Weekly Competition #79 One Hundred Yards from Home Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 11/01/2009
Judge: johnriley

This time, seeing it's winter and we might not want to travel far, the theme is One Hundred Yards (or metres!) from Home.

The image can be anything you like, the only restriction being that it must have been taken within 100 yards of your home. Inside or outside shots, even inside a neighbour's house if it's within range!

Good luck!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 10:36
A splendid entry, many thanks for all your efforts. Some of you live in places more photogenic than others, but everyone has managed to pull something out of their immediate surroundings.

bigcog - a nicely caught study that only suffers from a couple of small things. The vertical line in the bacjground intersects one of the heads and the lighting from the left leaves one face in heavy shadow. I would be tempted to try a very tight crop on the left to remove the bright area and to clone out the white strip.

R o b - a superb night shot full of colour, well composed and correctly exposed. Well done. Third Place

GivingTree - Good colour and sharpness could have been aided here by a more dynamic composition, perhaps letting the utensils sit more diagonally across the frame.

hefty1 - A well composed and timed image that has been spoilt by being somewhat over-exposed. It is very light and this makes the lightest areas washed out. A darker image would be very successful.

Puds52 - Good colour has unfortunately not rescued a fairly bland scene. It's an accurate record of what lies outside, but it does need something to elevate it into the winning category.

womble - Excellent colour and sharpness. In this instance I would have been tempted to make the format square and to have just a bit of space around the flower. It feels a little cramped in the frame.

ale_k200 - Watching the flames will pass some quality daydreaming time but what we see in our mind isn't reproduced in the photograph. It needs something to be in the flames to make a more exciting image, or something in silhouette perhaps. Good exposure.

Malo1961 - An excellent record of the drain cover, but of course drain covers by and large are not exciting subjects. Fine as a book illustration and a technically well made image.

mikew - a nice splash of colour in the frame and greens that don't look overdone. The flower head does look a bit strange in the way it is suspended without support (seemingly) so some of the stalk would explain the image better.

Steve Chasey - I like this a lot. The right hand side is a bit empty so may I suggest cropping it to a square shape and eliminating the wasted space on the right. This tightens up the composition.

uffes - an excellent nature shot, sharp and colourful and beautifully composed. The Winner!

josh - a terrific idea that needs just a bit more clarity of the subject matter. The image is very grey and the fairies not prominent enough. If you didn't, then try Channel Mixer to make the conversion to black and white. This will enable you to set the tones to bring out your main subject. Then a bit of emphasis on the fairies - I know they're shy, but if you ask nicely....

jacqui - Splendid warm colour and good exposure. It probably needs an added interest, perhaps someone looking into the flames, and it could probably do without the bright horizontal line at the top. A great idea though and one that could be worked on.

aGinger - Two for the price of one! Two very attractive shots and a good original idea. A bit of attnetion to the actual composition of the scene would improve it enormously as the image ends up a bit indistinct. Another one to try again with different elements.

Ben76 - Another good idea that just needs something extra, such as a dramatic sky behind.

ganners - The spider's web is a great choice of subject that needs some light to lift it. Perhaps some fill-in flash or waiting for some low, crisp, winter light to illumunate the scene.

cardiff_gareth - A riot of colour that would benefit from a bit more order in the arrangement. I'd be looking to close in and concentrate more on one feature and give the rest a subsudiary role. Simple os good in photography and a simpler version of this would give more impact.

Galoot - Very clever, very original. And thank you for taking the brief so literally! I'm very impressed by your thinking! Highly Commended

johna - It looks cold and it's a good image. I'd like something more interesting in the foreground, but by the time you'd got to the beach you might have strayed beyond the 100 yards. Matbe something could have been made with the posts as a stringer foreground?

Bill_And - A peaceful end to the day and a good use of the panoramic format.

Prieni - What a fantastic view from your window. I very much like the treatment here - the colour makes the image look like it's very old. This could have been found in the old photos taken by our Grandparents, so you've achieved a very nice effect. The subject and treatment work very well together. Second Place

Tony-O - When making very close up images depth of field is a major problem. Here the angle you have chosen means that only one part of the mechansim in in sharp focus. This is a pity because that sharpness and detail there is outstanding. If the camera had been parallel to the watch the problem would have been resolved. Tripod, low ISO and small aperture would have given you a superb image.

gartmore - This is a very fine portrait. The colour is good and the grain adds a certain timelessness. My crop would have been more square and I might even have taken away the back parts of the head, but your crop is fine too!
Excellent work. Highly Commended

PentaxKid37 - The light trails are greatr and the exposure spot on. You have correectly I think retained some light in the sky. Some more interesting details in the landscape would help the image, but the idea and technique are right.

Keith Grant - A good subject with good colour, good exposure and a complementary background. The angle means that the brightest part of the image, which normally attracts our attention, is going out of focus. One answer is to lower the camer and shoot side-on. Another is to shoot the flowers from directly overhead.

ericp - Brilliant colour and a perfect out of focus background. If the flower itself had been sharp then this would have been a cracking image.

LiamD - A very fine pattern picture. The image is crisp and the colour enhances the coldness. It feels cold. Commended

GrahamNR17 - There's a lot to like about this subtle night shot. I would really crop the bottom of the image very severely and then we would be left with a very moody moonlit shot.

beakyney - A good attempt to utilise some of the things around you. The colour puts me off a bit as it's not the sort of attractive sepia it could be, a bit sickly really. But the idea and the arrangement are fine. Worth a bit more tweaking and further experiments with composition.

GlynM - This is a brilliant image of the cat. And what a lovely cat it is too. I would crop the right hand side to remove the unnecessary background, but otheriwse your image is spot on. Highly Commended

RichardC - A strong diagonal composition only let down by a lack of brightness and sharpness. It is a little dull and also needs to be crisp. A tall order I know to get the crispness, but wouldn't it have been a great picture?

johnny_rino - The right idea, but we need to be much closer to that spider. Cropping out distracting background colours would also be a good idea. You responded quickly though and as effectively a grabbed shot is a good one.

beebee - Superb colour, composition and timimg in what could have been a very bland location. Highly Commended

woof - I like the composition, the colour, the backlighting...very nicely shot. Commended
Best regards, John
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Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 11:17
So there we have it, congratulations to uffes our Winner! Thanks again to all who entered, you managed to find some fantastic shots within 100 yards from home!


Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 12:01
Thank you John for your comments and excellent judging. Congratulations to uffes for his wonderful shot!


Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 12:02
Congratulations uffes, this is an extraordinary shot no matter what the competition theme was. That it fits the brief is a bonus.
It's a brilliant woodpecker photo but the tongue is the icing on the cake. Well deserved win!

John, thanks for setting an inspiring theme that brought out a lot of superb shots. Also thanks for competent judging (again).

What a fantastic view from your window.

I agree, though it needed a careful arrangement to avoid roofs, houses, streets creeping into the frame.

Let's see what topic uffes will set...

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Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 12:36
Thank you John, it was a great fun competition - the first I've ever taken part in (it showed )

Congrats to uffes, I absolutely love your Woodpecker photo, completely blew me away. As did many of them to be honest!


Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 13:20
I sat this one out due to Festive Season lack of inspiration but I enjoyed the competition. There were some great shots and as always thoughtful judging by John.
Congrats to Uffes for the wonderful woodpecker shot and all the other award winners. I hugely enjoyed Galoot's sense of fun and admired his technical skill in pulling it off.
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R o b

Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 13:41
Perhaps it should be like the Oscars, with different categories:

And the winner in the novelty shot competition is... Galoot.

I rather liked his photo too, and thought it was very well done.

One of the good things about having a wide open brief is there were a lot of good photos. Congratulations to John for his excellent judging, and to Uffe for his excellent winner.

Third place, eh? So it was worth the substantial experimenting in Gimp trying to make it look correctly exposed then .



Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 13:54
Congratulations uffes - great shot and a worthy winner!

Well done to John too for the judging. I laughed when I read that you thought mine was over-exposed as the original was quite a bit darker so I thought I'd push it up 1EV in PPL - just shows you can't please all the people all the time...

A lot of good entries this week, I look forward to next week's topic.
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Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 14:20
Congrats, uffes, super shot.

Thanks for the comments JR. A good and thoughtful judge.
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Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 14:30
congratulations uffes. great photo. great judging john.


Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 15:50
Thank you all for the nice worlds!


Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 16:39
Fab shot uffes - well deserved win. Loved this comp, brought out some unusal shots with interesting stories. Thanks for the HC. Some astute comments that have aided my composition no end. Thanks again John.
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Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 17:00
Cracking shot uffes.. deserving winner..

And thanks for the "Commended" John. It was always going to be a tough one with so many great images.. well done to all.



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Link Posted 12/01/2009 - 17:06
Congrats to Uffes,really great shot.Thanks to John for the comments,i've posted a couple of others in the gallery for comparison,taken at the same time.
I really liked Galoots entry,also Robs and beebees.Cheers Tony-O
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Link Posted 13/01/2009 - 17:02
Congratulations Uffes fantastic picture. Thanks John for the valued comment always good to see what other people think and get tips in the process. Next competition here I come.
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