2014 - One a Month


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Blyth Pier

Frosty pier by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

February: I've already shared my aurora pics a few times. So here's something Different
Newcastle Civic Centre

Newcastle Civic Centre by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

Steam Train

LNER Class B1, 61264 at North Blyth #2 by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

April: Not the sharp enough to enter into a camera club competition, but its still one of my favourites from the year
Bank Vole

Come my precious by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

May: So much to choose from in May. I did go to Bempton Cliffs and rather than the usual gannet, I thought I'd share this one

Preening Kittiwake 2 by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

June: Again, loads to choose from and I've just recently shared my favourite bearded tit shot. I do have to share at least one kingfisher from the year. When I originally posted this it was mentioned that it was skinny. In fact he's not skinny at all. He's just having a stretch

Kingfisher by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

July: Attended my first airshow. Took more pictures in a single day then ever before, or since. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck when the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire went past
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

August: Also had to have at least one squirrel shot
Little Red

Litte Red and the hazelnut by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

September: Only got out the once. A trip to Newcastle. Still I came across a different HDR technique, which works well on the street lamps
Newcastle/Gateshead quayside

Newcastle Quayside by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

October: Again not out hardly. But lucky enough to go to the local boxing club
Glove Training

Empire School of Boxing 21 by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

November: Only got out once this month. To Lindisfarne. A drab morning. Just flat and grey. Not even any definition in the cloud. However, just as I was sitting on a bench phoning a mate to say he did the best thing staying in bed, the sun peeped through. I posted this on another forum and it got slated by some. Shouldn't have bothered. The light was crap. Should have left the camera in the bag, instead of faking a starburst. As it happens I faked nothing. I stopped the 12-24 down to f13 and shot into the sun. I like it anyway
Lindisfarne Boat

Lindisfarne mooring by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

December: Been out loads over the holidays, making up for the lean months. I recently posted a couple of pics of St. Mary's. One Long Exposure and one which showed some movement. The horizon on both is off slightly. I corrected them both and sent them to the printers yesterday. See which one I prefer when they come back. Anyway, here's one of them (pre horizon correction)
St. Mary's

St. Mary's (1 of 2) by Alan Wennington, on Flickr



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August is the stand out image for me, but a great set as well.
Best regards, John


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I agree with John - great set with August being that bit more special!


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Great set Alan... All very classy... Stand out images for me Jan and Dec... Not usually a Squirrel man myself, but August is a belter...




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Lovely stuff, Alan - great technique in a wide variety of situations.


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Fantastic set Alan. A superb range with much variation. August tops it for me as well !

Best regards



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Lovely set Alan showing your skills particularly with natural history. I'm glad you had a red squirrel rather than a grey, lovely capture. The kittiwake appeals to me a lot as does the starburst picture which didn't go own so well on another forum. Despite the indifferent light you managed to get some sparkle into the picture. I also enjoyed St Mary's Lighthouse. But the entire set is good.

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Hate to repeat what's already being said but a great set Alan. Going with the crowd, I'm also a big fan of August and January. Quality shots. Congratulations on a fine body of work.
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lovely set Alan, like the Lindisfarne morning and the Newcastle night but the little red squirrel is the winner for me.
odd lens or 2



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Another great photographic year showcased ! Lots of inspiration for us and great technique to admire. Thanks Alan
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Link Posted 07/01/2015 - 20:53
Its been a good exercise selecting one a month. And I'd like to thank everyone for their comments.

Be good to see more sets from people



Link Posted 07/01/2015 - 22:08
That red squirrel is stunning. Overall a great set of images.

Best regards


Link Posted 07/01/2015 - 22:10
Alan, has anyone mentioned you're rather good at this photographic malarkey? Lovely series, much enjoyed.


Link Posted 08/01/2015 - 19:49
The squirrel is brilliant as is the steam train. The rest are none too shabby neither.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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What a wonderful set Alan, January and June are the stands out for me.
LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.
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