Book Box No. 5

Book Box No. 5

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Some years ago my wife, who was a special needs teaching assistant, wanted to give our then first grandchild a good start with reading by providing a selection of children’s books as an Xmas present. We thought it would be good to have these contained in a suitable box. Searching to buy such a thing only revealed small or examples that did not look like they would survive long at the hands of a youngster. So I decided to make one. My woodworking skills are somewhat basic so I designed a simple construction with parts that could easily be cut out with minimum skill. The assembled box was painted a bright colour and I made signs with the child’s name which were attached to the sides. I also put a picture of the child’s favourite toy on each end.

Unbeknown to us we were setting a precedent and each subsequent grandchild has needed their own example. I am currently making the fifth one for my first granddaughter. It has been cut-out, sanded, assembled, given two coats of sanding sealer but has yet to be painted.

So in this state it is presented here, shot for the competition, with a few example books.

This is a 3 image focus stack all shot with a Pentax K-1 and a D-FA 24 – 70mm @ 58mm.
1/80sec, F3.2 & ISO 200 in aperture priority mode.

Shot raw then processed in LR6. The focus stack was assembled using Helicon Focus 7 with the results being cropped, resized and sharpened a little in PSE14.

04/10/2019 - 16:47GlynM
Shutter Speed1/80
Focal LengthN/A
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