Weekly #550 - Dogs or Cats ? Competition

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Closing Date: 28/01/2018
Judge: JudithAnn

Let have wee competition within our competitions. Lets see who rules, dogs or cats. Each specie entered, receives a point for that specie. The first place winner get "5" points for his or her specie and second gets "3" and third get "2". Show me your "BEST" photo of either a dog or a cat. This should fun!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 28/01/2018 - 21:52
Hello Everyone: (sorry if this showed early...Just a mistake, in Mexico miscalculated my time...then realized the comp was still open...Sorry )

I want to thank everyone for their entry. I really thought this might spark more interest than it did. On the upside, it is less work for me. I did enjoy all the entries that are here.

Ba Hahahahaaaa! I wrote that opening Saturday.... then came Sunday, with eight more entries...and a lot more work? LOL. So guys what is up with Sunday entries, was this a conspiracy against then judge!!

Please take my comments with a grain of salt, as they are only my opinions on your work. I give these Opinions to help you view your photos through the eyes of another photographer. I can share, that in the past, opinions of others on my work led me to be the photographer I am today. It is why I love entering my photos Into competitions.

With Regards:


Japanese spitz Ted at eight weeks

What an adorable little dog this is. There is a part of me that question and if he was real or if this was a toy stuffy. The toy that he is holding in his mouth was a giveaway that he is as real as I. I really want to hold him and give him a Wee squishy hug.

I love the catch light in his eyes. I do believe that the photo would have been more rich if the exposure had of been increased or the shadows had of been lifted on his darling face and front paws. I know it is tricky to expose beige or white without blowing out your photo. I do think that you do have some room to brighten the photo. Your focal point is bang on and shows wonderful talent. The light that shines behind him makes the photo so soft and beautiful. And your composition is very well done. Overall The photo is very delightful. Thank you for entering. Of course this is one point, and maybe the only point for dogs.


I love Moggie's name. I understand the saying "the cats miaow", when I look at this picture. This cat looks like she is saying "I am the cats meow".
Moggy sure has amazing bright eyes. The eyes draw you into the photo. However the focus did not sharpened on her face but rather on her chest area. If you look at the white fur on her chest it is the sharpest focal point in the picture. The white for under her chin is blown out.

The charm in the picture makes one forgive that areas that could be improved. The photo as a whole is very captivating, interesting, and just a pleasure to look at. Thank you for your entry. Very well deserved point for cats!


Our love comes in many forms, and I can see that this cat was very loved and as stated by John, sadly missed. Even though I did not know his personality I can see his beauty.

The photo is very well done. I love the detail in his white long fur that runs down his chest. I do see a slight blowout on the edges of his white fur and feel that extra exposure on his face would show a bit more detail.

It is wonderful how the reflection is so much softer than the cat himself.
Shaney, seems rather pleased with what he is seeing, for he doesn't look threatened or overly amused, just pleased.

It is a most beautiful cat and a wonderful capture. I do find the lighting enchanting in the photo. Of course Shane he takes a point for cats. Thank you for the lovely entry.

Mr. frisky, he don't say much

The Broadway production of "cats" is the first thing that comes to mind when I look at this photo. This is because the cat is in a spotlight. I can imagine that Mr. Friske is looking out onto an empty stage, remembering when he was the star!

It is a beautiful creative piece of photography and in my opinion it is like a piece of art. I do find that I wish he had more light surrounding his ears to show their form more. The title enriches the image that you captured. I do see a deep thinking, yet quiet fellow.

I am very glad that you chose this photo of him in the shadows, in the spotlight. I love that it's different then the other cats whom are showing all their wonderful furry glory.

Thank you for your entry. This is a point for the cats. It was delightful!

Where else would he be

One has to love how relaxed a cat can be, mid day. The first thing that stands out in this photo is the texture of the fur on this handsome boy. I love the colour of his for the different tones of orange and white. I do see that he has a blowout on the tip of his tail and the sheets around him. I wonder if the highlight was lowered in postprocessing if it would bring back that textures in the sheets. However I think the photo is very beautiful in its own right. This guy certainly has earned a point for cats. Thank you very much for the entry. It was so lovely to see.


Gorgeous, incredible, and so lovely to look at. You have done a superior job of taking this photo. There is so much I can say about it. Your beautiful buttery smooth Bokah is stunning, the light on the cats face and fur, perfect. And I am so happy that nothing is blown out.

Your focus on the cats face is absolutely delightful, sharp and bang on. The beauty of The sharpness, Is how the eye is drawn into the face of the cat first. And what you see is that intense look coming from the eyes of Fluffy. After you are done looking at his face then you take the time to look around the picture, and you notice the grass and the gray pave that he lays upon.

As a judge if I were hard-pressed to find some That could be improved it would be the small white stick object that comes up between fluffy's paws I think it does cause a wee bit of distraction and could be removed, however because the sharpness of his face is so superior your eye only sees that flaw later. So over all this is really quite the Masterpiece. Thank you so much for your entry.


Cookie is the cutest little dog ever. The one ear up and the one ear down has an appeal of cuteness, off the chart. I absolutely love this capture and the fact that he looks like he's got a wee smile going on.

So many great things can be said about this photo. The fact that his for has been captured without any blowouts is absolutely great. The softness of the bokah in the background is very well done. How lovely inch and sharp is his dear face.

I understand when we capture photos like this, they are spontaneous, and not set up. Therefore we get what we get. However this photo would be much better without that knee in it. I thought perhaps it might be worth cropping and doing a shoulder and headshot of just cookie. He is so darling looking, That I think it could be pulled off. That is only if one wished to make this a more professional portrait of the dog.

I am very pleased that cookie has earned a point for dogs, because the dogs really need that point, at this point of the competition. LOL!

Thank you for your entry of this cute little guy.

Near enough the real thing

I agree, and so creative. I love what you have done here. I think of that they make a wonderful team of cats

Judging the photo on its own merit, I love the way that the kittens are posed on the back of the Chesterfield. I also like the back light, Natural light. I do think that more light under the chin of the orange cat and on the face of the black cat would show more detail. I think that would improve your photo a great deal. That being said I must also commend you on the fact that the white cats have no blowout, and their detail is wonderful.

I'm very glad that you found a way to enter the competition without alive breathing creature. And I happily give you A big point, for cats. Thank you!

Essence of cat

This is a very interesting photo. Of course there is very little detail on the cats face, but is that not clever, as you get to look straight into the eyes. There is almost a sinister feel to this. It almost elicits emotion of apprehension. I believe that any time a photo can create an emotional response that it is strong, it becomes a very successful photo.

I think I would not want to be the one to have woken this cat up. I do trust that you and he have a strong bond, and he for gave you quickly.

It is always refreshing to have something that is extremely different than the rest, and that you have done. Here we have a point for the cats. Thank you for your creative entry.

Tired dog

You are to be congratulated on the fact that you took this photo at the eye level of the dog resting on the street. Your composition of this photo shows me that you are a master of photography. The lighting on your subject is lovely. There is a bit of a blowout on the top of his head and on his left paw. However this could easily be corrected with post processing. I think it would be worth doing, because the photo is A real Masterpiece.

Your title has captured the dogs weary moment, bang on. I really like the Bokah in the front of the dog. I also like how everyone's feet and legs have been cropped keeping the dog as the main subject here.

Thank you for your entry, it is wonderful, and of course you have earned a point for the dogs.

Tilly in full flight

What a capture! This photo brings a lot of humor. The look in Tillys Eye really cracks me up. It is very obvious that Tillly takes chasing a ball very serious with great intensity.

It is very hard to capture movement without having some kind of softness in a photo. It can't be done, but it takes a lot of practice to do so. Even though this photo does have softness, it is a keeper, simply because Tillies expression and moment of the Chase is priceless. It is one for the family album, and one to share to anyone who loves dogs.

I cannot tell you how truly delighted I am that you entered this photo into our competition. Tilley has earned a point for the dogs. Thank you

Portrait of a cat

Look at the detail here. This is a fantastic portrait of a cat. I love that all the detail you can see on her white hairs, without any blowouts at all. Oh my goodness those beautiful whiskers framing that little pink nose. What a great photographer you are. This photo shows your mastery skills.

It is a tight photo filling the frame, and I would love to see her ears, but that doesn't really take from the photo, Per se, it is just my preference. I know that a photo such as this is really about what the photographer is wanting to portray himself.

Thank you for sharing this breath taking photo of this roaming cat. This earns a point for all our cats.


Stunning, this cat is simply stunning. I bet this cat could get into a cat commercial just because of it's Beautiful coat. I can see why you decided to photograph him.

I love the pose of this cat. It looks like it is watching something with great intensity and could at any moment leap. I can see that the camera sharpest point is at the shoulder and mid riff of this cat, Leaving her face a bit soft. I can also see that the light hitting her ears has caused it to blow out. That blowout can often be fix in post processing.

I would encourage you to take a few more pictures of this stunning beautiful cat. I think they would be worth having in your portfolio. Jake has certainly earned a point for cats. And thank you so much for entering this picture and showing us gorgeous Jake.


The beautiful labrador retrievers, are among the most gentlest dogs. How wonderful it is for two dogs to be race together and be the best of friends I have often said that I would rather have two dogs than one, just because dogs love dogs.

It is a wonderful capture that you have. Look at them both with the same stick not fighting but holding it together as they swim back to the master so he may throw it again.

The black dog has lost some of his features due to the lighting. I do believe in post processing that you could lift the shadow from his face, so one could see his features better. I believe that this photo is worth the extra processing work, because the capture it's self is so beautiful.

These two beauties have earned a point for the dogs in our competition. Thank you so much for your entry, it is truly a darling capture.

Tell me cat ....what do you see

Are yes, the personality of our cats. I absolutely loved reading about your cat and how she hunts but never harms anything. It made me feel some affection toward her. I believe with a personality like that she could be fantastically entertaining. The one thing I love about cats, is how entertaining thy can be!

You have done a fantastic job in capturing the cats intense watchfulness. I love that she is framed by blue. I also love her pose. I see you took the picture in the light and shadows and I know often that can cause some difficulty when we are trying to show detail. I do see that the cat has lost a lot of detail from the middle of her body and a bit from the form of her face. I do think in post processing that you could lift the shadows off the black and get more detail into this photo. I think trying to do so would be worth the effort, because it is a great portrait of this darling cat.

I am very happy that you did enter the picture of the cat, because as I said her pose and stare are really lovely. She has earned a point for cats. Thank you.

FIRST PLACE: WOMBLE for his entry.... FLUFFY. (Extra 5points for cats)

SECOND PLACE: JAK for his entry ....Portrait of a Cat (extra 3 points for cat) not that they need it...LOL

THIRD PLACE: davidtrout for his entry ..... Tired dog ( 2 extra points for dogs)

Special Awards..... Great capture...Tilly... Vic cross
..... Creative thinking out side the box..... Ken 2390& Nigel's
...... Amazing Texture in Fur! ......davidwozhere

WINNER IS CATS..... 10 entries plus 8 winning points = 18
Dog. ......5 entries plus 2 winnning point. = 7
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Link Posted 29/01/2018 - 07:19
Oh dear, going all against the Chinese year of the Dog, with an announcement of a Year of the Cat on PU Nothing wrong with going against 20% of the world population . Lovely fun challenge, excellent feedback and comments, and a new fan of Al Stewart -(Year of the cat) . Thanks JudithAnn, much appreciated constructive comments. Congrats are in order to all cats and dogs. And their photographers, Womble, JAK and Davidtrout. Not fogetting Vic CRoss, Ken2390, Nigel and Davidwozhere.


Link Posted 29/01/2018 - 09:50
Thanks JudithAnn for the competition subject and for your judgment. You are clearly an animal lover, your comments on each entry prove this. Congratulations to Kris and JAK and thanks for my 3rd place, glad I managed to set a dog among the cats on the podium..
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 29/01/2018 - 12:05
Thanks for the second placing and great effort judging and posting the results so promptly. I'd rather have submitted a doggy photo but I thought the cat one had more ahhh appeal !
Well done to Womble and David, the HCs and to all who entered.
John K


Link Posted 29/01/2018 - 14:40
Hi JudithAnn,

Many thanks for all your detailed comments, I'll try cropping Cookie, if it works out nicely I'll post the result in the gallery.

Congratulation to all the winners and special awardees, again all in all really excellent and varied images, I find these competitions really very helpful and inspiring.



Link Posted 29/01/2018 - 17:17
Thank you all so much. Noel, you are correct, the cats knocked out "year of the dog". I am surprised that they did, I have no real reason, but I thought the dogs would rule. I too am very glad that our David managed to put a dog in the running, and by his confession JAK is a true dog lover also, LOL
I'll be watching for the crop Mike....and hey if it does not work out and if you have easy access to Cookie, might a suggest another photo shoot. He is a great subject and I think you could have some prize winning photos in your portfolio. His cute one ear up and one ear down makes him unique

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Link Posted 29/01/2018 - 22:16
Thanks for the kind comments. I was rather pleased with that one, especially as it was shot on a 40-something old lens. Congrats to everyone else too. Hopefully you'll enjoy the next one too.

Kris Lockyear
It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head. Henri Cartier-Bresson
Lots of film bodies, a couple of digital ones, too many lenses (mainly older glass) and a Horseman LE 5x4.

My website


Link Posted 30/01/2018 - 18:44
It was a fantastic shot Kris! Now who do I aspire too......Ummmmmm!

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Link Posted 30/01/2018 - 23:50
Thanks for a lovely competition and congrats to the podia!!

You said...
" I do see that the cat has lost a lot of detail from the middle of her body and a bit from the form of her face.".....
that's her I'm afraid... I tried to bring more out... but the cat is an alien... a stealth cat... her body absorbs... no, swallows light!
There is nothing there except that black void.....

All her hair stands out directly from her body... so you only get reflections from portions that are not square on... as opposed to her brother who is a sleekit monster... his fur lays flat, and whilst it is as black as hers... it reflects light!! And also sheds water... he loves being out in the rain....
yes... they are both very strange animals!!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"
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Link Posted 31/01/2018 - 13:04
Congratulations to Womble. Many thanks to JudithAnn for the competition and the comprehensive feedback. I think you have set the bar very high for the effort you put into this competition. Well done.

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