360 Flash with 50-200 lens?


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Hi. With my 18-55 Kit lens, the P-TTL (360) etc works as is expected normally. With a 50-200mm lens ... do I go to manual or Auto to compensate for the fact the max on the 360 is 85mm. for example if I am shooting say at 100mm, do I use the Auto or Manual option of the flash as opposed to the
P-TTL. Also, if I shoot wirelessly .. do I go manual as well when using the zoom. Thanks for your help.


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If you leave it in auto (mounted on the camera) it will select the narrowest angle (85mm) anyway, so no need for a manual override. When using the flash off camera it'd be worth experimenting with manual zoom settings to see which suits the subject best - if I'm bouncing it off a ceiling then I tend to have it set to the widest angle, if I'm aiming it at the subject then I use the narrowest to get a little more direction to the light. From memory I think it defaults to the widest setting if you leave it on auto and use it wirelessly.
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Does this mean that I can't use P-TTL? Cheers


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Yes you can use P-TTL both on and off camera.

The zoom setting is entirely independent of the P-TTL protocol so picking a length manually will make no difference to the metering (which is what P-TTL is concerned with), just to the angle at which the light leaves the flash head.

The only thing you can't use is the automatic zoom when the flash isn't directly connected to the camera. That's when you want to set it manually according to the subject and the position of the flash (experiment and adjust to taste).

If you really feel the need to have the light narrower than the 85mm setting provides, then you can make your own DIY light modifiers by wrapping some tin foil around the head with a progressively narrower gap at the front to let the light escape - I think you'll find the 85mm setting will be just fine for most uses though.
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It doesn't matter if the flash's zoom doesn't match the lens range

Just shoot away! With P-TTL the camera is controlling the exposure based on what it sees through the lens, so it will work fine with longer zooms.

Technically it'll work, however, for longer focal lengths you'll probably get a better quality of light by (a) bouncing, (b) diffusing, (c) mounting the flash off camera. The further your subject is away from the flash, the more "pin source" it appears and the more "cardboard cut out" the subject can become. Just experiment (and don't be afraid to try different zoom settings to get different qualities of light)

Obviously you'll only get wireless in a body that supports wireless with the pop-up (e.g. *ist-D, K10D, K20D, K200D, K7D). Other bodies that don't support wireless with the pop-up will require two AF360s... but then you probably knew that already

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cardiff_gareth wrote:
So you can use a 360 in P-TTL off camera

How does that work

I know my Samsung GX10 supports wireless flash mode but didn't know the camera and flash sent info back and forth so P-TTL was still supported, I just thought it meant I could use the flash in manual output mode and the wireless just meant it would trigger the flash

On the camera set flash mode to "W" (wireless) and in the custom menu choose whether the on-board flash is either "Master" (it contributes to the scene) or "Controller" (it acts as a trigger only).

On the flash set the protocol to "P-TTL", the on/off switch to the middle (slave) setting and the mode switch to the left hand Green symbol.

That's it! Now you have wireless P-TTL.
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By the way, you can *never* set the on board flash to manual output - it's permanently set to P-TTL mode. Hence you can't use it to trigger "dumb" slaves as the pre-flash (where the P-TTL info is exchanged) will always trigger them before the shutter has opened.
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Nope the Metz 48 can do it as well, but it's wireless is a bit crippled and you can only use it as slave and not as master or controller.

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