Weekly #737 - Timelapse Competition

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Closing Date: 10/10/2021
Judge: JAK

This week's competition is for images which fit the theme Timelapse. Any interpretation and any age of image. Pentax or related clone cameras only. I look forward to seeing your pictures which need to be entered by midnight Sunday 10th October (BST.)
Competition Entries


Link Posted 11/10/2021 - 00:24
Thank you all for some very interesting interpretations of the theme.

Into orbit by Perspicador

Perspicador starts us off with a great tit (I think) taking off from the nest box. It's a really good capture but I don't see this as a time lapse photgraph. It's very much of the moment.

Big Ben by MHOL190246

I bet hundreds of folks walked past Big Ben that day and didn't even notice, so you did well to spot that and it was definitely worth taking the photograph. I think the convention is when a clock face isn't working it is set to twelve O'clock, hopefully to avoid any confusion.

Timing is Everything by JudithAnn

The only way to capture a lightning strike is with a long exposure and to wait for it to happen. You know not where or when or even if the strike will come. Here the camera shutter was open and the camera pointing in the right direction to get the shot. I can appreciate why a widish lens was used, but I feel it would benefit by a little cropping to bring the action closer. You'd still end up with a similar quality image to what it would be if shot on APSC. I also feel the shed, trampoline and step ladder are a bit of a distraction and could be successfully eliminated while making the crop. Had that crop been the submission it would have been on the top spot.

Glen Rosa Isle of Arran by dewsburya

A really lovely capture which could also have been the winner if only the non moving elements were sharp.
Whether that was caused by lens diffraction, camera shake or something else I simply can't tell, but I suspect hand holding at 1/6 second may be something to do with it.
It is, though, one of my favourite entries just let down by that technicality. Wonder if a bit of PP would sharpen it up?

Wind Turbine by tyronet2000

I'm sorry to say this doesn't work for me. The turbine looks rather odd with more than the usual three blades and unevenly spaced at that. If you were trying to get the blur of the blades' rotation it hasn't really come off and would require a slower shutter speed.

Whirling oad by blakeyguin

This is a clever use of a long exposure to paint with light. It's almost like a photograph of a firework. I note you have variations of this in your gallery photos where I actually prefer those taken closer, thus filling the frame better. It is however a worthy creative effort, so really well done.

Anniversaries by vic cross

I think I'd have preferred this if the shots could have been integrated somehow into a single photograph rather than a quadtych. The individual photos included aren't timelapes of course. Perhaps having the family looking at/ holding the photos as if reminiscing might suggest a timelapse or perhaps a still life setup with the framed photos with a bottle of champers to celebrate i.e. something to combine the images together. Not withstanding, congratulations on all those anniversaries.

Rural decay by Noelcmn

It's an interesting subject, however I find the photo as submitted is rather dull and lacking impact with the decaying building merging into the background. This might be due to the very long telephoto lens used and the flattening of the scene that causes. I tried the 'Auto Smart Fix' in Elements on it and it actually brightens it up and improves the contrast somewhat.
I wonder how long before the building completely collapses? But rather than an 'Auto Smart Fix' in PP a visit to the building to take a photo close up in the right light before it completely collapses ought to have more impact.

South Uist moonset by mikeprotts

I take it you took this specially this evening for the competition? If you hadn't said what it is I doubt I'd have guessed. Whether that's a good or bad thing I'm not really sure! I feel that if it is the moon it would be nice to see some detail in it but I'm not convinced it's really come off. Yes it shows the movement in the two seconds it took to take but I'm not convinced the experiment was wholly successful.

I feel the winner just has to be Whirling oad by blakeyguin given the thought and planning to take the photograph and the impact it has in spades.
Second spot to JudithAnn's Timing is Everything. It can take a lot of patience waiting for the photo to happen.
Third spot goes to Glen Rosa Isle of Arran by dewsburya which is a very pleasant to look at and classical timelapse subject.

Thanks again for the entries so over to blakeyguin for the coming week.
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Link Posted 11/10/2021 - 07:07
Congratulations to the Winner and other places. Some really good images entered. Thanks to JAK for the interesting subject the judging and the comments.



Link Posted 11/10/2021 - 22:40
Congratulations to the winner - well deserved, and I think the one I'd have picked. A great theme - thanks to JAK.

Mine was taken as on off chance, before the competition, with limited time I tried a few experimental shots. The moon seems to move very fast, and it was a still and mostly clear night, with the light just after sunset. I'd set up to try to get some long exposure star shots, so this was a quick swap of target.



Link Posted 16/10/2021 - 07:50
Thanks for the criticism, you are correct , hand held capture , causing distortion , lying on a rock trying to rest the camera on my rucsac,
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Link Posted 17/10/2021 - 16:48
Wonderful advice.... I love that!!! That is what makes us better and better. Thank you Judge. Congrats to everyone on the podium.

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