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Closing Date: 29/11/2020
Judge: johnriley

I've just done a blog on Gates, so I thought I'd choose that subject for this week's competition. The difference between a gate and a door is quite well defined in the dictionary. A gate allows access into another area, usually a courtyyard or garden, whereas a door is an entry way into a building. So with that in mind, gates can be metal, wood or whatever else. So any aspect of gates, shot on a Pentax or Pentax made camera (Ricoh included and some Samsung DSLRs). Pictures can be new or from your archive. Please amaze and dazzle us with your images of gates!
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Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 00:09
There are all sorts of gates, so I hoped we might get a wide variety of approaches and indeed we have. I did wonder if anyone would put up a picture of Gates McFadden, but alas no Trekkies with the appropriate image available. But that aside, let's get on with the judging.

A gate to Northumberland by tyronet2000 This one hits the spot right off the starting line. The composition is great, the lighting is great and that enticing gate invites us to cross over into one of the finest areas of the country. Beautifully done!

Closed gates by perspicador This one has plenty of atmosphere, the falling snow giving a diffuse, low contrast view, but it all holds together well. I can feel the strange silence that envelops a world of snow.

Pheasant's Gate by johnwrjnr I thought we were talking some sort of scandal for a moment, but here we have a pheasant just beyond one very closed gate. A closed gate does create a barrier and we are clearly separated from the pheasant.

Lock Gates by GlynM Canals are wonderful places for photography, with peaceful waterways and lots of interesting locks and bridges, to say nothing of the colourful boats that ply the waters. This is a beautiful moment, giving that warm glow to the wooden gates.

Lest we forget by JAK is a familiar theme, but given an interesting new slant with this decorated set of gates. It works.

Stand-alone gate by Aitch53 A totally futile gate that raises lots of questions. I guess it wasn't worth removing the gate even though the fencing was defunct, although to be fair it could be blocking a track that sometimes sees vehicles or horses passing through. Definitely worth recording but it needs also a wider shot to explain the context.

Flood gate by davidtrout this one made me smile. I've seen many scenes like this and they always fascinate. It just shows how futile all out attempts are when faced with the total onslaught of water.

Back gate. Wellingborough Golf club by vic cross Such grandeur and always there as a barrier to entry, gates like this reflect the past status of the owners of properties such as this. These gates have that air of being rarely used but they still stand, declaring Keep Out.

Pink gate by retsoor How very interesting. There is clearly a tale to be told here. In the meantime, even this closed gate is saying to me that it needs to be opened and we need to have a look inside these abandoned caravans. There's a wealth of photographic possibilities here, just waiting to be explored. Perhaps retsoor can share some more images with us in the gallery?

Canons Ashby National Trust by davidwozhere A modest wall, a very overdone gate, very strange and very interesting. The image has been very well arranged and puts the gates in the context of the surroundings whilst giving good detail to the gates themselves.

Gate by Antony - I like the mistiness of the background and the solitary sheep. Here's a gate like so many gates that we might have encountered as we walked the hills and farmland. Very atmospheric.

Salvations Gateway? by NigelK I like the lead-in and the mistiness of the shot. It also gives a sense of atmosphere and I can feel the cold, clammy mist as we scrunch our way into the church grounds. Monochrome is absolutely the best choice here.

Sewerby Hall Walled Garden Gate by PRYorkshire This is a pleasant view of the garden beyond, the gate being open is inviting and the colour equally so. The grittiness of the ground is excellent. My only reservation is that, inevitably, the vertical doorway clashes a bit with the scene beyond which is wanting to be a landscape format shot. I concede though that there is little that can be done about it from this viewpoint.

Cyber gate by Tiny2 I like this very much, it's different, colourful, crisp and even offers a tantalising glimpse of what lies beyond. Impeccable quality.

What is the point? by MikeInDevon I guess somebody thinks there is a point, another mysterious look into the beurocratic mind perhaps? In any event, it makes a grand, misty image that gives it some real value to us as photographers. I particularly like your formal composition, which suits the components in the image perfectly.

That was a very enjoyable selection, so thanks to everybody who joined in.

The WINNER is Cyber Gate by Tiny2 different and impeccable!

2nd is the Gate to Northumberland by tyronet2000 A lovely landscape.

3rd is What is the point? by MikeInDevon, so there was a point to it after all.

And Highly Commended awards go to Pink Gate by retsoor, Flood gates by davidtrout and Salvations gateway? by NigelK.

Over to you Tiny2!


Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 07:56
Congratulations to the Winner and other Placings. An interesting subject and well supported so thanks to John for this and the good critique. .



Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 14:01
Thank you John. Like Stan said, "An interesting subject" and a good selection of images that filled the brief well.


Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 14:28
Thanks John, I love the variety of images these competitions produce! And what prompt judging!!

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Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 19:14
Great topic, lightning fast result posted by John and some very fine pictures. Cybergate by Tiny2 hit the spot for me too as did Stan's Border gate between Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. I don't think Stan's gate would have kept the Border reivers apart though.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
Link Posted 01/12/2020 - 15:34
Thanks John for my HC and a really interesting competition with a good range of gates. Well done to Tiny2, tyronet2000 and MikeinDevon. well done also to the other Hc's


Link Posted 02/12/2020 - 00:42
Beautifully produced set of podium places and a marvelous selection of views across the board. That was a mega fast write-up John. Well done!
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