Weekly #583 - Autumn's onset Competition

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Closing Date: 16/09/2018
Judge: drofmit

The seasons are changing, the nights are drawing in....
The calendar Autumn started on the first of September... the Autumn Equinox is on Sunday, September 23....
show me your take on this change of season...
do you look at the clouds and weather....
do you grow your own and are overtaken by the need to harvest your produce....
what does the onset of Autumn and the first few weeks mean to you.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 17/09/2018 - 10:24
Eight absolute crackers.... it was difficult to judge.... eight pictures and eight different versions of "show me your take on this change of season..."!!

There is colour-change, harvests, the rut, first leaf fall and weather.... but no late September mists... do people feel that that it too much of a cliché, these days.... shame if they do.

So, onward... the all important comments and placings....

The Harvest Storms of Northern Canada by JudithAnn

Weather: lovely composition divided almost into thirds both vertically and horizontally... Upward: Harvest, golden glow of morning or evening, grey clouds...
Right to left: Golden glow of morning or evening over bales of straw, looming clouds over the bales [one of which is in the water], full onset of storm coming in to give the bales another soaking... every farmer's nightmare... getting the hay or straw under cover before rain.
Wonderful capture! Plenty of interest, too... and a nice visual triangle to keep the eye in the frame... foreground bale, right-hand golden glow, top left-hand balls of fire.

Onset of Autumn Derwent Water by tyronet2000

Colour-change: this has everything except a touch of mist on the water.... some leaves changed, some changing and plenty in the background yet to change... seeing when it was taken, Autumn was late... again a nice set of "thirds" water, subject, hills.... and the building and boathouse on the left hand division, balanced by the tallest tree on the right and its shadow on the other.
And that makes a very strong right to left triangle that points at the building and boats, because there is a ribbon of golden brown connecting that tree to the boathouse. Another triangle using the gold of those trees and the water, either the white sky reflection or the harder shore edge... and a very subtle left to right trianglefrom the little bit of tree or bush in the bottom left corner to the darkest purple heather to the hard line of the sky's reflection, or the softer shore-edge tree. All the triangles keep the eye in the picture... that has no sky, just purple heather!

Attention-seeking behaviour by Abe_Normal

The Rut: A lovely capture with a strong diagonal and full of movement from the 18-point Royal stag's back, through the flying vegetation to the top right corner... lovely Autumnal action shot with just a touch of golden colour in the background.

Ripening on my pear tree by vic cross

Harvest: a lovely bunch of pears, bathed in sunshine...
ah, pears.... unripe, unripe, unripe, next day, over-ripe, dammit!
Little to comment on here, except the out of focus leaves at the extreme right. I feel that a tighter crop to have the vertical branch on the left balanced by the oof vertical branchwork on the right.... thereby losing the intruding oof leaves on the right that keep dragging my eye to them.

The last Cucumbers by GlynM

Harvest: Will they, won't they... the last two little ones... will there be enough time for them to ripen... or will they become pickled gerkins? Leaves giving their all back into the fruit as they yellow... some already used up.
Nice composition, could have been entitled "The Cucumber's Last Dance"... as the "dancer"... in her hat and feather boa twirls onward to Autumn!!

Autumn Colours by Aitch53

Colour-change: Green, red and gold... nice visual framing to keep the subject the subject, nothing drags the eye away from the three Autumnal colours trying to convert the green bush in the foreground... Autumn's onset writ large.

Autumnal Colour by johnriley

Colour-change: Green, through gold to red... in one bramble leaf... the flies give an anticlockwise spin to the picture keeping my eye in the frame... a couple of visual triangles help this... the sharp focused gorse at the top, the leftmost fly, or the reflection beside it and either the younger bramble leaf at the bottom, or the slightly oof gorse on the right... the choice is the viewer's!! There is also a lovely curve formed by the central leaf ribs and the partleaf with the fly. The only thing missing is the fruit! Blackberry and apple pie!!

Autumn road by Noelcmn

Colour-change / start of leaf fall: Trees turning, some leaves falling and a great leading line. The trees crowding in, giving gloom to Autumn...
The person in the picture... walking into the future... would have been better if they were in sharper focus, but the meaning is clear.
I also like the much paler road as it rises in the distance... looks as though the walker is heading towards Winter... especially as all the leaves yet to change are in the foreground.
Very nice spot....

And so... the winner and podia places... no HC's this week... they are all good pix!

Onset of Autumn Derwent Water by tyronet2000... nice one Stan, it has everything...
it just pipped...
The Harvest Storms of Northern Canada by JudithAnn into first place.
I could live with either of these on the wall... both lovely pictures.
and in third place on the podium...
Autumnal Colour by johnriley... would light up a dark corner...!!

Thanks for giving me a hard time judging and a great set of pix to look at!!


Link Posted 17/09/2018 - 10:49
Thank you for giving me First Place in this week's competition and Well Done to the other placings, any one of which could have been first. Thanks to Tim for the interesting comments, the judging and the comprehensive comments.
Better get my thinking cap on now to set next week's competition



Link Posted 17/09/2018 - 10:51
Yet again a fantastic array of skill and talent displayed in this challenge, and concur with our Judge, this could not have been easy to judge despite the low number of entries. Congrats Tyronet2000- cracking winning image, those colors are superb! And extended to JudithAnn and Johnriley! Thanks to our Judge for a satisfying affray upon the aesthetics, and the CC. As always these are appreciated. I do have one of that young lady in focus, but the rest of the image looses out!


Link Posted 17/09/2018 - 11:34
Well done all!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 17/09/2018 - 19:29
Many thanks Tim for another great competition.

Congratulations to Stan for the fantastic winning image, the runners up and everyone else for a beautiful set of well crafted images.



Link Posted 17/09/2018 - 23:58
Thanks to the judge for the prompt adjudication and abundant comments. Congrats to the colourful winner, tyronet2000; well done to the podium places and all the other entrants.


Link Posted 18/09/2018 - 08:48
Sorry for my late response ....
Many thanks for the placement, and the detailed judging. Prairie storms are so photogenic. I love the colour and the captures of them.

Congrats to the other winners...and to all who entered. They sure were a fantastic set of photos!

Link Posted 18/09/2018 - 20:44
Great competition, Great pictures
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