100d or 20d


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Can you please tell me if i would find more quality with the 20d than my present 100d...are the shots more sharp.
thank you. roy.


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Very . . .
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You won't always see a difference in sharpness, but the amount of extra detail in the images with the K20D is significant when you crop your images or make large prints.

Also you may find the camera more enjoyable to use with its better viewfinder, more external controls and numerous extra features.


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As written by Pete, the viewfinder of the K20D will be a little brighter because it has a proper pentaprism and the K100D has a pentamirror design.

The K20D is however a more heavy and a bigger camera. I for one like the size and weight because it suits me quite well.
For some people the K20D is to heavy to handle all day. My K20D with battery grip, two batteries and a 16-45 attached weighs in at 1573 grams.
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The K20D may be bigger and heavier, but not when compared to other marques. We were out and about with other photographers today, and some were wielding cameras that looked like monsters by comparison.
Best regards, John


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k20d + its weather sealed and has alot more features,
just keep snapping,



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Two E-dials is very important one also and you almost never need to go inside the menu to change something, most things you will ever need are under a button or else it's two clicks away in the FN menu.

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I really want to upgrade to a K20 when funds permit. Currently using a K100D. My main gripes are having to go into the menu and scroll through various screens to change basic settings, and I like the idea of being able to set up focus for different lenses on the K20.

Fingers crossed and the K7 may drive the K20 price down a bit, or make more second hand ones available.


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I came from a K100D to a K20D and for me the biggest improvements are with the extra resolving power, useful buttons rather than the menu system better iso performance and being able to use a grip.

All I will say is GET a K20D!

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thank you all for the details....very helpfull....roy.
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