Weekly #688 - Reflections Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 11/10/2020
Judge: Nigelk

I think it has been a while since we had reflections for a weekly competition. I'm after photographs where a reflection plays the major feature/focus of the image. The reflections can be occurring in anything from man made to nature.
The usual weekly rules apply, a Pentax camera must be used, the image however can have been captured at anytime in the past or for the competition. The winner of the competition will be expected to set, comment and judge next weeks competition.
I greatly look forward to seeing what you throw at me and nervously to the judging

Best regards
Competition Entries


Link Posted 12/10/2020 - 18:34
Sorry to be on the drag folks. I've been away and the advertised Broadband was non existent. Only on getting home have I been able to log in. I'll add my comments tomorrow


Link Posted 14/10/2020 - 12:16
Getting back to the digital world.

My thoughts for them that are interested....

Perspicador Great Crested Grebe
Lovely shot to get the party started, all about reflection. The light showing the colours of the plumage beautifully and a lovely green background being reflected in the water. Only one slight niggle for me, I think the Grebe could have been a bit sharper, perhaps a faster shutter speed would have proved useful.

Johnwnjr Loch Trool Autumn Reflection
Well we all know what I think of this one, the Silver Birch really working well against the autumnal colours . I do think that it would be an even better composition if some of the top section was cropped off to the top of the Silver Birches.

davidwozhere Mirror Threaded
Another lovely shot, really like the use of the blue light to contrast the gold colour screws. I wouldn't change a thing

tyronet2000 The Sage at Night
I really like the contrast between the sharp lines of the building and the distorted more abstract reflections in the water, a well judged image.

MHOL190246 Goose
Just enough movement in the water to make a nicely distorted reflection, very much as the eye would see it. I would probably crop off a little at the top to even it up and a little from behind the tail. Not the strongest image in the comp but a goodun all the same.

PRYorkshire Teal with Reeds
Another shot I really like. Now this might sound weird to some of you but, for this comp I would prefer the image if it didn't have the Teal in it! Also, the reeds on the left are going out of focus. I know go figure, just the reeds and their reflection, I'd put that on my wall!

JAK Canal Boats
Lovely shot, beautifully composed/framed, sharp through. Another top shot!

johnriley Candlelit Glamour
Nicely set up and executed, Perhaps the shadow from the nose is a little heavy, could have done with a little reflected light to soften it maybe. What I particularly like is the (to me) slightly unusual expression on the models face, it can be read in a number of different ways which adds intrigue to this candle lit scene.

Aitch53 Abandoned cruiser
Isn't it noticeable how old traditional boats gentle rot down and often become part of the landscape but, the modern fabric boats look like nothing other than what they are, an eye sore. Nice documentary style shot, however I don't feel that the reflection is as important as in most of the other entries.

GlynM Reflective Trolling
A very reflective, very well done reflective image, I like that you only see the trolls cheeky gin in the one reflection. A very well executed fun image.

Tiny2 Mirrored
Another well executed top shot! Really like the effect the faceted mirror ball has on the reflected surroundings including on you, cropping in tight the right thing to do.

Noelcmn Screwed up
Screwed up! Far from it! As sharp as a sharp thing both the screws and the image, lovely reflection, working so well. I do have one little gripe, I do wish that I couldn't see the creases in the back drop, for me it would also work well with a black backdrop. Nicely arranged and executed all the same.

drofmit The only way is up!
Now, I do really like the image very much indeed, I seem to remember giving a version of this image top spot a while back. Still very appealing to me.

retsoor Under the bridge
For the purposes of this competition the reflective part of this image is not really strong enough with the willow and the fence taking dominance. I see what you saw and why you took the image but not the strongest reflective image.

1st Place johnwnjr
2nd Place JAK
3rd Place Tiny2
Please consider the rest of you as Highly Commended, damn fine all round and a tough job to choose the top 3
Thank you all for entering.
Keep shooting


Link Posted 14/10/2020 - 15:20
Thank you for the competition subject Nigel and your constructive comments. Well done to John for winning this week and congratulations to everyone who entered.


Link Posted 14/10/2020 - 15:41
Many thanks for 1st place and giving all your comments Nigel.


Link Posted 14/10/2020 - 15:51
Thanks for the 2nd spot, the comp and judging. Well done to Johnwnjr and Tiny2 too,
John K


Link Posted 14/10/2020 - 18:43
Congratulations to the Winner and other Placings. Interesting subject and good critique.



Link Posted 14/10/2020 - 19:03
Congrats Johnwnjr, excellent shot! Sort of want to say "Beam up there Scotty, on the double". And extended to JAK and TIny2 . Super challenge and a hearty thanks to our judge for the challenge and the C&C's. always appreciated.
Link Posted 14/10/2020 - 19:17
Thanks for the competition and fair comments Nigel. Congrats to Johnwnjr, JAK and Tiny2 all great photos
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