Weekly #634 - HDR Competition

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Closing Date: 08/09/2019
Judge: johnjm

Loathed by many, from a practical pov it can be used to rescue an over under exposed shot, and personally, I quite like the somewhat saturated aesthetic you get. So maybe dig out an old badly lit shot and see if it can be rescued, or go and shoot something new, as long as it's on Pentax gear age isn't an issue. Closing date next Sunday, 8th sept.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 09/09/2019 - 11:27
I read an article recently that said HDR is like salt, when you first try it you use it for everything and think its great, then you learn that overdoing it is bad. I think here are a great selection of images that reflect the right amount of seasoning, now to pepper them (ouch) with a few comments. These are only my opinion, and really are as much about my aesthetic taste as any sort of critique.
Sandringham Chapel- Vic Cross :- A highly detailed image capturing the altar and stained glass window behind. Handled well by the in camera HDR but tending toward overly bright at the top and a little soft/noisy in the foreground.
Castle Acre Priory- Nigelk :- A fine example of HDR used to balance a difficult scene. Shot into the light everything is well lit, with detail in the shadows and no blowing out. Thereís never the moody clouds in place when you want them though.
Derelict Chapel- John Riley :- Another fine example of the technique. I like the slightly exaggerated colours HDR gives, and think youíve done a great job maintaining detail in the window while keeping the natural looking sun burst.
Flower Girl- Judith Ann :- I love this. It doesnít immediately strike me as an obvious HDR shot, and that probably means itís technically superb. If I must critique, the sharp part sunflower on the left draws my eye, Iíd be inclined to flip the opposite side in to replace it and balance the image. A beautiful shot none the less.
Fireplace at the Grove Inn- Davedyer:- Nice capture of a living flame, it looks very inviting, just needing somebody with a glass of mulled wine. Good use of HDR to capture the scene, just the scene is a little crowded.
Weistannental-Pipinmels :- Beautiful scene with a wonderful range of colours. I like the almost 3D feel of the image, now Iím off to get a TobleroneÖ.
Buttermeres Ėnewbiek50user :- A nice rendition of an iconic tree. Iíve not seen this viewpoint shot before, which considering the number of shots Iíve seen of it is surprising. I like the hint of morning purple in the sky but wish youíd moved slightly right to get the view of the cloud dropping over the mountain clearer.
Locust- Noelcmn :- Fabulous Macro, original use of HDR to capture the insect. Got to say though, Iíd be tempted to change the colour of the background.
The Cloisters-JAK :- Sharp, detailed and well lit inside, but too bright in the windows, and a little over green.
Leeds Castle- Retsoor:- I like this, Iím not sure how accurate the blue of the colour palette is as Iíve never been there, but an overall nicely lit image with lots of splashes of colour almost hidden within thanks to the ornamental birds.
So my winner this week is 1.Flower Girl, 2. Castle Acre Priory, 3.Leeds Castle, HCís to Weistannental and Derelict Chapel. Now over to Judith Ann for next week.


Link Posted 09/09/2019 - 11:45
Thank you John for the competition and the judging, well handled I'd say.
Now I'd also like to say what a great set of images this week and excellent high standard throughout so, well done to all.
Judith Ann, I love that portrait.


Link Posted 09/09/2019 - 14:25
Excellent challenge, excellent winning image, so suitable to B/W treatement. Congrats Judith Ann. And extended to NIgelK and Retsoor, as well as the HC's Pipinmels and Johnriley. Thanks are in order to our host and Judge for the Judging and C&C's. Always appreciated. Regrettably, changing that background color is too much like hard work.
Link Posted 09/09/2019 - 20:26
Thank you John for my 3rd place and the competition with a good variation of pictures and the judging with some very constructive comments. Well done to JudithAnn and NigelK for 1st and 2nd respectively and to the Hc's.
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