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Does anyone have any experience with this lens ?

My LBA is calling me toward a mid/wide prime or a Macro lens & this one is both.
My concerns are, it's not that fast (will it be much better at 2.8 than my Tamron 28-75?) & I'd imagine the macro working distance would be very low, would there be an issue with blocking subject light with the camera ?
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It could be, it depends on what sort of subjects you shoot. Personally I think the 100mm Macro is the most useful.
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Any prime Macro will be much sharper than a zoom or even a prime of the same focal length at the wider apertures. They tend to even up a bit around f/11 but the macro will still be in front.

I've seen good reports about the 35mm macro (50mm equiv. on film). I've only used a 50mm and 100mm macros. I prefer the 50mm and have never had any problems blocking light. I doubt if another 15mm would make much difference. You probably need 100mm macros for insects. For stuff like flowers the smaller lens makes it easier to get underneath the flowers as long as you also have a right angle finder.

It was a bit warmer today and I noticed two very strange flowers growing out of some grass on my front lawn (probably grown from birdseed) I managed to grab a quick shot in case they are gone tomorrow. I was almost on the grass with the camera and the 50mm lens. They are only about 12mm long and the flowers actually upside down. Does any one know what they are?



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One type of Snowdrop a double Snowdrop
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loskeran wrote:
One type of Snowdrop a double Snowdrop

So they are smaller than ones I've seen before and I've no idea where they've come
from because they're normally grown from bulbs? These must be from seed.
I'll have to see if I can keep them.



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I have about 7 different types in my garden, some are quite small and others about 4 times as big, a couple are the double varieties other have longer flowers and some with different green markings, they all do rather well where they grow,if you want to transplant them do it when the flowers go over but still lots of green.
our front garden is one mass of white at the moment, my wife digs out loads to give away, but every year we have this display of white.


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I'll have to have a look around the neighbors gardens
tomorrow to see if the same type are growing anywhere
else. Being bulbs they should be easy enough to move.



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Ok, so back on topic

Surely someone here must have the 35mm Macro ?
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Just testing my DA 35mm macro

K20D +smc PENTAX DA 35mm F2,8 Macro Limited
Iso 100, F8, Exp. 1/8 (levels, rezise, little sharp). My livingroom, windowlight.


When you need macro (maybe prtrait9, then take 100mm macro. When you need universal... more normal (landscapes, groups etc.), then take 35mm. Both objectives have high quality and worth every penny!
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I have had my 35mm da since last summer and I think it is a cracker. I agree with John for bugs you need a little more reach (I use an old Tamron 90 2.5), but used with care insects and bugs can be caught ( I've put 2 pics on my portfolio recently) Its also a smashing walk about lens. BUY IT !!


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Well I've had the DA35 for a few weeks now and it's great. Yes, you have to get close but it's not a problem for flowers etc. It's also a really good general lens and beautifully sharp - seems fine wide open from my experience so far. Up 'till recently I have been used to a 50mm macro on film so the DA35 feels just the same to use.

K30, K200D, DA 18-55 mkII; DA 50-200; DA 35 macro Limited; DA 21 Limited
F 35-70; A 35-105/3.5; M 50/1.7;



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Just a quick reminder that we have already, fairly recently, had a discussion about this lens which might help:




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Thanks all, still mulling it over.
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I started a topic about the DA 35 Ltd:


I was then thinking of buying a new lens to complete my Pentax K100D Super kit and I finally bought the 55-300.
Although I am aware the 100 mm Macro is more universally useful I am still thinking of purchasing the DA 35 Macro Ltd in a few months. What I like about it is that it seems to be a good walkabout lens with macro capability. You can shoot landscapes, architecture, flowers... It looks versatile to me and seems to correspond to my type of photography perfectly. Moreover the reviews are generally very good.
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