Weekly #637 - Boxes Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 06/10/2019
Judge: drofmit

Plenty of scope here for you all to either shoot "new" or empty the boxes in your archives to find that perfect box shot.
Any box or boxes... empty, closed, part open and lit to make me want to open the box further...
I shall be looking for originality, lighting, shapes....
Normal rules apply... Pentax, Ricoh and clones...
but images can come from any time in the last 100 years.... provide you took it!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 07/10/2019 - 18:06
Well, what a mottley selection... still it makes my job easier...
concrete pill boxes [it just carries the name], houses [I can see where you are going, John... and the tune will be with me all morning] and cylindrical, cast iron post boxes are not boxes to me [a wall mounted one, that I might have accepted].... nor is a carving.... but they are all good, or interesting photos... just not boxes!
So I'll comment on the ones that are, in my mind, boxes...

Bird box by perspicador
A wonderful start but the poor box looks terrified!
I think you hung it too near that rose.
The photo is a bit too central for me, I would want to crop it left or right... difficult choice as both sides have interest.
Holding my "crop frames" up to the screen, I think I would go for crop inward on the rose side and take a bit off the bottom.

Book Box No.5 by GlynM
A worker's toolbox and, as you state, a thing that will last...
I wonder if the first four are still used to contain books, or have they been re-purposed.
As a teacher who wrote his dissertation on "The Cardboard Box", and as someone who loves the beauty of wood.... I wouldn't paint this, but leave it for the child to decorate... thereby stimulating the imagination. So, just another couple of coats of varnish and you are finished....
Lovely picture, nicely positioned... not central and not square on.
I like the fact that you shot this for the competition... and stacked three pictures, which has allowed you to have a nice, soft background.

Thinking Outside the Box by Nigelk
Wonderful... the imagination runs riot... the view from inside the box!!
Loads of leading lines. Nice framing. Excellent title. Great DoF, too.
It all works... a definite contender....

Film Boxes by JAK
Are they full?? Are they empty?? What stories do they tell?? What has happened to the MX... it seems to have shrunk... not weatherproofed!
Very nice picture, very well thought out... I like the diagonals on the background, too... and I'd love that little MX model.

Poor kids toys by Noelcmn
Going back to my dissertation, this is.... what is the child doing, thinking, where is their imagination going to take them.
And, in my experience.... not just a poor kid's toy...
And the chicken egg box is well labelled.... "Top Lay"... no... "To Play"!
Love the lines and angles in this picture, too.... especially that top building shadow and the bottom of the box...

So, out of these five... a winner??

Thinking Outside the Box by Nigelk

Second equal....
Bird box by perspicador
Book Box No.5 by GlynM
Film Boxes by JAK
Poor kids toys by Noelcmn

Over to Nigel....


Link Posted 07/10/2019 - 20:54
Thank you drofmit for the competition and the top spot.
I must admit I enjoyed the different takes on boxes and things that we all know as boxes.


Link Posted 08/10/2019 - 06:35
Many thanks Tim for a another interesting competition.

Congratulations to Nigel for a great winning interpretation and everyone else for rising to the challenge.



Link Posted 10/10/2019 - 13:38
Congrats Nigelk- I just knew that would be a winner, its stunning, original, and so creative! FAB SHOT and worthy winner. And extended to my fellow 2nd places Perspicador, GlynM and JAK. Wonderful challenge, though it seems we are stuck with thinking inside the box . Thanks to our Judge and host for the theme and the C&C's..
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