35mm *ist LCD illumination intensity?


Link Posted 15/01/2004 - 00:15
I've used my 35mm *ist for about a month now. I first start noticing that the intensity of the external LCD panel was barely adequate and actually couldn't see the smaller letterings and icon other than the large film counter. Here's what I noticed.

- when turning the camera switch from off to on position. the LCD panel is brightly lit.

- when turning the camera swtich from off to on/DOF preview position (i.e. all the way from off to activate the DOF preview), the LCD panel is dimly lit.

- after the camera is on, subsequent toggling of the on switch to the DOF preview position always lit the LCD panel dimly.

For those of you who have the 35mm *ist, does yours work the same way? Is your LCD panel illumination pretty dim?

Ron B[ee]


Link Posted 21/01/2004 - 04:47
I would take it in for a repair or maybe new batteries ? My IST's LCD illuminator is consistently bright, wether turning it on or activating the DOFP. There is a custom function which activates the LCD illumination automatically in dim situations which is quite useful. I quite like the orange glow it produces, quite lovely. Having said that my FGZ360 flash units's lcd light dims sometimes after taking a flash but that was to be expected
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