/5.6

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I have an FA*400 in mint condition I want to sale. Send me a PM if you are interested
This could be a better illustration on how this lens is fine


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If you want to sell your lens, then it will be noticed better in the Classified Ads forum.
Best regards, John
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