Weekly #703 - Delicate and Fragile Competition

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Closing Date: 07/02/2021
Judge: johnriley

A picture please that shows something delicate and/or fragile, something vulnerable, something easily broken, and quite possible this something will be worth cherishing and caring for as well. It can be an object, it can be an idea, it can be a feeling, anything that fulfills the description.
So, Pentax cameras only please (including the Pentax made Samsung DSLRs and the Ricoh compacts) and the images can be as new or as old as you wish.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 08/02/2021 - 00:01
So, let's get straight into the comments:

Perspicador - Many a Slip I like the diagonals of this shot, and the implication that the robin has slipped, making the grip it had on the branch fragile enough. It's unfortunate that the shot is not really close to sharp anywhere, and I think the branches at least should be. The movement in the robin itself could be fine, as it enhances the idea that the bird has slipped.

johnwnjr Fragile Cactus Flower this flower does indeed have both a delicacy and a fragility about it. The technical quality is excellent, with a small caveat in that I am not so sure about the darkening on the right side of the frame. It seems like a rather uneven vignette, but it's a minor point in a very fine image.

davidtrout Balancing Act This is an interesting idea and the basic ingredients work well together. Would it perhaps be an idea to do away with the horizon line? This does seem a bit distracting and an infinity cove would solve that completely. It might also be interesting to explore using coloured gels to alter the lighting. Still Life is really difficult as a genre, and this could be played with for hours. I would think about the creases in the cloth as well; just a tidying up process really.

davidwozhere- Icicle Technically well done and a subject that fits the brief, this is not only fragile but also elegant in its simplicity.

JudithAnn The Gentle Hug The low contrast of the shot would normally not gel with me particularly well, but in this case the choice is inspired. The content of the image lifts this all to a new level, a beautifully human example of a delicate and fragile subject. Not only that, but the image is full of human emotion. In my opinion, outstanding.

Patty Anything Left Such a contrast between the adult excitement of the wedding and the delicate, precise intensity of the child's priorities. The two worlds are so far apart and the fragility of our childhood years is revealed.

Michael_Piziack Swiss Pocket-watch It's a fascinating macro shot of the watch interior and reveals the fragile springs. I'm thinking the idea is right but it would be interesting to go in closer on the actual fine spring in the mechanism. Either that or include all the watch. I do find the crop a little disturbing, neither one thing nor the other.

Nigelk Aconites and a Snowdrop You are a brave man, handling all that white, but you've pulled the exposure off. The image is good, but I feel it lacks a main point of interest, plus I might have reduced the amount of out of focus background. Cropping to just the bottom half of the picture makes it more powerful and dramatic I think.

PRYorkshire Miniature Pottery House These can be very fragile, although the ones made from resin (is that cheating?) would likely bounce harmlessly if dropped. There are a couple of technical points. The focus seems rather soft on the left side and the foreground, so perhaps a smaller aperture and certainly a tripod would be the order of the day. I would also include the small reflection at the bottom of the frame, if at all possible. Ideally perhaps move it out of the cabinet and set up a good background and lighting. Or ask your wife to move it of you're not allowed to!

JAK Daffodil Good colour, good sharpness and the flower well framed. Daffodils droop by nature, so I would suggest shooting from underneath, or supporting the flower, so that the shot is directly into the face of the flower rather than being from the top of it. My thinking is that it would enhance the image of the flower as we would be seeing it full face.

retsoor One Puff of Wind Great colour, excellent bokeh, a tad more depth of field to bring all the seed head into focus would be great, but I do realise that there might be the need of a compromise between that and the need for a higher shutter speed if there is any wind movement. I like the decisive composition, just the subject, just enough background for context, and nothing else to distract.

Noelcmn Lapwing chick I have always reckoned that picture content is more important than technical perfection, up to a point anyway. Here, sharpness is slightly compromised and the exposure has left the green of the grass a bit light and yellowish. However, the timing of the capture, and indeed the very fact you have got the shot at all, more than make up for those things. A very pleasing and cute shot of a fragile new life.

A big Thank You to everyone who entered. I have tried to offer a constructive critique that's intended to be helpful and I hope it conveys as well that I've really enjoyed looking at all the images.

It's a friendly competition, but as with all competitions there have to be winners.

The WINNER is JudithAnn with a truly beautiful image that ticks all the boxes in a most delightful way.

SECOND goes to Johnwnjr for a really delicate and elegant shot of the Cactus Flower.

THIRD to davidwozhere with the solitary icicle.

HIGHLY COMMENDED to Noelcmn with the cute Lapwing Chick and retsoor for the dandelion seed head.

Well done all, and over to JudithAnn for the next competition!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 08/02/2021 - 09:49
Thanks John for the competition, an original idea for a topic, and for the speedy judging. JudithAnn just had to be the winner with that marvellous picture with the baby. My congratulations to another John in 2nd place and David in 3rd. I'm no great exponent of table top or still life photography - I'd rather be out and about roaming city centres, photographing hills and mountains anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales chasing steam trains or snapping cathedral architecture so I take on board your expert comments on my efforts here.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 08/02/2021 - 15:59
Well done JudithAnn lovely winning shot, seems like a long time since we last saw some of your lovely photography. Well done and congrats the other podium places and the HCs.
Thank you John for the comp and the informed judging


Link Posted 08/02/2021 - 16:05
Well done Judith, nice to see you back.
John K


Link Posted 08/02/2021 - 18:04
That has to be the most heart-warming shot I have seen in a very long time, seems to me that both parties here are enjoying that special moment. Just wonderful! Congrats JudithAnn, worthy winner. And extended to Johnwnjr and davidwozhere and my fellow HC Retsoor. Thanks johnriley for an excellent challenge, and matching C&C's. always appreciated.
Link Posted 08/02/2021 - 19:45
Thank you for the competition, my HC and excellent comments as usual John. Well done JudithAnn - a lovely photo. Congrats also to Johnwnjr, davidwozhere and Noelcmn


Link Posted 09/02/2021 - 00:42
What a gorgeous winner! Judith Ann has a way with little ones but this is on another level. Congratulations to you and to johnwnjr for a lovely delicate flower. And thank you John for my third and for your usual incisive critiques.
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Link Posted 09/02/2021 - 02:59
Wow.... and thank you so much. I am sorry for the delay. I will get right on this and have a topic up in minutes. HuGs Everyone!!!


Link Posted 09/02/2021 - 03:09
Congrats to my fellow podium winners as well as the special mentions.

As Ever...JA
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Link Posted 20/02/2021 - 23:05
What everyone else is saying about JudithAnn's image. Really resonated with me. My wife saw it and just smiled. Says it all really, doesn't it? Congratulations on a well deserved photograph.

I also thought johnrilely's comments summed all the entries, but especially JudithAnn's, succinctly and beautifully. This is a delightful competition.
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