Monthly #82 - Not my usual choice Competition

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Closing Date: 30/04/2019
Judge: mikeprotts

This is an encouragement to try something different, as that helped me with my first win.

It might be an excuse to dig out an old lens, try macro or landscape, heavily post process for fun effect, use flash etc. So anything goes, but you need to be able to justify this as being not your usual style.

Usual rules, photo taken this month with Pentax or related equipment, from:

Photo has been deleted
Competition Entries


Link Posted 04/04/2019 - 13:07
Is that closing date for April's monthly competition correct? The 7th makes it a very short month!


Link Posted 04/04/2019 - 22:20
newbiek50user wrote:
Is that closing date for April's monthly competition correct? The 7th makes it a very short month!

No! I can't see how to change this either - can one of the team set the date correctly please?



Link Posted 05/04/2019 - 12:44
Best regards, John


Link Posted 05/04/2019 - 13:08
That's great - thanks.


Link Posted 01/05/2019 - 16:41
It's not easy to choose between such a variety of interpretations, but I'm sticking by the title of the competition for choosing the winner.
Wasp by Perspicador

You've given a good reason, and it's a well balanced photo of the insect you have an aversion to. I like the flower at the top left giving a good balance, and showing detail hidden by the insect in the other flower. I couldn't work out how you had such a clear background, which helps in avoiding distractions, and is rather unusual colouring.
Drumstick Primula by noelm

Nature provided the beautiful colours, and the classic mirror lens helps with capturing them, but the choice of subject and composition shows a lot of thought has gone into this. For anyone who's wondered if a mirror lens is worthwhile, here is your answer, and for noelm it was certainly worth getting it back out of the box. The Tamron Adaptall 2 SP lenses may not be as easy to use as modern ones, but they can give excellent results.
Epsom Downs Morning Gallop by townclerk

I think this is a great shot, and I love the way the left front hoof is upside down. You've frozen the movement, with the tail flying out behind, and the background being non intrusive, but an excellent landscape in it's own right. The only thing missing is the explanation as to why this is not your usual choice, but also the Exif data suggests this is from last year.
Spring in the Landscape by Antony

An alternative approach is definitely fitting for this competition, and you've managed to split that landscape into two good images, with those spring placements hiding little detail. It would be nice to have a bit of detail of the original artwork (I think it's Malvern Hall, painted by John Constable). Was this well received at the U3A meeting?
Zoom burst Wallflower by Abe_Normal

The fifty-third attempt really hits the mark, and is an excellent demonstration of using an older lens in an innovative way. I suspect the push-pull zoom was easier to control than the rotating type for this sort of image. It shows the importance of not having the lens rotate while zooming, although that might also produce an interesting effect. I like the idea of use of two polarising filters as an ND alternative, which must give quite a lot of options for exposure control.
FIRE! by Nigelk

Different scenarios need different techniques, and you've used the high speed shooting to capture an excellent shot! The flash dominates the photo in a positive way, and the smoke gives good effect, and you've managed to still have the piper clear in the background. My best guess is the uniforms are 42nd Highland Regiment 1815, and the event at Ickworth House?
TIme to cool down after the race by newbiek50user

A great behind the scenes shot, showing who does the real work. I'd never have thought they'd cool off the horses in such a dramatic fashion, and it's good to have a photo showing the horse being looked after, presumably by stable staff, while the 'important' discussion seems to just ignore the animal. It's also rather strange to think that the races are so obscured.

A tricky choice, but:
1st Zoom burst Wallflower by Abe_Normal
Because it combines a lot of different techniques, and just looks good.
2nd FIRE! by Nigelk
A new scenario, and learning to use high speed shooting for good effect.
3rd Drumstick Primula by noelm
It's probably my favourite image, but I rated the others a touch higher on their use of new-to-them techniques.

HC TIme to cool down after the race by newbiek50user
For picking up an interesting image despite having little view of the racing.



Link Posted 04/05/2019 - 10:46
Congratulations to other podium places and HC and thanks for my 3rd place. Well done to mikeprotts for a fascinating subject, the 500mm lens may come out of retirement for time as I play some more with it. Loved the winning image by Abe_Normal and will definitely have a go at this technique in the near future.
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