Weekly #689 - Humour Competition

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Closing Date: 18/10/2020
Judge: Johnwnjr

Now with the virus gathering pace again lets have something to cheer us up. Any photograph to amuse us and even make us laugh out loud! A very wide canvas with virtually no restriction on subject matter or place.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 19/10/2020 - 06:47
Humour – Judges Comments
Thank you for all your entries. To judge them I had to decide if they make me laugh out loud, or smile, and at the same time consider their photo value.

Happy Cheetah is a delightful image which did make me laugh. It is simply that the cheetah is laughing at the viewer and the viewer is laughing back! Its position in the frame is very good, and it has good photo quality, with the photoshop filter working well apparently.

Bet You can’t do this did make me laugh out loud and at the same time has all the required composition features to make it a great capture.

Egg and Spoon Race A great still life set up giving the impression of movement in the spoons. Perhaps I am looking too deeply at this one, I don’t think they are actual spoons but if they are, what a difficult job you had in straightening them afterwards! Then they could be tadpoles or even sperm. It too made me laugh.

Tropical Harvest. A well taken photograph. The bait looks far too big for the bird to eat it there and then. It would have to be a takeaway. A gentle smile for this one.

Well I’ll be doggone. A clever title for an amusing subject with a good script on the vessel. Yes, I laughed at this one.

I am Ent Kind. A very clever photoshop manipulation which as a photograph is particularly striking. It made me feel very sorry for you stuck like that in a tree! I was not amused, though.

Bath Time Poor Girl in the Snow was what I saw first, must be very cold bathing there! Then I read your note “Birds splashing around in a fountain Halifax Public Garden”. Their positions and stances are amusing. I wish I could see the top of the statue, but I can only imagine the girl’s expression looking down at the birds.
Not Really. It may be a reasonable portrait of a non-loony friend at an amusement park, but I am sorry to say it didn’t amuse me. Not Really.

Peeping Tom. This did amuse me, and I thought that the tomato doing the peeping certainly ‘looks’ as though it is peeping, with the stalk left on for the eyes. Pity the set up looks so obvious. A good try. Reminds me that Carrots and other earthy vegetables could have put in an appearance in this competition due the peculiar and mis-interpreted shapes they sometimes provide. Perhaps Not.

Not Impressed. Your notes explain the situation, and as you say ‘I think the look says it all’ -which might have been a better title. The ‘look’ amused me. Dare I say was it the Pentax camera that didn’t impress, or the photographer using a camera, rather than the first bath ‘Max’ had. A good grab record shot.

Sue Posing. Pleasant enough three good photos well taken and put together but didn’t amuse me. Looks as though Sue carries your camera bag for you. I have had the same trouble, and got a friend to carry mine.

Wrong Message. Definitely. Mildly amusing character in poster but photography just a snapshot.

1st Bet you can’t do this by davidwozhere.
2nd Happy Cheetah by michaelblue
3rd Egg and Spoon Race by tyronet2000


Link Posted 19/10/2020 - 10:22
Not an easy subject to cover John and many thanks for all your comments. was good to see some very interesting entries this week and congratulations to our winner and all who entered.


Link Posted 19/10/2020 - 12:34
Congratulations to the Winner and other places. An interesting and fun subject with good critique given so thanks to Johnwnjr and thanks for electing me to 3rd place.



Link Posted 20/10/2020 - 00:46
Thank you for the laugh ... err, I mean podium place on the end of Southport pier and for a super contest that produced a wonderful bag of fun, well appreciated by Michael's cheetah. I'd steer clear of those spoons though - they mean business!
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