Monthly #99 - Life on Earth Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 30/09/2020
Judge: Nigelk

This month I would like you to take and enter an image depicting "Life on Earth".
Life on earth is so diverse, from microscopic bacteria to huge whales in the oceans. Help celebrate "Life on Earth" by entering this months competition and give me a tough job of trying to comment and choose the winner.
The usual monthly competition rules apply. The photograph has to be taken this month, September 2020 and be taken with a Pentax camera or directly related clone.
The winner will be expected to set and judge next months competition.
It is for fun so please do have a go and enter.
Best wishes to all and good luck
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/10/2020 - 10:46
Thank you all who entered, a fascinating variety of subjects submitted, all helping to remind us how diverse life on earth is. Without further ado...
1st out of the blocks on the 1st:-

Perspicador- Taken a dive
What I like about this shot is you have captured action.

garethparkes Fischers Turaco
Beautifully captured and well handled image. Only one small question mark, could you have given us a bit more detail in the black tail feathers, lovely shot.

MHOL190246 A Fly on a Sedum flower
A fine image of one of the worlds unsung hero's. Importantly, sharp where it needs to be. Love the well saturated orange of the eyes

Wardy-GB Blue Planet
Keeping it simple, no harm in that! To me it looks like a well exposed Gull, it is so easy to loose the detail in the white feathers. The top of the post and a lovely deep sky, all we need to make a good image.

Cdn_Sailor A Busy Bee
Sadly your exif has been stripped of the capture date, I need that to include your image however, I think it would work well as a square crop.

Johnwnjr Berries
The hedge rows are so heavy with berries and fruits this year and you have capture a lovely display of a bush laden with bright red berries. It makes one wonder how many berries will go on to become new plants.

GlynM Crane Fly
That's come out well! Your extra work in focus stacking has paid of, some legs giving a diagonal and a lovely defused background.

Fodwick Risky Romance
Fascinating glimpse into the precarious world of spider courtship. Too many hairy legs in one location for me! Tough to capture, I think you've done a good job.

Marie Time to Fly
I hope you got my private message with a link to the competition rules Marie. I like what you've tried to capture here but am inclined to agree that there is a little too much of the environment in this shot. I do like that you have taken on of the harsh light to work with contrast and silhouetting the birds against the bright reflected light from the water.

philhaskins FUSIA
With no EXIF on camera or date I'm afraid I can't include this image

Noelcmn Baby elephant having a mud bath
Mud, mud, glorious mud. What a glorious event to have unfold in front of you, enchanting!

russellparker66 Swan Early Morning
Tough one to meter, white swan against a dark background, well handled. Perhaps the head looks a little soft but a well judged capture.

drofmit The Essential Mantis
Another well caught image, nicely framed and sharp where it needs to be. It is Mantis! Nice defused background also.

To the podium
1st place GlynM Crane Fly
2nd place garethparkes Fischers Turaco
3rd place drofmit The Essential Mantis

Well done and thank you to all the other entrants. What an amazing world we live in.

Best regards


Link Posted 01/10/2020 - 12:22
Thanks for the competition and comment. I really was only just in time! Well done the top three.
Come and see the beautiful things I see in the ordinary world.


Link Posted 01/10/2020 - 13:20
Many thanks Nigel for another of your excellent competitions which attracted a very good number of entries.

Thanks also for the win .

Congratulations to my fellow podium members Gareth & Tim plus everyone else for a excellent and diverse set of images.

I sure it is going to be a difficult competition to follow but I will have a think and post a new subject up shortly.



Link Posted 01/10/2020 - 19:53
Congrats GlynM, fantastic image, I find shooting those quite difficult. And extended to garethparkes and drofmit for their podium places. Great challenge, and as usual an appreciative diversity submitted. Thanks to our Judge NigelK for the C&C's. Always appreciated.


Link Posted 11/10/2020 - 17:32
Congratulations GlynM .... helluva shot! and Gareth, too... worra bird!
Thanks Nigel for the competition and 3rd place... and apologies for being so late to the results... currently daunted by an innundation of fruits and veg that need preserving!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"
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