Weekly Competition #226 - A Splash of Colour Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 13/11/2011
Judge: GlynM

Suddenly here in Surrey it has got very damp and gloomy. The nights are drawing in and a late October Indian summer has given way to dull overcast days.

This weather is getting to me and I need cheering up so I want to see images that use colour to create some impact.

All interpretations will be welcome and I look forward with some anticipation to seeing your entries.

Please remember that entries must have been shot using a Pentax camera, or Samsung equivalent. The normal rules will apply.

Competition Entries


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 00:24
I would like to express my thanks to all of you that entered. It is great to see that this competition continues to attract a serious number of entries. Not, of course, that it makes it any easier to judge . You have all far exceeded my expectations and it has been a privilege to review your work. It certainly has brightened up an otherwise damp and gloomy week which only cleared up today.

Just a reminder that I'm no expert at this. Everything here is just my personal opinion and the results reflect my personal tastes. I have tried to make useful comments for each entry and hope that I have not upset anyone as this was definitely not my intention. As always it is a terrific collection of images.

TOZZA27 – Winter Glow
Many thanks Tony for starting off this competition with an interesting shot. (And it is great to see to up and about again )

I think this is an interesting image as it creates a feeling of warmth from cold and snow. It feels a little bit soft and there is a slight reflection from the inside of the glass but it certainly well meets the splash of colour requirement.

Thanks also for the comment on reciprocity failure which as I was never a serious film photographer I had not come across before.

A great splash of warm colour to start off this competition – Many thanks.

Blaze – Chrysanths
This is a great shot of bright yellow and orange flowers disappearing off towards the horizon nicely complemented by the dark green foliage and grey/blue cloudy sky.

I think the composition is very good. I love the way the three flowers are in sharp focus and form a diagonal across the image against a softening background. The way the light catches the upper of these is terrific.

A great colourful well composed image – Very well done.

darkskies – Autumn Acer
I really like this image which demonstrates very well that this time of year does not have to be dull and gloomy.

I love the choice of colours and the way the depth of field has been controlled to give sharp focus on the leaves in the foreground on the left and an almost abstract feel in the background on the right. I also think the lighting, creating a pastel effect, is absolutely superb.

A fantastic autumnal image – Very well done.

GaryJohn – floating
I think this is a great combination of two colours and a very well perceived and executed image. I like the way the there is a couple of little ripples that tells us this flower head is floating.

Perhaps composition wise it is a little centric but I do like the way the bottom edge of the flower creates a diagonal. I also like the mottled, patterned, background which creates some depth. The lighting is also very good.

A lovely, well captured, image of complementing colours – Well done.

cnfearn – Firework
A great topical and colourful image for this time of year. It is a very good firework action shot and demonstrates considerably more skill than I have at this.

I am amazed by the 20 second exposure and smallish aperture, which is probably where I have been going wrong. Was it hand-held or tripod mounted? Either way I think there must have been considerable challenges and is a terrific achievement.

A fantastic colourful, topical and well executed image – Very well done.

Hyram – Old Iron
Hyram has given us a detail of some heavy engineering components that can be found in the Mid Hants Railway yard at Ropley.

The image captures a great warm glow from a combination of bright sunlight, shadows and the rusting components. There is some fantastic texture detail in the rust and I guess that some post processing has been used to reinforce this but either way the resulting image works very well and almost totters on the abstract.

A wonderful coloured, detailed and unusual image from one of my favourite places – Very well done.

LiamD – Bracknell in the Fall
Another beautiful autumnal image which shows that there are great opportunities for the photographer at this time of year.

I think it is a very well perceived and crafted image. The red leaves and dark branches in the foreground are sharply composed against a soft background of yellow autumn leaves. The composition is perfect. I like the way the foreground falls down, diagonally, across the shot. The final magic touch for me is the way the tree in the background curves into the top left corner.

A brilliantly crafted, colourful, autumn image – Very well done.

johnriley – Autumn Leaf
John has given us a nice detail of a fallen red leaf. It creates a good splash of red against a green complimentary background.

There is a constant sharp focus across the whole image which creates lots of detail to explore including what are probably weeds .

A nice sharp colourful image – Many thanks.

BAJ – …for their Country
I have been so impressed with the topical images in this competition and not only is this image topical for the time of year it was shot only a few miles from where I live.

A great, well composed image with poignant colour for this week. By the time you read this I will have been out to watch and participate in our local remembrance march and service.

A sombre, but colourful, image for remembrance this week – Many thanks.

Dr. Mhuni – Colombo parasol
Reviewing this image in a UK November I am sure I can feel the heat coming out of this shot.

The lady with her parasol creates an almost floral image. I like the way the composition is used to show this couple traveling into the shot. The blues red and pink colouring is great but the background concrete or tarmac, with the fading yellow lines, does feel a bit bleak. I guess though these reinforce the heat in this picture. I love the way the ladies companion is framed by the shadow of the parasol.

A great image for warming up a cold, damp, November UK day – Many thanks.

malcolm leader – Spokes of yellow
I have been very impressed with the pictures of old tractors in Malcolm’s gallery so it is no surprise to see this colourful detail of a traction engine wheel.

I think it is a great composition. Malcolm has well resisted any urge to centre this object to create an image that encourages the viewer’s eye to travel across the shot.

I like the slightly grubby feel and the texture of the gold hub cover which adds some wonderful character to the picture.

A very well structured image with a good splash of colour – Well done.

mudge – Poppy
Not only is this a wonderful splash of colour but is also very encouraging to find that it was shot with a compact camera.

The image has a great depth of field so that almost all of it is in focus giving a terrific amount detail. The red feels a bit over saturated, which I find seems to be a feature of digital cameras, but here I think is a great attribute making this poppy leap out at us with a magical, almost unreal, effect.

I love the detail in the centre of the flower and curving stem.

Certainly an image with terrific colourful impact – Well done.

Frankie – Monet’s Garden
I think we have gone from a splash of colour to waves of colour here .

There are great combinations of colourful flowers here set against a complementing green foliage background. We are told that wind prevented the resultant image from being particularly sharp (I find wind is always a frustration for flower photography) so this shot has obviously been used for some interesting experimentation.

It is certainly a great effect and I like the way it has been composed diagonally across the image. I guess we ought to consider this as an abstract, where as a rule anything goes, and it works very well.

An unusual but very colourful abstract image - many thanks.

aliengrove – Pillar of Light
I think this is absolutely stunning. The colours are so intense. All other attempts I have seen at this sort of thing look a lot paler. I guess there must have been some very strong light coming through the window.

The composition is very good. I like the way the verticals have been well maintained and love the texture detail.

A brilliantly perceived and crafted shot with terrific colour – Very well done.

coker – Previously Owned
Here we have a detail from a car that looks like it has seen better days. While the image certainly contains colour, blue, chrome and rust, which does indeed have impact I am not so sure that it the sort of image that would cheer me up. I find it a little bit depressing although you could be optimistic and hope that someone is going to restore it.

Composition wise I think it is a good, well-structured image. As well as the streak of rust there are lots of other details that indicate the state of this vehicle.

A well-crafted image but I’m not sure it has a cheering effect – Many thanks.

JudithAnn – Colours in the Sky
Judith has given us a fantastic image that has tremendous colourful impact. It is a terrific shot. The lighting works really well to raise the subject from the background and highlight the silk-like finish of this red and rainbow balloon. The basket and passengers add a nice sense of scale.

It is a beautifully sharp shot with a sky background that both provides some great blue colouring and cloud detail to create some excellent context.

What more can I say? This image is perfect and is certainly a cheering sight on another damp and dismal day here in Surrey.

Brilliant, well done and many thanks.

VonBatCat – A Floral Splash
This is a beautifully crafted image of a pair of orchid flowers. I am sure a lot of effort has gone into the preparation for this shot.

The neutral black background works really well to raise the subject and allow a good depth of field without creating a disturbing background. The subject is therefore superbly sharp. A lot of care has also obviously been taken with the lighting and the composition is excellent.

A superbly crafted and colourful flower image – Very well done.

Belinda B. – Late Sumer Splash of Colour
What better way is there to cheer up a dull November day than to have this beautiful reminder of summer.

I am no expert but I think this is probably a lavateria and I guess that in a Gertrude Jekyll garden that there was a huge swath of these creating a block of single colour. Here though we have a beautifully detailed close-up which has used backlit sunlight to highlight the lines and texture in these petals. The sunlight also creates a wonderful backdrop to reinforce the summery context of this image.

A really lovely summer image – Very well done.

Northgrain – Chimneys at winter sunset
Tim has provided a fantastic winter sunset sky just to show that winter is not always dull and gloomy.

I think it is a very well captured sunset with a great combination of warming colours and has an added bonus of these silhouetted chimneys. I love the variation in the pots and that we can make-out the wire netting on some of them.

A very nice warming sunset for a winter’s day – Well done.

AxelLuther – Dance Express
Here an illuminated funfair carousel creates a fantastic splash of colour which is nicely offset by the silver/grey foreground flooring.

It looks like it has just started up with its first customers climbing aboard so there is lots of unobscured detail to explore. I like the way the composition has been offset to create a diagonal image as I think this helps enhance the fairground context of the image.

A really nice bright and colourful fun image – Very well done.

RPLSF – Young Window, Old Soul.
Gosh, what an interesting picture. While you indicate it has no detrimental effect it must have been worrying when you discovered it. I guess it makes your daughter extra special.

It certainly adds a new dimension to our splash of colour subject.

It is a lovey intimate shot, well focused and composed with a nice little catch-light. Many thanks for sharing it with us.

darlene – NATURES Splash Of Colour
Darlene has provided a great abstract of autumn colours. When looking at abstracts previously I found that movement blur was a favourite method and I think it works really well here.

I like that we have extended blur in the foreground to provide a splash but keep enough detail in the background to provide context for time or year. I’m also glad to hear that you we not driving the car while the shot was taken .

A good topical abstract – Well done.

drofmit – Bidons et bois
It is great to see an entry that combines black & white with selected coloured objects. There is definitely no argument that it works really well in the context of this competition. The yellow and orange petrol containers jump out at viewer to become the centre of attention. If the shot was all colour, or all B&W, then I’m sure this emphasis and the interesting, off-set, balance of the shot would have been lost. I also can’t fault the post processing, it looks absolutely perfect.

It is also pleasing to see another entry taken with a compact camera and demonstrates very well that you don’t necessarily need an SLR to be competitive here .

A great combination of colour and B&W to create some terrific impact – Very well done.

geordie01 – Very ripe Kiwi
This image has a fantastic splash of intense green. It certainly makes it leap out in this collection. It is also a very well executed macro shot. I like the oval composition and the radial lines that I think create and reinforce the “splash” dimension. The lighting is superb and I am sure it this that makes the shot.

The only very minor niggle that I have is the very small but slightly distracting red flash in the bottom left corner which I think I would have cloned out.

It is though a great use and portrayal of colour in an image – Very well done.

screwdriver222 – While the other half sleeps
I think this shot does very well to introduce an element of colour into what would otherwise be an almost mono-chromatic image under night-time sodium lights.

I guess we can see Dartmoor prison on the horizon which is contributing lighting to this night time scene. I think the blue tents add a great element to this shot and help to create depth by putting detail in the foreground. I like how we get a star effect from the bright lights and particularly the way streaks of light from one of these almost outlines the middle tent. Unusually in a night time shot there is lots of detail to explore. I like what is probably a red bus in the background and that the sky is illuminated enough to see wires coming across the shot.

A very interesting and unusual use of colour in a night shot – Well done.

Sean282 – Aquarium Blue and Orange
This image certainly uses a pair of complementary colours to create some fantastic impact. The background is such a pure and intense blue which has been used well to highlight and emphasise the subject. I like the composition that puts the creature offset diagonally across the image creating some depth and making the viewer explore the shot. I guess the tank display light is contributing to this image but it obviously worked very well.

I notice from the exif data that this was shot at a 10mm focal length so must have been really close which I guess must have also helped to prevent any reflections from the tank glass.

A really well executed aquarium shot that provides an intense splash of colour – Very well done.

DrOrloff – Technicoloured Hydrophobia
I always anticipate seeing Adrian’s entries in these competitions. They are always so well-crafted and inspirational and I think this one is no exception.

This beautiful pastel coloured abstract just looks so clean and simple and gives an impression that it was so easy to do. I suspect though that a lot of preparation and experience was needed to achieve this. I think it is the simplicity is that makes the image inspirational as, certainly for me, it makes me want to have a go at something similar. I’m sure then I will find out that it is probably quite a challenge to produce something at this level of quality.

I suspect that the lighting, choice and position of the colours have been very carefully crafted. I love the way the smaller droplets replicate some of the colour patterns.

A beautifully crafted coloured abstract – Very Well done.

davidtrout – Red shorts
A man with a blue top and bright red shorts walks with purpose in front of a pink wall that has hard, black, line transition to an almost white pavement.

David has given us another of his so well perceived local images which certainly feels more like Spain than Newcastle .

I think the composition is great and like the way the man is traveling into the image. It is also such a very clean picture, well and evenly lit, and without any disturbing shadows. There is also a nice hint of texture detail. I am sure this picture must tell some sort of great story and it is certainly a terrific splash of colour.

A great splash of colour with a hint of a story to tell – Very well done.

Dodge69 – Autumn Loch
A beautiful use of almost mono-chromatic colour to create an almost mystical shot across the still waters of a loch.

I think the composition is great, particularly the way the rocks draw the viewer diagonally into the picture. I love the way there is a hint of cloud and mountains in the background.

The colour certainly dominates the image and provides a fantastic topical glow for this time of year reinforced by the title. I guess that there is some filtering or clever post processing going on but I think it works very well.

It is also great to see an image shot with one of the Samsung equivalents in this competition.

A lovely calm and glowing image – Well done.

paulgee20 – A Water (Lily) Splash of Colour
Another clever take on the subject that combines water with colour.

A very well shot image of a water lily in bloom. With a focal length of 300mm I am sure that there is a very steady hand, or possibly a tripod, in use here. I like the way the centre of the flower almost looks like flames.

The centre is certainly pin-sharp as we can see a strand of cobweb. I am undecided by the depth of field. My first thought was that I would have liked to have seen the whole flower in focus but after a while changed my mind as I think the soft petals at the front help to draw the viewer into the centre which is then nicely framed by the sharper petals at the back. Either way it is certainly a very good splash of colour.

A very well executed long shot macro with a great combination of colour – Well done.

alexfilipov – A street in a gloomy day
A wonderful splash of colourful graffiti is used here to provide a backdrop for a nice street portrait.

The exif suggests that this was likely to have been shot with a DA21 Limited which although I have not have the privilege to use is probably a superb lens for street photography. I think the lighting and exposure is very good for what is described as a gloomy day. While it gets darker towards the edges of the shot this helps to create a subtle frame for the well-lit subject and there appears to be complete absence of disturbing shadows.

A very nice portrait using a great splash of colour for the backdrop – Well done.

ArsenAl – Colors of the night
I’m not quite sure about the title but here we have a very long exposure used to achieve some great zigzag streaks of light which I guess are two or more cars on some sort of race track. It also appears to have been shot just after sunset so we get a beautiful deepening blue sky that highlights great patches of cloud.

I think it is well planned and composed to get the zigzag to straddle the shot and would certainly like to know where and what the event was.

A well perceived very long exposure used to capture some great streaks of coloured light – Well done.

sandinista – Two directions
A nice splash of summer seafront colour probably from some exotic place .

I think it is a very good well framed composition. Everything looks so straight and level and it is a lovely set of complimentary colours. I like the way the lamp-post and statue are diagonally opposed at the sides of the picture. Traditionally I believe it is better to have people walking into the shot rather than out of it but I think it is still a great image. I love the little red buoy in the immediate background and the way there is some sort of rope or hosepipe that just breaks up the angular formality of the shot.

A very nice colourful summer holiday image – Well done.

jaspers45 – Westonbirt Scene
A very nice composition of some early autumn leaves around a fallen tree.

I think this is a great shot. I like the way the fallen tree runs diagonally across the shot from corner to corner. The lighting is good and the colours are nicely portrayed.

The exif suggests the use of quite a long exposure time, 0.4s, and obviously a good steady hand or possibly even a tripod has been used. I do though suspect that this long exposure time has contributed to a little area of blur in the top right corner.

The line of grass in the background provides a great pseudo horizon which divides the shot up very nicely. There is lots of detail to explore and the fallen leaves create a great splash of red that is complimented by the green grass, leaves and moss.

A very well composed autumnal landscape with a nice splash of red – Well done.

It was hard enough just trying to create a short-list but choosing the winners has been really difficult. I felt all the images made great use of colour and all were of outstanding quality.

However we have to have winners so this is it:

1st – JudithAnn for Colours in the Sky – because it was such a vibrant combination of colour.

2nd – aliengrove for Pillar of light – capturing a great splash of coloured light.

3rd – darkskies for Autumn Acer – a lovely depiction of topically autumnal colours.

Highly Commended, in no particular order, to:
DrOrloff for Technicoloured Hydrophobia
Sean282 for Aquarium Blue and Orange
LiamD for Bracknell in the Fall
Belinda B. for Late Summer Splash of Colour
VonBatCat for A Floral Splash

I think this completes my responsibilities here and hand over to Judith for the next round.

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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 01:39
Thanks Glyn for the detail judging Absolutely Loved JudithAnn Colours in sky. Congratulation JudithAnn and 2nd and 3rd place, also those who where among the Highly Commended.


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 03:01
Wow...I was just on my way to bed, and thought I would take a peek at the weekly comp....I am blown away by this win...There were so many fantastic, breath-taking photos this week and I really thought mine was plum in the middle, somewhere??.

Thank You judge

Congrats to Aliengrove and darkskies, it is always nice to share the podium you fellows. Aliengrove, a few of the Pentaxians here in Canada LOVED your photo this week. I did not think I had a chance of bumping you at all. It was a wonderful shot you did.

On goes my thinking cap....I was not, even, sort of prepared. I,ll post a topic in the morning.

Golly...I wonImagine that...I have a whole week of work cut out for me.



Dr. Mhuni

Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 04:33
Many thanks for the detailed and prompt judging Glyn. Congrats to JudithAnn and all the others you singled out.

Was a little surprised that David Trout's shot didn't feature in the mix, though I realise taste is a very subjective thing. Great shot, David. You're obviously very fond of that pink wall - understandably so. I think this is my favourite of all the ones you've used with this as a backdrop. Though I admit this might just be because other ones aren't as fresh in the mind!



Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 04:58
Congratulations JA, well done.
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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 07:03
Congratulations JudithAnn! good shot!
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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 08:05
Well done Judith an absolutely cracking shot,and congrats to the podiums and hc's and thanks to Glyn for the judging.


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 08:27
Congratulations to JudithAnn for her 'full on' spalash of colour.

Many thanks to Glyn for the competition and comprehensive judging.

Glyn - you are correct that some post processing was carried out on my image to emphasise the texture and move it more towards the abstract.

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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 08:30
Thanks for the great judging. I too absolutely loved JudithAnn's balloon shot. Every time I looked at the sky this week that image kept coming back into my mind. The sheen on the silk material was beautiful. Congratulations to all the other well deserved winners too. I think all these pictures certainly brightened the week for everyone.
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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 08:40
this is really a remarkable winning shot (send it to Corel - it might be an advert image for the next graphic suite )... Also many other very impressive photos this time. Thanks also for the propt and detailed and good judging

Colors are the lack of darkness

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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 08:40
What a wonderful competition, thanks to Glyn for the subject and for his expert judging. There were so many fine shots because the topic brought out some fine entries.
Well done to JudithAnn and to all the other award winners.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 09:08
That was as fast as a judge could be! And well thought out too, so great performance all round. Congratulations to all the winners, but especially to JudithAnn who gets the top spot!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 10:04
Great winning image..well deserved Judith!

Glyn--Many thanks for all your thoughtful comments.. I appreciate the review period can be time consuming.

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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 10:15
Thanks Glyn, and all entries that was just what the doctor order, what a pleasing colour burst!

Well done JA, about time you picked one up!

Pentax pour des images riches en dιtails!


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 10:23
Congratulations JudithAnn, I loved your shot of the balloon, my favourite of all the great entries and a very worthy winner! Congrats too to Darkskies on third place, and the HC's (I especially liked alexfilipovs entry). Thanks Glyn for my second place, and the excellent judging and comments on all the entries!

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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 12:05
Always said that JudithAnne was good didn`t I ?

Beautiful shot and deserving of first place although I`m glad I didn`t have to judge.Well done all runners up and HCs.

Excellent judging Glyn and glad to be "almost" back

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I am now on Flickr which is nice !


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 12:08
Well deserved JA, your image was my favourite too!

Great judging!

Congratulation to other podium winners as well


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 14:08
Thanyou Glyn for the thoughtful judging, and congrats to JA and the other placements. I was torn between the Balloon and aliengroves pillar of light as favorites, glad I didn't have to pick!!!

I see the new topic is up.... time to start thinking!
....to capture with my K-x what my eye beholds and my imagination seeks...


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 17:04
Great Judging Glyn and a well desreved win JA. What a wonderful colourful gallery. Hats off to all!
John (VonBatCat)

Rule of Thirds - I don't do fractions
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Belinda B.

Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 18:00
Very many thanks to GlynM for the competition, the judging and my HC.

Congratulations to JudithAnn for the winning entry and to the other podium places.

The flowers in my photograph are Hollyhocks
Belinda B.


Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 18:43
Belinda B. wrote:
The flowers in my photograph are Hollyhocks

So in one respect at least I was right. I'm definitely not an expert at flowers .

I still it love though. It is a great reminder of summer.



Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 19:17
Well done Judith Ann, what a great winning entry, hats off to all places and HCs and congrats on your insightful and well articulated judging Glyn.
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Link Posted 14/11/2011 - 22:49
When I see the effort taken to carry out such well written critcal appraisals as Glyn has done here, I'd be worried about winning one of these. Kind of takes away any incentive to improve

Impressive work Glyn and we'll done JA. Beautiful capture.


Link Posted 16/11/2011 - 21:11
Thanks very much for my 3rd place, Glyn. Sorry I haven't commented earlier but I've been away to the Atlantic Coast for the last couple of days.

Well done for the judging, and well done everyone who entered as it was a great comp.

And, of course, well done to JA for the winning shot....quite a stunner.
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