Weekly #670 - Timber Competition

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Closing Date: 31/05/2020
Judge: JAK

The theme for this week is 'Timber'. Subject inspired by a TV programme that finished a moment ago on TV and I don't believe this theme has been used in the competitions here before! Any interpretation will be fine. The usual weekly competition rules apply - the photo can have been taken at any time, however it has to have been shot with a Pentax or closely related camera. Ask if in doubt. The winner will then set and judge the competition next week.
Good luck with your entry which I look forward to seeing.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/06/2020 - 13:18
First I'd like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to enter. When judging I'm going to have to be careful not to judge the content but the photograph as some of the carvings, for instance, are superb, as are the photographs of course! With such varied content it makes it quite tricky judging such as when trying to compare an apple with an orange. But I'll do my best as the Cub motto requires, which coincidentally brings us to the first photograph featuring an axe and a wood pile;

Dry Timber - drofmit

A very nicely structured photograph of logs stored ready for the long cold winter. One cannot fail to notice it has had some texture effect applied for some reason. The question has to be asked does this add or detract from the image. In this case I feel it does add to the flow of the natural grain in the wood so looks good to me.

An ex-tree - Aitch53

I can sense from the photograph the sad loss of that protected tree. The inclusion of the parking sign certainly documents the story well. wonder why the owners didn't just replace it with a sapling ready to take over in due course

Timber - Aegrotatter

We see a pile of sawn logs waiting for collection contrasted against the solid stonework of what appears to be a bridge. The long focal length used has caused an element of camera shake and softness caused by natural haze . Well seen non the less.

Timber Framed - Nigelk

I believe the dull weather here has helped the photograph by preventing burnt out highlights and strong shadows which might otherwise detract and the colours look good and true too. I know you can't help them being there but the cables across the sky do distract a little and feel I might have tried cloning those out. As to the combining of the two images, that has been successfully accomplished as I really can't see the join!

My Yew - vic cross

The natural features of Yew tree bark. I'm looking for a specific point of interest to lift the image from just a record shot but am not finding it no matter how long I roam the image, you know the sort of thing, perhaps a nesting hole or facial feature. Maybe I'm just not spotting it.

Wicker Man - tyronet2000

A really moody photo here. Imagine bumping into this on a gloomy evening walk. But if the exif is to be believed this was half past one in the afternoon so given the very overcast day this has produced quite a memorable spooky image.

Wellesley Woodland Hand - GlynM

What a great carving and photograph of it. I would however like some sense of scale. A human hand next to it holding a real one emulating the carving would be good, or even including a real person in the way some photos are taken to look like they are impossibly holding the sun or the moon. Not withstanding, it's a good record of the carving and if you are out and about on your own as we've had to be lately you can't easily set up a scene including someone else or sometimes such ideas aren't considered it at the time. Interesting to note that the natural wood texture on the hand is very similar to that in Dromfit's photograph earlier without the use of the special effect filter.

A craftsman work - Noelcmn

You're right, the workmanship involved in creating a carving such as this is marvellous. Once again though some sense of scale would be helpful, this could be matchbox sized or many times life size, we don't know.

Timber Eagle - PRYorkshire

Very nicely taken with a complimentary backdrop and just two colours green and brown. No distractions either. Well taken.

Wooden Cue - John Riley

I take it this was John setting up his trick shot on his namesakes snooker table. Would make a good product photograph for the cue. I do feel the cue is pointing to something that isn't there; perhaps a ball sat over the corner pocket. I'm not convinced the window highlight helps, it is certainly distracting. A similar image taken from perhaps the side or other end of the table thus excluding that distraction might have made for a stronger composition.

So now I need to sort out the podium spots. It isn't easy given the varied subject matters with them all having good points but select a winner I must! So:-

1st Dry Timber - drofmit
I do like this but wonder why the need for the filter effect. How would it have been without it?

2nd Timber Eagle - PRYorkshire
I simply prefer this out of the carving photographs. The others are good too, its just personal preference. Nothing at all to do with the fact it's a North Yorkshire photo, honest!

3rd. (Sorry it's going to be a crowded third spot which might make social distancing awkward so be careful!)
All the rest. They're all too good to be simply HM's!

So that leaves Dromfit at the helm for the coming week. Thanks to all once again.
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Link Posted 01/06/2020 - 13:41
Congratulations to the Winner and other places. Some good images so not easy to judge I think



Link Posted 01/06/2020 - 14:41
Thank you JAK for the 2nd place and congratulations to drofmit, a worthy winner amongst some excellent entries. I can recommend RHS Harlow Carr for photographic opportunities and not only flowers and trees.

K1000, istD, K70


Link Posted 01/06/2020 - 17:22
Congrats Dromfir, agree with our judge that the filter has added some nice textured effect. The axes too add a nice touch. And congrats too to PRYorkshire, which image I also like! Thanks are in order to our judge for the C&C's. Always appreciated!


Link Posted 01/06/2020 - 17:38
Thank you for the win and congratulations to everyone else...
I agree with Stan about the judging... difficult.
And I agree with PRYorkshire about Harlow Carr... but not just photo opps....
they host the National Collection of rhubarb varieties!!
JAK, you wrote "One cannot fail to notice it has had some texture effect applied for some reason."
I did it to accentuate the feeling of "dry"... glad you liked it.
Right... competition on its way...
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"


Link Posted 01/06/2020 - 19:22
Many thanks John for another great competition.

Congratulations to our winners Tim and Paul plus everyone else for rising to the challenge with a grand set of interpretations.

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