14mm f2.8 promise from Pentax?


Link Posted 21/08/2004 - 22:27
I was in the states last week, and it would appear that the 14mm f2.8 "digital" lens is still not out.

Does anyone know when it will be?

my options are sigma or tamron f2.8 14mm units for about 600. I wonder if the "digital" pentax one will be any cheaper?

Has anyone else been waiting patiently for this lens?


Link Posted 24/08/2004 - 02:07
I can understand the problem. I ordered a Sigma 12-24 zoom last September and finally received it in July (even with good pro industry contacts). It was worth the wait. The results are stunning compared to the Pentax 15mm I had been using. The option of also having a full frame 12mm on the old LX is also useful. I found the increase in quality of a digital optimised lens was amazing.

Cheers Pierre


Link Posted 26/08/2004 - 21:49

Sigma sounds interesting, and the reviews I've read sound promising.
Not sure whether the speed is important though - would prefer f2.8!

I've already got the 18-35 supplied with the camera, so a 12-24 gives me the 12-18 range.

I was really just considering a 14mm fixed f2.8.

Would it be worth getting another (overlapping) zoom?

Views much appreciated....
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