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Weekly #542 - Paving and Cobblestones Challenge Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 03/12/2017
Judge: Noelcmn

Not a big thing here in South Africa, but during my two visits to the UK and Europe, I was intrigued at the abundance of cobblestones and paving, from ancient Roman roads and medieval towns to narrow cobblestones lanes in villages For this challenge I would like to see your images presenting unique perspectives on paving and cobblestones. I hope the challenge is broad enough.
Usual rules apply:
Image must be shot with Pentax and acceptable clones.
Winner is expected to set, comment and judge the next challenge.
No time frame, you are free to submit from your archives, or take one specially for this challenge.
Closes on Sunday 03 December 2017 at Midnight.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 04/12/2017 - 08:05
Well now, the headache has been in full swing, two bowls of oats later, been up since 05:00 this morning, and considering all the entries. What a wonderful array of skilled photographers here. All on the button as it were. My usual and fully subjective criteria-what is the impact of the image on me the viewer and what does it tell me about the photographer? I am gratified by all the entries, a veritable tourist’s delight, not wanting to miss any of the fine details submitted here. No clear winner imho, so personal choice prevails. These are my thoughts.

Perspicador - on rough-hewn stones - As usual, first off the mark, and setting the bar rather high with this fine image of a gull, which seems struggling to balance on those uneven stones, wobbly knees and all. Lots of interest in this image, from titbits of grass, a feeding bird and lovely background bokeh. Especially like to juxtaposition between the large rocks/stones and the smaller rough-hewn ones, and between them, that bird that does not seem to be impressed with the uneven surface.

Davidwozhere - Paris Cobbles - Excellent photographer’s eye and timing to capture that glorious light to create an intriguing image, with all the right elements of patterns, light and shadows, with just enough colour. Very nice touch including the pedestrian on the other side of the road, making what would normally be a bland scene into work of art and mystery.

Smudge - Abchurch yard - Oh well done with this, high mystery, stunning details and top marks for composition image. Old, decay, moss covered paves and cigarette stubs blend together for a wonderful documentary shot! Is that a “ghost” in the background there? Perhaps disapproving of the desecration of a holy place? A secret spot for smokers? Lovely moody shot. I’d certainly want to see more of Abchurch.

Davidtrout - Shadow play - I had expected so see some aerial photos of cobblestones and paving, and not disappointed at the submissions of this technique. This one is ticks all the marks. Love the isolation of the mother and her child, enjoying the moment, complete with that mark of modernity, a cell phone employed to capture the moment. Wonderful shadows as hinted at in the title, and top notch composition. I am intrigued at what looks like a beautiful sunny day, yet dressed for winter. Beautiful contextual shot, repetition and pattern forcing focus on the family.

Stephen-s - Pounding pavements - If David’s is a panoramic aerial view, this one is zoomed, employing high key photography to good effect. Besides the strong emphasis on the shadows, the angular composition here is a winning technique. So interesting to study each person in this image, and one can but wonder at their thoughts, and what drives them in this afternoon shot, perhaps getting home, or catching the tube. That makes for a wonderful energetic shot, and as with David’s shot, intrigued at the sunny tone, yet dressed for winter. Effective use of the tiled background, subtle yet sufficient to be noticed.

Paulb531 - Floor plate - And so you should (trying these things) done with aplomb. I wondered if this was a human creation or a natural one, in either case it is wonderful. Strong juxtaposition shot, excellent details, nudging me to count those nodules, so effective it is. Colours and composition spot on, and in a bizarre human twist, I want to tread my foot on that leaf, just to see the after effects.

Mag07 -More London Riverside - Oh I do wish I was a youngster again, just so I can run around, try some slipping and sliding on that shiny floor, and try some sliding on the rail, which will tell you this is an emotive shot. Really like what you have done here, with moments of blur and clarity scattered all over the image. A bit of zoom blur adds tons to the composition, but especially that person sitting almost forlorn in the midst of such a lot of architecture. A small part of the overall image, but what a lot of juxtaposition it brings to the image. The overall grey/blue tone also adds to the mood of the image and my eye is roving all over this image, loads to appreciate here.

NigelK - Bucharest Street - just the kind of scene I had hoped for, familiar to most of us, and certainly brings a note of nostalgia. This is a great shot, almost postcard quality, with all the elements of good photography present- architecture, shadows, light, composition and ambience. Add to that, which I am sure was deliberate, a leading line drawing you into the image, starting with that woman in the foreground. Very effective, and certainly a drawcard for any tourist. I want to explore the place, or eat at that restaurant, or go shopping, or just walk and walk. But, oh, that light and shadows on the cobble stones are just awesome.

Johnriley - The wet streets of Manchester - My immediate response “Beam up there Scotty” . Fabulous low level shot, beautiful leading lines here, stunning details, and while not exactly postcard worthy as a tourist brochure, it speaks volumes of all things British, weather included. I’m looking for the pub here! And the brollies! And all I find is a lone window shopper, a very nice touch indeed. Excellent composition, vibrant colours and don’t I just want to walk down that street. Or grab a broom! On my bucket list sir!

JudithAnne - Canadian pavement…”made to Get-R-Done - No problem, on the theme, as it is after all cobblestone and paving. Another strong juxtaposition entry, beautifully composed, with wonderful details, and the lighting conditions captured reveal a skilled photographer. The reflected red/orange from the trucks light is super. Excellent documentary shot.

Tyronet2000 – Cobbled Road and Pavement-Brugs - Another “beam me up there Scotty” shot. Beautifully composed, so much to explore here. Brings an enviable note of peace and tranquillity, and a real village feel to this, far removed from the high technology of modern life. A bicycle, a stroller, a gardener, and forgive me, but as a South African, I cannot but notice it- not a scrap of dirt anywhere. There is evident pride in the setting. Inviting. And I certainly want to be immersed here. Colour spot on.

JAK - Linskill Square – Quintessential all things British! Love this, has a calming effect on me, quiet, almost rural scene, complete with doggy, flower pots, windows and chimney. Beautifully composed, details and autumn pastel colours blend perfectly here. Add to that some patterns, architecture and nicely balanced greenery, and you have a winning image. And while the cobblestones are almost incidental to the image, they lead you into the image. And my interest is piqued by all those M flags on the staircase. Lovely homely image.

Dromfit- Oh! We want to break free – Oh excellent sir! What a fabulous photographer’s eye! A wonderful documentary shot, and one I am sure touches our psyche’s on more than one level. If you think there are troubles with the roads in Headingley, come and try ours . Composition, setting it between the curb and the road line, colour and stunning details make for a lovely shot. Well done!

Abe-Normal – Entering Prague’s Old Town square – Well, I am not so sure if you would be able to make this more interesting, perhaps a lower level shot. As it is, it is wonderful, glorious light on the church, lovely inter play between the light and shadows, very nicely detailed and super colourful shot. And to be noted, an appreciated balance between the paving and the rest of architecture. I would have used the perspective tool to straighten the bottom part of the image, but that is a personal niggle. Another on my bucket list.

Snakey – Old Waggon and Horses – You make it sound so casual, just a shot from your local town. It’s awesome, keen photographer’s eye, shot at just the right time for that beautiful dusk tones and colours, and beautifully composed. As with Abe-Normal’s image, I would suggest you use the perspective tool to straighten the left of the image. But that glisten on the cobblestones is magical, as are the “new” horses parked outside. Appreciate too the subtle leading lines inviting to explore beyond the “horses”.

1st Spot goes to Dromfit, for an unusual perspective on the theme, and an image that resonates with all of us.
2nd spot to Smudge for a simple, yet profoundly intriguing image.
3rd spot to JAK, for a homely image where the Cobblestones are as much a feature of life as anything else.

And I am happy to award HM’s to everyone else, with a thank you for making my day-off Monday so difficult


Link Posted 04/12/2017 - 10:33
Noel, that was a great subject and the collection of images that it attracted was fantastic. I loved Tim's winning entry, a small detail that tells an important story about the state of many of our roads. Well observed and well photographed. A hole in the road that has aesthetic appeal.

Thanks Noel for the competition and thanks to all my co-competitors for a great selection.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 04/12/2017 - 11:55
Thank you Noel for my win...
and setting a competition both interesting and fun... and for your constructive comments.
Congrats, too to the other podia places... and to all the different variations within the theme...
the cobbles in the Paris and Bucharest pictures... laid as fish-scales.... I really like these... I spent a couple of hours sitting on a bench in Leeds, watching some fish-scale cobbles being relaid... interestingly by Polish workers, imported for their skill and experience.
They were, however, training a couple of Leeds guys, and one lass.... to lays cobbles.... a skill that has been lost since tarmac was invented. No pix for this site tho' it was before the *istD came out and I was, I'm almost ashamed to say, using a F#ji 602 Pro... still working well, but in someone else's possession.
As is, also, my *istD.... but that person's a blogger, so I get to see those pix.
Three weeks after the Leeds ones were completed.... the electricity people decided that they needed to re-do some of their "utility".... what a ruddy waste of money!!

My other favourite in this week's selection has got to be... the Bruges nunnery... for purely sentimental reasons... and the beer from a rather nice brown bar in Bruges...

And, thank you David... "A hole in the road that has aesthetic appeal." This was almost December 2006... by August 2009, the hole was much bigger... still with some of the silver paint marking it for repair visible... t'chitty 'adn't com'to t'top yet??

New comp will be up later.... a B&W theme.
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"
Last Edited by drofmit on 04/12/2017 - 11:58


Link Posted 04/12/2017 - 21:26
t'chitty 'adn't com'to t'top yet??[/b][/i]
Your Yorkshire is better than my French Tim.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
Last Edited by davidtrout on 04/12/2017 - 21:27


Link Posted 04/12/2017 - 21:51
Congratulations to Tim. Many thanks to Noel for the competition and judging. I wouldn't have liked picking the winner this week - a pretty standard to chose from.



Link Posted 06/12/2017 - 10:32
Thanks for the podium placing and well done to the top two spots. All great interesting photos too so well done to the judge too for the comp and work involved.
John K


Link Posted 07/12/2017 - 19:08
Congratulations to everyone as usual. You picked a favourite of mine. Almost creepy. Especially given the title. Well done!
'Photography...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten....' (Aaron Siskind)


Link Posted 12/12/2017 - 07:44
Thank You judge!...Congrats to the winner!

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