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Hi all

As threatened a few weeks ago, here are 12 ICM Landscapes. As I've said before, I've been shooting a fair bit of ICM over the last year or so - I like how it can give you a sense of a thing, a feeling for it, as opposed to just the thing itself.

Just to clarify, ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) is the process of deliberately moving the camera whilst taking a photograph. All the movement is done at the time, in camera. I do very little in terms of post processing - no Photoshop, no layers etc., but I do tweak the sliders a bit in Lightroom.













Thoughts, opinions, c&c very welcome as ever...




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I think it's very difficult to achieve these results with this technique, as opposed to what it may seem at first. Congratulations. I very much like the 1st, 4th and 12th. But all of them are fine, in my opinion.
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1 4 6 8 12

I'd have them on my wall
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All good but 4 and 9 stand out for me.

I think if the original subject matter is not too obvious it adds someting extra, just my opinion of course.


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Lovely set Bill!
My selection: 1, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12

Thank you for sharing
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A difficult technique (to make it look right), well executed Bill. No. 11 is my favourite - I am drawn to the figures (?) on the horizon.
Best regards


vic cross

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Each to their own. Or am I just the odd one out. Sorry but to me they are just a lot of out of focus camera shake photos that do nothing for me what so ever. To me (a philistine) they look like some of the so called "ART" that is about now.
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Perhaps the intention is for them to be visually uncomfortable, as only 1, 5 and 12 have produced interesting results that are comfortable on the eye for me. Otherwise, sorry Bill, but I'm with Vic.



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I wonder if there's a software 'ICM' filter effect that I could use to do something similar? You know, the sort of one click thoughtless, unskilled, non-artistic approach that only a hobbyist would do because he can never know any better? Would these images, if produced in that way , provoke the same response from that elitist standpoint?... Or is this point-of -capture technique inherently more artistic?

They don't really look like photos, so presumably that rules then out of actually being photos ....

Personally, Bill, I really like a number of them and think they would look beautiful on a white wall somewhere in a modern bright location, not the least for the beautiful colours and smooth tonal transitions. The ones with more jagged blur are the least successful. And I can certainly appreciate the camera and processing technique involved ... Whether it all adds up to valid photographic and /or artistic expression, I'll let the real experts tell us.
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Some of these are really good.

Must have a try at this ICM, although I guess you need to work at the technique to get good results.


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Thanks all for all for taking the time and trouble to offer thoughts and opinions on these... very interesting as ever... I had a feeling these might put the cat amongst the pigeons... the ICM thing is definitely polarising in terms of taste, and is certainly not for everyone... my own experience of selling these at exhibitions/in galleries etc is that if you like them you tend to really like them, and if you don't you really don't... as Vic says above, each very much to his/her own...

Nigel raises an interesting point re in camera vs software... the way this has evolved over the last few years has put the premium very much on doing it at the time in camera (a number of the flickr sites devoted to it explicitly state no manipulation in post) ... it's not the only way of course, and it's definitely possible to do it in software (although as a non Photoshop user I wouldn't have a clue where to start)... but there does currently seem to be a premium on doing it in camera... gallery owners (and end purchasers) I find tend to be very keen on "authenticity", on it being done "in camera"... there is a general scepticism about photography being an "art" at the best of times, and an even greater scepticism on the use of Photoshop (the implication, rightly or wrongly, of manipulation/cheating)... I guess at the end of the day, in the Photography marketplace, the integrity of the final image vs the original capture still remains important... once you head over to Digital Art (and it's an interesting debate as to where that starts and Photography ends), you can pretty much do anything you like...

Btw, there does seem to be quite a strong ICM/Multiple Exposure movement in Fine Art Photography circles at the moment... whether you think that's a good thing or not is obviously down to personal taste... but if you are interested, notable exponents that are worth having a look at are Peter Scammell, Valda Bailey, Doug Chinnery and Chris Friel...

Till the next time (I have quite a few of bluebells... good luck everyone...)




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Thank you for the plug - I should point out that much of my work is made using multiple exposure together with ICM. The same with Chris Friel.

It's fiendishly difficult to get right but rewarding when you make an image that is very much a one off. In my experience, if the basics aren't there in camera then no amount of Photoshopping will make it right and I have yet to see images made this way in software that don't end up looking contrived and overwrought.

I have only just qualified to join this forum, having recently acquired my first Pentax - a great discovery that the 645z will produce multiple exposure images in the same way that my 5D3 does.

And a lovely set of images - those that work best for are 1, 4, 5, 6 and 11


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Interesting and exciting photos. ICM is one of my favorite styles (I did not know that so called ) ). I also have a few attempts, but more in the woods or flowers. I never thought of landscapes where people want generally very sharp images with as much detail. But in the future I will try. Thanks for the links, inspirational.


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A most interesting and innovative set. Lovely tones and colours. Nice to see something a bit different.
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I think the seascapes work particularly well...as does the tree and waterfall. Enjoyable set
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