Monthly #84 - Blot on the landscape Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 30/06/2019
Judge: mikeprotts

This month I'm looking for something man made that stands out in a landscape that's otherwise more natural. I'm open to almost any interpretation, so feel free to be creative. A brief description is important.

Usual rules, photo taken this month with Pentax or related equipment, from:

Competition Entries


Link Posted 02/07/2019 - 20:05
Not sure what happened to my comments - so reposting:

Coventry Concrete, davidwozhere
Definitely a good 'blot', but not so much on nature. It's a good image, with contrasts between the ornate spires and dome, and utilitarian air conditioning. The rather sad looking tress in the centre is almost a reversal of the competition statement, so gets highly rated.

Canalside pumping station, johnriley
Here is an example of a man made feature (the canal) becoming a natural landscape. Built as the equivalent of a modern motorway, they've become wildlife havens. The pumping stating acts as a reminder that the canal is still a utility. It's a picture of great contrasts.

Cherry Raider, Perspicador
Is it the window or the plant that's man made? Probably both would count. I love the shot, with two berries showing the delicate hold with the beak. For a shot through a window, it's kept a good level of detail, showing off the sharp spikes that help with grip on the twigs.

Smithy Manor former pub Sutton Manor St Helens, newbiek50user
A definite block, and another form of managed natural background. I'd like to have seen this a little wider, but I think it's a good photographic record of the typical out of town pub that's becoming increasingly rare.

I'd have been pleased with any of these but I'm giving Coventry Concrete the runner up slot, it's a great interpretation, and the winner is newbiek50user.


Link Posted 02/07/2019 - 21:28
Thanks for the number one slot, Mike. I'm surprised that there were so few entries for you to choose between. Where I live there are any number of blots on the landscape - and that's even without the litter. I like the insights you've shown into your judging.
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