Weekly Competition #227 - All Things Two Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 20/11/2011
Judge: JudithAnn

All Things Two
Pairs, twins, doubles and couplets. People, places, thing or animals. As long as the two of them stand out in the picture and TWO factor is easily understood as being the main theme.

Why even a cute bunny with his TWO ears sticking right up would do.

Show me your best images depicting duality.
Post processing welcomed, but not necessary at all.

I will mark each photo as follows:
On topic.......5 (depicting duality)
Technicality...5(composure, exposure, focus...ect)
Originality....5(something different, fun, awesome..ect)
Creativity.....5 (angle..effects..presentation..especially Title.ect)
Your Mark will be out of 20...highest score wins!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 04:57
[b]Wow 42 entries and many many high scores. This was tons of work and hours of writing, but it was well worth it.

Thank you all for your entries....and as mentioned in my descriptions, I gave marks in four categories. I have posted everyone’s scores with their comments. In a competition with this caliber of photography, EVERYTHING counts....even the title!

On the lighter side, no one has to substitute my judgment for their own. These adjudications are just my observation and opinions. It is my view of how I see your photos. It is very enlightening sometimes to see how others look at your work. In that light I do trust that you will enjoy my view, and still keep your own.

On with the Highest Scores.........and my honourable mentions. [/b]

1. Two Faces by Johnriley
Thank you John, for starting out this week’s comp. I woke up to four photos already in. My first thought was, I best start adjudicating right away.
Your photo was a most fantastic original idea. I liked how sharp and piercing your model’s eyes are. What I did not care for was the colour tone. I found the orange and deep red shadow around her eyes in the downward gaze too distracting. It is as though one is a photo and the other a drawing, which in itself would be fine if that was what you desired. I would love to see how this looked with the skin tones real and compare it to what you did here. I would try and keep both faces looking equal in the processing department..
I am none the less very impressed and would think this must have been fun while taking it as well as processing it. I wonder what it would look like in B&W?

Topic:..............5 Technicality..4.2 Originality.............. 5
Creativity ........... 4.6
Total = 18.8

2. Counter Point By Davidtrout
Oh my, what great expressions you have captured here. What a lens too. Showing the marks on her skin in such detail.

This photo is one of those pictures that tell you a story. Your emotions are engaged as soon as the eyes looks at it. I always believe that is a the ear-mark of great photographer.

I can see why this one is in your archives too. There are two in this photo, but somehow the front actress nearly seems to drown out the background crying...As much as I do look at her, my eyes will not stay with her but wants to be fastened on the focused subject.....and in that moment, it has more of a feel of one..and just a background.
No matter how I adjudicate this piece for this comp....This is; in itself, a wonderful masterpiece of photography.

On Topic .....4.5
Technicality......5 Originality..........4.5
Creativity .........5
Total = 19

3. Two Awesome Siblings, Darlene:
I loved the descriptive title...and I did state in my write up there are marks for creativity including the title...so good for you noticing that. Some may express that the title is unimportant, but how that title “grabs” ones attention becomes part of ones interpretation of what they see.
I am not totally sure how you get sibling teenagers to engage in such a fun pose...so I will assume that you have captured this. The girl’s expression is priceless. I love the catch light in her eyes. She seems so much more into the antics then he is. Somehow he looks pleasantly tolerant.
The photo itself is so beautiful executed. No harsh shadows, nice light. I do see that her blouse is a wee bit blown out...but the eye is not distracted too much...as the lovely expressions draw one toward the faces.
You are bang on topic and I would say that this piece of work belong in a place of honour in the home. I doubt that you could get a more natural, sweeter photo of these two siblings. I would have a very large print hanging on the wall, with the watermark of your photography showing discreetly but visible.
On Topic .........5
Total =19.6

4. Walking through the Necropolis, by Mduge

I saw this very photo just a few competitions ago. It is acceptable to use any archive photos for the weekly, but it is also great to get to see new ones, especially from our regular contributors. Your work is among some of my favourites here on the forum, so I have to confess that I was a wee bit disappointed you did not give me a new photo to look at. Since there were points for creative titles...you should have changed that up a bit too.
Having said that, I did love this photo when it was displayed for Depicting Age. I thought that the POP of colour was interesting and work so well. It is a photo, if it was hanging in a gallery, would stop me and draw me in. I love the juxtapose, of the two walkers against the stones of the building and the B&W makes it happen to even a greater depth. This photo is so full of creativity and it is technically pleasing. It has such a range of colour in the outfits of the people...and speaking of people...it was bang on topic with its TWO. Nice photo,and great work Mudge. (next comp I judge...you owe me a new one! )
On Topic .........5
Technicality ........5
Originality .......... 3.5
Creativity ............ 4.8
Total = 18.4

5. Two roses, by Jeeess1967
Yaaah!, my first entry that was not people. I wish you had thought of a creative title.
Roses are always a wonderful subject. Taken in the right kind of light with a nice bokah background and you have yourself a beautiful classic photo. This one is exactly that. I loved your lighting especially the shadows and the way they added depth to the peddles. The buds in behind, in the rich darker pink has made the roses seem so real, then with the added droplets of moisture I felt like I could almost touch them. Your bokeh of green behind the entire photo brings softness to the whole feel of your flowers...and of course you had TWO! Two in bloom, with more to come. The composition and angle also made this photo great. Nice work jeeess.
On Topic ...............5
Technicality ...............5
Originality ..............4.5
Creativity............... .4
Total 18.5

6. Little and large, by Sandinista
Two hip hip hurrahs...again not people, and not a classic shot either...so I know you get 5 out 5 for originality.
I always enlarge the photos for judging and this photo shows much better large. It is such a barren photo, and because of that your eye immediately see the tree but the barren land causes you to follow the horizontal line until you eye rest on the little tree. It all is very clever. As small as that second tree is...it does make two. Even with all of the positive, I somehow feel that the trees are just too far apart for me to want to print and hang this photo on my wall.
I am curious about the purple hue in the earth....is that the soil colour or has it been saturated and it took on the purple hue...or is it my monitor??? Thank you for such an original idea! Refreshing indeed.
On Topic ....5
Technicality ..........4.1
Originality ...........5
Creativity ..............4.5
Total =18.6

7. The eyes of Mary Francis by Sean282
You have immediate earned a perfect score in creativity...WOW. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your title. The background of cows is great. The lighting is nicely done and I love the reflective sheen of the tractor’s red, without any blow-out or too bright of a spot. But my one little pick is, I found myself wishing it was not cropped quite as tight as you made it. In spite of that it still has a feeling of fun and delight....carried forth by it title....Mary Francis Eyes”
The photo completely fits the bill....full of amusement. I must say the Mary Francis’s eyes are wide open and looking everywhere at once. This was one of my favourites Sean, keep on snapping that K5, your work is lovely. Oh can you tell me the year of the tractor...just interested, thats all
On Topic .........5
Technicality ........4.8
Originality .........5
Creativity ........ 5
Total =19.8

8. Alone Together by Rhoufi
Another photo of young people, yet completely different from Darlene’s. I LOVED your title...very creative, and you earned points there. I enjoyed reading your description of all the variants in your photograph. It has the TWO factors also
I was fascinated with the fact that you had captured a bird outside...that is so cool. I did not care for the harsh shadows behind the children and their faces are a bit soft. I did think the poses and the expression of the children added lots of interest. You are right, that even though they are together, they are each into their own little worlds. I loved the compositions, the wonderful blue height of your photo real works well, especially because of the bird. Your photo was very refreshing to study.
On Topic .........5
Technicality .........3.8
Originality ......3.9
Creativity ........5 (great title...extra bonus for Bird in photo)
Total = 17.7

9. We’re being watched by Blaze
Thank you Blaze for giving me the first animal shot of the competition. I was dying to see a few animals, and yours is darling. I love a photo that speaks with emotions and that can be interpreted in many ways...like yours.
It looks cold, and there appears to be a wee bit of frost on the chin of the fellow far right. I adored how the one on the left looked liked the hair had been parted in the middle and combed. The snow on the ground is a wee bit blown....but I am glad that you did not try to darken the photo because the detail in the fur/hair of these creatures is wonderful to see.
I am uncertain if you darkened the edges of your photo or if it was a result of a hood that extended out too far. I did not care much for it, but yet in a way it kind of made me feel like I was looking through a telescope at them, so it was forgivable in some regards, especially if I were spying on them.
I enjoyed this photo.
On Topic .........5
Technicality ................4.2
Originality ......... 4.8
Creativity ........5
Total =19

10. La Balance by AxelLuther
Leave it to Axel to have a photo of two people in a different pose. I would love to view his archives.
This is a wonderful capture...taken at just the right moment too. I am not 100% sure I like the wording at the bottom...it gives it an advertisement feel. If you ever enter a comp where they are looking for advertisement flare to a photo, I can assure you this is a real winner.
Your lighting in this photo is perfect , the sharpness exquisite, as I can see the ripple of their muscle and every detail. I liked the crop. There is absolutely nothing to distract you from main subject. Composition overall is nicely executed. So the only pick I have was the word- ology presentation and the framing. I even thought your title creative. Great Work Axel
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 4.6
Originality .........4.8
Creativity ........5
Total = 19.4

11. Autumn Love by Jolyonskes
My very first thought was, “what a great find”. I loved these feathers like leaves. How ironic that they, in their death, fall into a rusty old weathered plate. Your title was so creative that you hit a perfect score in the creativity department; in my books....which is what is going to count today (thus says the Judge)!
It is kind of interesting how the leaves almost seemed like a couple, masculine and femine. One large, more dark and burley ...the other smaller and lighter coloured.
I think I would have slightly, very slightly darken the photo, just to bring the out a wee bit more detail. Sometimes when my photos are a bit soft or a tad hazed, I find this to help them. Your lighting is nice and the crop is wonderful. I liked that you showed that wonderful wood grain.
You are on topic, and I loved the fact that you found something unique, different and two-fold. Wonderfully done!
On Topic ....5
Originality ........5
Creativity .........5
Total =19.2

12. Can I get a drink by Stevesphotos
My first thought...and these two are one!
Originality score comes up perfect. What a great idea this was. Your are bang on topic with your own original twist . Thank you for your description on how you captured the shot.
You have great control of the lights as none are glared too bright and you have no ‘blown-out’ parts in the photo. I think that is the mark of great ability in photography. I might have cropped it one shelf to the left of the second light. I feel that the dipped angle of the counter draws the eye away from the lady, making it a distraction, in what is other-wise great piece of photography. It is not necessary to keep the far left of the photo.
I also love that the photo invites you to have a good long look, it is worth 1000 words, indeed. Fantastic shot.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 4.7
Originality .........5
Creativity ........5
Total =19.7

13. Dual swimmers by Dr Mhuni
Be reassured that I ALWAYS enlarge each photo and have a detailed look. You were right, the hues of blue were truer when it was enlarge.
This is a very clever idea, and again for originality, it is a perfect score. The lighting is great, so very well controlled and your focus is amazingly sharp. I have never tried anything like this and it has left me wondering if it is hard to get that kind of clarity when swimmers are moving around under water. It is quite stunning.
This is one photo where I needed to pay attention in order to see two. Yes they are indeed there.
I cannot make up my mind, if I like the way the swimmers are coming into the photo, there is something about it that feels congested (too me). I almost wished they were more to the center of the picture...if you had of just waited another few seconds. Yet the quality of the shot ‘WOWS’ me. I find an ambivalent feeling of like and dislike. I really think the dislike comes from the angle of the shot...instead of the shot itself...if that makes any sense to you....This is just a personal preference.
On Topic .....5
Technicality .....4.8
Originality ........5
Creativity ......4.2
Total = 19

14. Starling by Andys

Yaaa!!! My first bird photos entry. I was waiting for one!
Birds are not always the easiest of subjects to capture and many times you have to shoot quick and hope that you end up with a good photo. As in your shot here, often it is distracting when the leaves and branches are covering up the subject. Not much one can do about that. The bare branch projecting up from the bottom left needed to either be cloned out or cropped off. I also need to point out that your senor left some spots on the sky ( I was once given a award, for the dirtiest sensor, in a comp on this site...so don’t feel too bad!). Again you can always clone these out. Picasa (Google) offers a FREE editing program (just need to download it) and it can crop, clone and adjust the lighting along with other nice features.
I do think that the photo is worth the editing work. It is wonderful to see both the female and male Starlings in their own environment. If you do edit it, I would love to see the end result. Thank you for the entry Andys.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 3.5
Originality .........4.8
Creativity......... 4.1
Total =17.4

15. Oi, are you still there?by GregNal
Thank you for the great title. What a cute capture. It does indeed look like red-head is looking to see who is there.
Birds can be a challenge to capture; they are never still...always bobbing around. The bird on the left is sharper then the bird of the right. It did look as though you had a bit of a challenge controlling the light around the red bird. I am sure that is why he is soft in comparison to blue bird. I liked the crop and thought that the branch in the left corner anchored your photo, so it did not leave the feeder floating.
Best of all...you have TWO and I was waiting for some bird shots to come...so thanks Greg.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 3.7
Originality .........4
Creativity ........5
Total = 17.7

16. Ycleptrob by Tuckertime
Another person, who was able to earn a great mark for the creative title. Here yet again I have a bird photo, and yes indeed, I have two.
I love it when a photograph captures such a moment as this. As I have explained to other contestants, one must point and shoot and not miss the magic...and then hope for the best.
I find the photo quite grainy and was surprised to see that the ISO was only 400...but it was at 500mm in distance. The quality is very soft, and it is against porridge grey sky ...not much to get your attention with colour either. I believe in this photo one needs to put aside all of that and simple enjoy the capture of mother feeding he BIG baby.
Thank you for the entry, it made me smile.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 3.3
Originality .........4.1
Creativity ........4.6
Total =17.1

17. Double Take by Gabeion
A reflective double...my second one so far.
Here is another landscape too. I desired to know what lens you used, but it was not recorded. I found that the photo felt large, and the view seemed to go on forever. I thought that a fantastic feature.
Your reflections of the mountain in the water made me think of the many Jigsaw puzzles that I helped do when I was younger. I can remember thinking about the person whom must have been in that beautiful place at that perfect time capturing such a photograph. It never grows tired when done well. It is like waterfalls or the inside of the flower, done well, it is always worth having.
I also thought it very creative of you to use this photo for this competition and give you a 5 out of 5 for your title and entry of this lovely landscape. I do think if just a bit more shadow or exposure was down a stop that it would have popped your greens and water blues a bit more. Nice work.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 4.5
Originality .........4.5
Creativity ........5
Total =19

18. Two of a kind by Gillyflower
Now this is interesting...I have a few shoots with one object being reflected making two. You have two objects being reflective making four....YET you really do only have two!! Am I being tested?? LOL
It is interesting seeing this photo in a portrait format. What it does in this format is to make the subject become the reflections instead of the actual boats. The boats are soft and not at all sharp, but as I said it is not really the boats that are the main object and I think it is fine that the reflections are soft. I did find that the reflections were a bit of a washed out grey. One could change that by bringing the exposure down...and it can be done after the fact too, as in post-processing. Your whites were also blown out a bit too much. I do believe that by darkening the reflection with deeper blue water, it would enhance this photo and make it worthy to hang on the wall. I do hope you will try it and see what you think.
You can always download Picasa from Google as it is free and has lots of features to enrich, crop and process your photos. (For the recorded I do not work for Google... I just like its FREE program.)
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 3.7
Originality .........4.5
Creativity ........4.5
Total =17.7

19. Taps: by Cnfearn
This photo immediately makes me think of davidtrouts comp photo. Two objects with one just becoming the background of the other. It is definitely two, just not a dominate two.
The focus is pinpointed right on the cold word, leaving most everything else soft. It is a fascinating photo because of its simple, yet stark effect. There is not much of anything to look at, yet one is completely drawn in and kind of forced to study the words, and take note of the sink. CLEVER!
The light is great, and glares are well controlled. I do like the angle and crop as it adds character to what could be a boring photo. Thank you for a one of a kind entry, which will give you a perfect score in the original category.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 4.6
Originality .........5
Creativity ........4.2
Total =18.7

20. Two Stripy Feet by Glyn
Simple, colourful, and right on topic.
The light in the photo is great. No harsh shadows, and nothing to distract the eye.It is so sharp till I can see the weaving of the treads. I love the black behind the feet, as it keeps the eye right where it belongs....on those socks.
It is always fun to see how something so plain and so simple can be attractive to the senses. I liked the portrait crop, so the eye can travel up and drink in all that pink. Please tell Jane...that the judge absolutely loved her socks.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 5
Originality .........4.5
Creativity ........4.5
Total =19

21. Two dogs on Stick by Still27
Ahhh, Yes, I saw this photo in the water competitions.....and it is allowed, to re-use a photos, but it does take from the originality.
However, this is a delightful photo, and if I owned it, I would show it any chance I got too. It does fit the topic, again!
The lens that you used is a great glass. I love the bokeh, it is so buttery looking, and I dare say that I may have lens envy, when I look at this. Your lighting is very well done and it is a great credit to you to have kept the focus on the dogs and let the light and waterdrops fall into focus where they may.
I may have taken a wee bit of the for-ground away, as I do find the out of focus grass draws my eye toward it, causing a bit of distraction from the dogs. I would leave a little of it...but not as much as you now have. Like the Judge in the water comp...I wonder which dog was the Alpha that day, and owned that stick after all was said and done.
On Topic......... 5
Technicality ........ 4.9
Originality .........4.8
Creativity ........4.3
Total =19

22. 2 in 1by Galoot
I have not seen a two in one since my youth. I will assume that you have organic eggs or at least buy them from a farm. If not, then you sure had a lucky find. I think the eggs are done frying, as I see the brown edges... We do not want the egg whites to be hard around the edges!
The lighting is even and bright. The focus is on the center...midway up the yokes. I think it might have been nice to have brought the focus a bit more to the outer edges of the egg. hat is just a personal preference. It could be argued that it is quite clever to have the focus sharp in the center of the photo, as it keeps the eyes on those yokes and they are the “TWO’ that is required for the comp. This photo shows more impressive enlarged. The bubbles of oil and water condensation add a nice composition to the whole photo.
It was a very original shot and that was nice for me as the judge, plus something I am looking for in this competitions. Great idea Galoot.
On Topic ........5
Technicality ........4.5
Originality ...........5
Creativity ...........4.5
Total =19

23. Santa Marie by Dodge69
Two sailboats...delightful! The mist and rain is magical looking and make the photo look soft and calming. Then one cannot help but see the choppy waves which tell me that they are working hard on these sailboats, and it is rough waters and wind. I see a real juxtapose of calm and stormy, and that makes the photo so extremely interesting. I did not care for the foreground; it is way too distracting and kind of ruins this rather extraordinary photo.
I LOVED the B&W treatment which adds mystery to the shot. I cropped off the foreground...and cropped off a bit of sky, and found the result to be stunning. Give it a try and see what you think.
It is one of my favourites....but points were lost.
On Topic .........5
Technicality .....4.5
Originality ......5
Creativity .....4.5
Total =19

24. And one! And two...by ArsenAl
Yaaa! I was waiting for two birds in fight and you delivered them. They really are traveling at a good clip too.
You might chuckle at this, but the photo shows better in its smaller version then enlarged. Enlarged one sees the blurred wing tips, and the soft focus of the bodies and faces. However... and I really mean however...this is an incredible photo and a fantastic capture.
Panning is hard, and it takes practice and skill to get it completely sharp with all the detail. I know my first attempts looked like an abstract...with other saying.”What is it”? Here in your photo, there is no question about what it is. Even though I have seen better and sharper panning...I am impressed that you captured not one, but two birds!
I also like how the angle is and how the birds are top to bottom instead of side by side. The light is great too. I would be glad to have taken this photo, as I think you should be too.
On Topic ........5
Technicality .......4.3
Originality .......4.5
Creativity ........5
Total = 18.8

25. My Favorite Two by Joclick
Oh my goodness sake alive, what a darling, funny, outright precious photo. That child is so adorable. I never knew that cheeks could be that sweet. The way she holds her mouth is so cute...and are those eyes piercing and gather-up all the knowledge it can...or is it a wise old soul that already knows? I must tell you that I see that rolled up sleeve, and I know that hand has been puddling around in Tozza’s water. Yep she is the helpful kind, I can tell!!!
Oh Tozza, do I see pride and delight shinning out from your eyes. You are having such a great time with her...this photo is bursting with joy!
The lighting in the photo is great.Tozza face is a bit soft in comparison to baby girls. I love how the TWO of them are dominating the photo...because as one can see they are many more than two in this photo, but only two people are important here. I am very glad that you close in on your two favourites. You really made the photo work for you. I am sure that it will be a favourite photo for your favourite people for year to come. Thank you Jo for sharing it. Perfect score for originality!!!
On Topic........ 5
Technicality ....... 4.1
Originality .........5
Creativity .........4.4
Total =18.5

26. Echo Two by Tozza

First and foremost, I am so delighted that you entered a photo. I have missed you in the other Comps, but I do understand how ill you have been. I am delighted that you are improving, and hope to see you join in the fortnight and monthly as soon as you are up to it!
Your title is so creative, for that I will give you a perfect score in creativity.
I like your couple. The photo has such a serine feel to it. Again what lovely bright well controlled lighting. The birds are a bit soft (too soft).. but that will happen often with hand held and moving animals. I see that it is from the istD..(.which I just bought , for a second camera)...and your date 2006. I can see why you would keep this photo in your archive. It has a pleasant touch. I also enjoyed the way the water ripples the reflections, as it gives the photo interest. Of course you are bang on topic.
On Topic .........5
Technicality ........3.6
Originality .......4.2
Creativity ..........5
Total =17.8

27. Lover Unite by Malcolm leader

Wow Malcolm...on a macro course...are you the instructor?....or has the student surpassed his teacher!!
I loved your title...I remember a competition about a year ago, and a similar insect photo was shown called “Bug Sex”....not nearly as elegant as your title!!! Creative titles always get a perfect score in the creative department with me!!
I would love to know what lens you used. Your Bokeh is buttery smooth. That beautiful background makes this photo so professional looking. The highlights on the tips of the moth’s wings and the tips of the thorny leaves is lovely. One flower in bloom and one on its way to seed is a fantastic find. I notice the tiny leaf fastened to the thorns too. Man oh Man...what a find, overall Malcolm.
I can see some softness in the plant and a wee bit in the moths too, but in spite of that, this picture, if hung in a gallery would make me stop and study it. To me, it has all the hallmarks of a great photographer who knew how to capture the moment. A most pleasing masterpiece Malcolm!
On Topic ........5
Technicality ........4.9
Originality ...........4.5
Creativity ..........5
Total =19.4

28. Truro Twins by TimE
Thank you for the twins Tim.
I am wondering if you were lying down as you took this picture. The lighting in your photo is so great. The blue of that sky is just perfect. No harsh shadow at all. I am not sure that I like the branches. I find myself wishing I could move them aside so that I might see the steeples in a more unobstructed view. I do see the advantage of the branches telling us it is spring with the buds just about to burst...but it still distracts from the main subject. That main subject, in that light; with that sky; deserves it be unobstructed .
You are bang on topic and it is very original, bet we do not get another twin steeples. I also love your creative title , and usage of” twins”
On Topic .........5
Technicality ........3.9
Originality ........4.8
Creativity .....4.8
Total =18.5

29. Lone Pair (Coppia Solitaria) by GUILIO57
Nice descriptive title...perfect creative mark for it too. Perfect mark for being on topic with the two trees.
Wow...if ever a comp comes up with textures you must enter this photo!
You know, my eyes did not see the trees at first. I noticed the yellow field and the foreground first. Then I saw the trees. I enlarged your photo for a deeper study. I found the foreground a little too distracting, yet I loved the textured. I removed about half of the foreground and felt that the photo did benefit from less of it. I also cropped out that vertical line in the upper right corner. It also made a nice difference in the flow of the photo. These are simply a preferred way. You do not have to substitute my judgement for your own.
I very much liked the white shine on the foreground grass. I find the trees a tad soft. The overall photo is still very lovely. Your light is very nice over the colour fields. It suits my taste. Good Work..
On Topic .....4.8
Technicality .......4.1
Originality ...........4.8
Creativity ..............5 (great Title)
Total =18.7

30. Two swans; by Nipper
I am getting a great kick out of the reflections photo. Those with one object + reflection count it as two. Those with two objects, plus reflection do not count it as four..... It is all in the eyes of the photographer! LOL Am I being tricked???? No Matter...on with the judging!!
Black is always a challenge...but here you show that it can be done in great detail....and good for you Phillip. You have very good control of your light too. I really like how the focus picked up the colour in the duck eye. The very end of the beak looks a bit wash out and soft, as does the tail and feathers on the left. But it really is not too distracting, because the eye is drawn into the face of the bird.
The duck seems to be looking at his reflection...and I love the ripple that the refection has. I find it adds interest to the photo. It must have been an overcast day...for the grey of the water is so dull. This is a photo where any change in the exposure could darken your blacks, thus losing details. It is the retaining of those details that make this a really nice photo. Good Job.
On Topic ....5
Technicality ....4.1
Originality .....4.5
Creativity ....3.9
Total = 17.5

31. Polyommatus icarus by Ogunturkay
Oh no...Not bug sex again!! Just kidding...(read Malcolm leader’s comments!) LOL
Nice to view the butterflies of Europe, way over here in Canada
You have lovely Bokeh in the photo and your lighting is amazing. I noticed that the bug on the left is Sharpe and how incredible is his face and tiny antennas’. The bug on the right is a wee bit softer, but it does not affect the overall photo. The flower that they share is has great focus and just look at their bottom ends for detail... WOW
I found that cropping the photo before the bright pink blotch at the bottom of the lower left, made the photo less distracting. Your eyes wants to rest on the dark pink blotched flower and that takes from your wonderful capture of these two colourful bugs. A square crop would be lovely in this case. At least that is my opinion.
The detail of what you captured is stunning. The lighting is exquisite. You have a great piece of photography in this photograph. Give the cropping a try and see what it looks like to you.
On Topic .....5
Technicality .......4.9
Originality .......4.5
Creativity ....... 5 (Loved that you used the Latin Terms)
Total = 19.4

32. Cinderella and One Ugly Sister by darkskie
You get a perfect score in the creative department, with a title like that. Seeing the title makes me want to see the photo. Nicely Done!
Although I have a few flowers, I dare say you may be the only mushroom photo. I kind of like the telescopic effect....with the light just on the TWO subjects. I do find the light not well controlled, there are quite a few blown out whites in the background, as is Cinderella’s stem. Just the same the Cinderella mushroom, when enlarged was quite wonderful...It looked like one could pick off the white spots. The detail is great to see. I did find it a bit noisy, and it is one of those photos where the noise might just be a preferred by the photographer. I am not sure it is an error, because it does give it a rustic feel. I would also like to have seen the colour version of this...it is an interesting photo.
Original idea and fun to see something different...thanks for entering darkskies.

On Topic ....5
Technicality .....4.1
Creativity .......5
Total = 18.8

33. Hot Diggity Dog by mecrox

Nice title, and it earned you a perfect score for creativity too.
This is a story told by a great piece of photography. You want to stop and look long and full into the photo. It is also a good feeling photo.
Although I do find it is very busy. I wanted to study everything including the door in back of the two musicians.
The photo has nice light, no harsh shadows falling on our subjects...no shadows at all. I am not sure if you cropped this or if this was how the picture was taken, but I find myself wishing that the space beside the dog be gone and a bit more of the Master’s hand and guitars shows. The Master seems mellow and pleased. It’s a great capture of a moment in time. I do like it very much.
On Topic ....5
Technicality ..........4.6
Originality ........4.6
Creativity .....5
Total = 19.2

34. Two Halves by RPLSF
Two haves? At my first glance I could only see one half and one whole, but then I noticed the bottom end of the half and thought that it may have been sliced on the outside of the apple. There are two apples in the photo wither they be halves or whole. So good enough.
I see that it is a Golden Special, and one of the sweeter one in the apple family. I thought your lighting was very lovely. The larger half of the apple is sharp and clear, but your photo softens out, as one can see in the seeds, with the open half of the apple. The photo composition is well done, and it is a pleasant photo to look at.
I might also add that I like the chosen black background, as it makes the photo rich in the simplicity of what it is, an apple. In photography, it always surprises me, how a photo of the simplest things can have such a powerful impact. That really works when there are no distractions around the main subject...such as you have here.
I like your boarder, as it seems to enhance the photo. Nice work.
On Topic ....5
Originality ........4.9
Creativity .....4.5
Total = 18.9

35. A Two Swan song by paulgee20

Yes another wonderful creative title...and that is worth a perfect ‘5’ for creativity! Bang on topic too.
Paul is one of my favourite bird photographer on the site...and if he will forgive me for saying so, this is not one of his best photos.
I love the way the swans are posed , one in the front and the other behind. I can see that it was taken on a dim light, grey sky day. This has caused the birds to blend into the background, and not leave a defining outline. The bushes and stick in the foreground add nothing to the photo at all and could easily be cropped or cloned out. Also seems to be too much dark shadowing on the wing and neck of the swans.
I have not missed how sharp the ripples and reflections of these birds are, and do see the merit of this photo. I am also aware that we cannot change the dull weather. I am very glad that you entered the comp, and found a two-some bird photo for me...even if it was not one of your “stunning pieces of photography.”
On Topic ......5
Technicality ........4.0
Originality .........4.2
Creativity ...........5
Total = 18.2

36. Two Become One by Frankie

What a great capture this is....the little squeeze. This earns a perfect score for originality. I am sure we will not see anymore “I do’s” and “Love Squeezes”. Thank you for the Fran
I love the composition and cropping of this photo. It is wonderful to see the sky and the soft gown and black suit. I would love this in my wedding album if I were that bride. The one problem with the photo is how noisy it is. The black tends to fade out and a wee bit of the white seems blown. I really think that this photo could be enhance and fixed with a post photo editing. I would love to have a go at it myself. I think the photo, without the bleach or noise is a masterpiece in its own right.
Thank you for entering it into my comp....Lovely, lovely , lovely!!!! Oh yaa...I too, hope it will soon be three Fran....You should have a fantastic pile of photos then!!!
On Topic .....5
Technicality .......4.4
Originality .........5
Creativity ........4.6
Total = 19

36. Used Cups by geordie01
How clever of you to even think of capturing such a photo, dirt, grime and all!
You lighting is so wonderful in this shot. I loved your colour treatment of a light sepia. You really have a great eye for the details in your photos. I have ‘ detail envy’..
I like the way you chose the post finishing for your photos, and this is a prime example of your great work. The focus is well defined, as is your whole composition. The angle is great, but I might have chosen to clip a little of the left hand side as it offers the eye a bit of distraction. All in all this is a fantastic piece of photography! a creative title, would have put it over the top!
On Topic .............5
Originality ...........5
Creativity ............4.5
Total = 19.5

37. Two Wheels by gordenbrownson

Nice to have a new member entering the competitions. Welcome Gordon
Nice bike...has it ever been driven or do you keep your tires that clean looking? This is a very nice photo although I think a bit too much light was coming in. This can sometimes be corrected with darkening your photo a wee bit or by dropping the exposure down in post processing. As I shared with a few others in the comp, Picasa is a free program from Google, which is quite nice.
I wonder what lens you used because your photo is wonderfully sharp, and the detail in the bike is attractively done. I can even read the words on the tail pipe. I like how the focus is on the whole bike and not just the front end or back end. I like the angle of your shot too.
My only pick is the over exposure...you do have some blown out white...on the grass and on the handle bar area. I know that white and black are two colours that really challange the photographer especially in bright light....here you have both. I think it is a great photo and that you should try and see it if darkening it helps.
Hope to see you in many more competition on the site...check out our fortnightly and our monthly. They are great tools for learning., and lots of fun to enter.
On Topic .........5
Originality ...........4.5
Creativity ............4.2
Total = 17.7

38. So proud of my two beautiful babies by RCA
Loved the creative title...perfect score for creativity. What a funny looking little bird. That is a wonderful capture too. To see mommy looking at the chicks.
I thought it great how you caught the water drops on their backs. I know that black and white can often be a challenge to capture...some area go too dark and others will blow out. I thought you did a pretty good job of keeping the detail in your blacks. I did find the photo somewhat soft on its focus, but I am also aware that you may have been some distance from them, and they are not great at being still. I think that you should be proud to have taken the photo, since it is a nice capture of nature at it sweetest.
On Topic .............5
Originality ...........4.5
Creativity ............5
Total = 18

39. Pair jumping by dannhy
This is a delightful shot. It looks almost unreal the way they were captured in mid air. I love trying these kind of action shots myself...and it is the “kiddies” that can give us these opportunities’. The expression on the little one face is precious and fun loving. The bigger guy, better watch his head!
You sure had great lighting in this picture. Of course we have some blur, but that is always acceptable in moving photos. In fact it what gives the photo its motion and flow. It did seem noisy to me and then I saw the ISO was at 3200...so WOW....you can really pick up that nosy in the dark colours, such as their trousers. No matter...this is just a terrific photo for the family album...full of story and delight. Thanks for sharing it.
On Topic .............5
Originality ...........5
Creativity ............4.1
Total =18.2

40. Beards and beer by beebee
Oh beebee...I was just trying to say beards and beer by beebee , what a mouth full if you say it fast....so any title that clever gets a perfect score in creativity!! LOL
The emotions in this photo jumps off the page, and it is a feel good, fun loving capture too. I know that you are a great photographer in the capturing of the human spirit. I quite like your people shots, because they reflect the human being in its true form. Your work is to be admired.
This particular photo has all the characteristic of a beebee photo. The lighting is sharp in behind the gents and I think that it did cause a blown-out effect on Mr Bald. If he has hair, I think it would have worked. Backlight, such as this can be a challenge in its own right, and hard to control. However I think you did a pretty good job and if it were me, I would not have missed that moment either. I wonder if the exposure was brought down just a tiny bit if it wouldn’t make the photo just a tad sharper, as it is a bit soft. Great photo beebee, thanks for sharing.
On Topic .............5
Technicality .........4.2
Originality ...........4.7
Creativity ............5
Total = 18.9

41. Snake Eyes by VonBatCat
I think you should tell us how you balance a die like that.
This is an interesting shot. I like the way the colour pops on the bottom of the die. Reflections in photos, make us want to study the picture.
I feel that the photo is a little soft on the top of the die...although I see that the pin point focus it sharp on the bottom between the two yellow dots. I feel the photo would be better if the whole die was focused. My reason being that the eye finds it distracting. I must admitted that the smaller version, is the better one, to look at. When it is enlarged, you can really see the softness. I would like to see the photo a bit brighter too.
My favourite thing about the picture is the angle of shot and the pose of your die. That makes it so very interesting.
On Topic .............5
Originality ...........4.5
Creativity ............4.2
Total = 17.8

42. Pair by fashionista_art
Another brand new member....it is always pleasant to have a new member join the competitions. Welcome!
I loved your play on words...Pair, (of pears), and it hit you a high score on the creativity scale. You idea of the pears juxtapose beside the old blue door is another point of being incredibly creative. I think we are going to really enjoy your work.
The pears themselves are a bit soft. I would like to have had them in focus for this shoot. They also seem a bit blown out in the center. However all that being said it still is a fun photo. The angle and staging is fantastic, and overall I like your idea.
Hope to see you in many more competitions, do check out our fortnight and monthly comps...they are great learning tool as well as lots of fun. Thank you for finishing this competition with such a creative photo.
On Topic .............5
Originality ...........5 (Perfect)
Creativity ............5
Total = 18.9

Best Overall Entry: (Out of 42 Contestants is) (Drum Rolllllll)

The eyes of Mary Francis ****by Sean282: **19.8

Best Overall Second Place winner:

**Can I get a Drink? ****By stevesphotos: **19.7

Best Overall Third Place Winner:

**Two awesome Sibling! ****by Darlene:**19.6

Best People Award ****Alex
Best Scenery Award *****Dodge69
Best Nature Award *****Malcolm
Best Object Award *****geordie01
Best Animal Award *****Still27

For the Following Contestants With Marks of 19 or Above...You are Highly Commended
Davidtrout, Blaze, Jolyonskes, Dr Mhuni, Glyn, mecrox, ogunturkay, Galoot, Gabeion, and Frankie

Regards to One and All:

Last Edited by JudithAnn on 21/11/2011 - 05:21

Dr. Mhuni

Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 05:54
Many, many thanks JA for a superhuman feat of judging, and for the HC. Congrats to Sean and the others you have singled out.

I do think this system of awarding marks for different aspects of a photo is a good means of arriving at a decision. Not only does it probably help clarify the judge's thoughts, it also gives a clearer idea of what the judge thinks about a particular photo.

Is it too much to suggest that this be adopted in all future judging?



Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 08:52
Hi Judith - this was a very inviting topic with lots of good entries and a great judging. I also like your system of scoring - not sure if it can be genarlized, as an equal ranking of each category might not always fit to each topic - e.g. a few months ago there was a competition "Best Macro" - in Macro Photography, for me technicality is a key factor and judging it as important as the others would somehow not work for me - however what can be genarilzed is this transparent display of scores (independent, which scores a judge selects) so that a contributor gets a better understanding, where he/she can improve.

Congratulations to the winner and 2. and 3. place and all HCs (not sure, if I make it there, I might be the Alex .
Funny - first time ever I submitted a non grapical photo with a labeld frame and it was obviously so wrong - the intension was not so much to advertise - I felt, that the harmony of the pose can be visualized with the harmonic title - but obviously it didn't.

Colors are the lack of darkness

You find more of my pictures here: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/axelluther or on my web page: www.axel-luther.com


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 08:55
A huge thank you to Judith for setting a great subject and for that, very time consuming, detailed and excellent set of comments. A terrific effort.

Congratulations to Sean282 for the brilliant winning shot, all the runner-ups & HCs and everyone else for another fantastic set of images.

Thanks of course for my HC.



Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 09:06
Wow, thanks JudithjA for a super human judging effort. I think it would be too much to ask future judges to follow this system as it must take an enourmous amount of time and effort. But it certainly makes a good read and helps everyone to underatand the judge's thoughts.
Congratulations to the winners and other awardees and many thanks for my HC.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 09:08
Dr. Mhuni wrote:
I do think this system of awarding marks for different aspects of a photo is a good means of arriving at a decision. Not only does it probably help clarify the judge's thoughts, it also gives a clearer idea of what the judge thinks about a particular photo.

Is it too much to suggest that this be adopted in all future judging?

It was certainly great fun and I think Judith did it very well but I don't think I would want to adopt this approach.

For me judging is very subjective and I would worry that an enforced points system would restrict the "Wow factor" I get when looking at an entry for the first time.

I think that as Judith had to resort to decimal increments indicates that it was no-where near as easy as she made it look .

I'm sure I would end up just fudging the numbers to get the result I wanted from my initial gut-feeling inspections

I also think that some of the fun in these competitions is seeing how the judge approaches the task.

Last Edited by GlynM on 21/11/2011 - 09:11


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 10:02
Well done Judith on the judging and taking the time to to do it.Congrats to the winners and to all who entered some great shots in there.


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 10:32
A very interesting competition and also helpful to read Judith's comments and scores on all the photos not just my own. I like the idea of scoring various aspects but the scores could be for different criteria i.e "WOW factor"; "Would I hang it on my wall?" etc. Each judge could decide his/her own priorities. I do enter these comps to improve my photography so a harsh score in some aspects would certainly give me a good indication of where I need to make improvements. That said it must be extremely time consuming to be the judge and congratulations to Sean and thanks JA for my HC.
K5 + 18-135mm kit lens


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 10:46
Liked the different take and detailed judging JA - well done and I'm sure the good feedback is appreciated

I never even considered cropping the foreground (as it returns to me the memory of how I was lying flat on the sand sunbathing at the time ) but I think it is a really good idea for 'non-personal' presentation - many thanks.

Well done to our winners and commended .
Pentax pour des images riches en détails!


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 11:21
Many thanks for your amazing judging and congrats to the winners. It's great to see a new approach to assessing photographs every now and then. Refreshing.


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 12:12
Very chuffed household here - Joclick gurgling as usual from beating me and me happy you like my entry.Both of us thank you for your excellent comments and amazing judging.Well done to the winners,runners up and HCs - some brilliant interpretations and shots.Strength is returning slowly and I am determined to take more photos for the coming months of comps.
Thanks again from both of us


Tony & Jo
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I am now on Flickr which is nice !


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 12:37
By the way - the *istD is now our M42 dedicated camera - perfect for getting some use out of the selection of beautiful Tak,Super Tak and SMC Tak lenses which we have.

K20D,*istD ( now a dedicated M42 digital ),K100D,MZ5N,P50,ME Super,Spotmatic 1000,Spotmatic,ESII,ES,H2.18-55 II,18-55,75-300 FAJ,35-80 FA,80-200 F,28-105 FA,Sigma 24-70 AF Aspherical,Sigma 28-300 Hyperzoom , Praotor II 500 M42,Centon 500mm mirror,and a few Pentax M42 Taks,super-Taks,smc Taks,A and M lenses.Benbo trekker,7dayshop monopod and a Lowepro rucksack.

I am now on Flickr which is nice !


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 13:37

Oh dear...what have I done. Amazing the time and consideration given by the recent judges. As a first time winner the thought of judging one myself has given me the heebeejeebees. Fair play to you JA for the time taken and the advice given as you handed on the baton. I'm afraid I won't be able to live up to these standards of appraisal but I'll certainly do my best.

Many thanks


New comp should be up shortly


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 14:55
Wow, talk about some stellar judging. So a big thanks to our judge. Congrats to Those on the podium, all very deserving. Although I would like to see some more entries in the fortnight, I hope it stays under 40 Ok Sean I am off to see my assignment for this week
....to capture with my K-x what my eye beholds and my imagination seeks...


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 15:04
What a great competition made all the better for Judith's herculean efforts on the judging .

Well done to Sean the winner, places and all HC's et al.

The purple in my shot is Heather Judith, so you can rest assured it isn't your monitor

Three cheers for the judge
Great simplicity is only won by an intense moment or by years of intelligent effort. T.S Eliot

Gear Not enough!!

My not so new website


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 15:32
AxelLuther wrote:
Hi Judith - this was a very inviting topic with lots of good entries and a great judging. I also like your system of scoring - not sure if it can be genarlized, as an equal ranking of each category might not always fit to each topic - e.g. a few months ago there was a competition "Best Macro" - in Macro Photography, for me technicality is a key factor and judging it as important as the others would somehow not work for me - however what can be genarilzed is this transparent display of scores (independent, which scores a judge selects) so that a contributor gets a better understanding, where he/she can improve.

Congratulations to the winner and 2. and 3. place and all HCs (not sure, if I make it there, I might be the Alex .
Funny - first time ever I submitted a non grapical photo with a labeld frame and it was obviously so wrong - the intension was not so much to advertise - I felt, that the harmony of the pose can be visualized with the harmonic title - but obviously it didn't.

Oh My Goodness>..After disciplining myself so many time for writing your name as Alex.....I did it anyway. Yes Axel, that is your "Best People Award" I would not really feel that the framing was totally wrong....It does set the photo up to feel like a poster of sorts...but HEY, many a great posters have been had! It was about what I was seeking in this Comp. Don't change a thing with the photo...It is GREAT!

Sorry about the mistakeops:
Last Edited by JudithAnn on 21/11/2011 - 15:34


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 15:51
Thank you all for your positive replies.

Do not worry about following the same format of judging. It is great to have a variety of diffent types of judging.

I really enjoy giving the feedback to each contestant. It is a great way of showing appreaction for the entries and it always teaches me so much!

It was rewarding to have such fantastic photos.

Onward we march to this weeks Competition.

To sandinista...I did figure out that the purple was plant life...It was such a good find and a nice shot!

Also Sean, what year is the make of the tractor?
Don't worry about your judging...mine is not the common format anyway. Just be yourself and make your own assessments. You will do fine....and again thanks for the creative shot!

To Frankie...Yes I agree that any judge could set up their own criteria. It should be as personalized as the topic of choice. I really enjoyed your photo too!

RPLSF....Let hope you do get extra entries this Fortnight. It is a wonderful topic!

Tozza: I dare say Jo's photo did beat the swans...come on Tozza...just look at that childs face!!! So glad you are coming along.
Last Edited by JudithAnn on 21/11/2011 - 15:53


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 15:53
Wow! What a summary! It might put some people off trying to win if they feel they have to emulate that!

Gongratulations to the winner, with a great humorous interpretation of the theme! Also the runners-up. And of course the rest of us

Sorry about the repeat image, I didn't realise I had used it before in this forum


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 15:57
No Worries Mudge....Hey don't be sad...I did really like the photo. I was glad that you took the time and entered...even with a repeat! Like I said, it is not against the rule or anything.
Cheer-up there is always..."next time"


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 16:56
Thank you for 3rd place , WOW must say awesome judging JA Congratulations Sean and Stevesphotos. And all those HC mention. Now to the next competition.


Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 18:54
WOW - now that is what I call judging - a very hard act to follow - thank you for your lovely comments and the feedback - the image was taken (or should I say snatched) from a balcony after 1 or 2 wines - so I can blame the alcohol for anything out of place. I wish I could find the time to enter every week but school gets in the way. That said I am already working on my entry for this week's comp as I have rather a lot of pics of children running, jumping nad throwing!(not all in focus though) Thank you again Judith Ann.
Everything is possible - just not today.
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Link Posted 21/11/2011 - 20:50
Thankyou Judith Ann for the constructive criticism, something to ponder over!
I was aware of the regular competitions here but had never entered one before now, but very pleased i have now.
I found everyones approaches to the topic to be pleasently diverse I think you must have had a tough job reaching a decision!

Hope to see all the new entries for this weeks competition!!


Link Posted 22/11/2011 - 07:14
There was a huge amount of work that went into that judging, and excellent job and indeed an excellent result.

Great to see such a huge response again, although it doesn't make the job any easier for the next judge!

Best regards, John


Link Posted 22/11/2011 - 07:16
What an effort, Judith; so many entries; well done. Thank you for your constructive comments. The shadows behind the window are in fact internal steel beams holding up the roof )
Melbourne, Australia
Pentax K-5; 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 WR Zoom; 70mm f2.4 LTD Prime; 50-135mm f2.8 SDM Zoom; Lightroom 3.6


Link Posted 22/11/2011 - 09:11
JudithAnn wrote:
AxelLuther wrote:
Hi Judith - this was a very inviting topic with lots of good entries and a great judging. I also like your system of scoring - not sure if it can be genarlized, as an equal ranking of each category might not always fit to each topic - e.g. a few months ago there was a competition "Best Macro" - in Macro Photography, for me technicality is a key factor and judging it as important as the others would somehow not work for me - however what can be genarilzed is this transparent display of scores (independent, which scores a judge selects) so that a contributor gets a better understanding, where he/she can improve.

Congratulations to the winner and 2. and 3. place and all HCs (not sure, if I make it there, I might be the Alex .
Funny - first time ever I submitted a non grapical photo with a labeld frame and it was obviously so wrong - the intension was not so much to advertise - I felt, that the harmony of the pose can be visualized with the harmonic title - but obviously it didn't.

Oh My Goodness>..After disciplining myself so many time for writing your name as Alex.....I did it anyway. Yes Axel, that is your "Best People Award" I would not really feel that the framing was totally wrong....It does set the photo up to feel like a poster of sorts...but HEY, many a great posters have been had! It was about what I was seeking in this Comp. Don't change a thing with the photo...It is GREAT!

Sorry about the mistakeops:

don't worry - this happens often to me - also here in Germany (actually - Axel is more a dog name here - so most people somehow might not believe, that parents called a boy like this

Colors are the lack of darkness

You find more of my pictures here: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/axelluther or on my web page: www.axel-luther.com


Link Posted 22/11/2011 - 14:19
Rhoufi wrote:
What an effort, Judith; so many entries; well done. Thank you for your constructive comments. The shadows behind the window are in fact internal steel beams holding up the roof )

No,no...not those shadows...but rather the ones caused by the flash...the silhouette shadows right behind the children bodies. Go have another look, you will see what I mean.
It still was a pretty neat photo.

Regards JA


Link Posted 22/11/2011 - 16:56
Thank you Judith for your comment and tips on my photo


Link Posted 24/11/2011 - 22:29
Wow, Judith .... thanks for all the hard work (and the 2nd). Some very useful information and certainly much appreciated.

Congratulations to Sean, and everyone else who entered.
All my photos are with 8 year old cameras ...
645D, 35mm, SDM 55mm, FA75mm, FA150mm f/2.8 and K-5, Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8, DA* 50-135mm, Samyang 8mm, other miscellaneous stuff...


Link Posted 28/11/2011 - 08:53
Hi Judith
I apologise for not writing earlier, but I have only just found where the comments are
What a marathon effort you must have made to give such superb detailed comments. It is a great help looking at all the photos and seeing what you have said.

Thank you
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