Monthly #81 - A Panoramic Image Competition

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Closing Date: 31/03/2019
Judge: JAK

This competition is to produce a panoramic photograph, be it with a wide angle lens and cropping it or combining several images taken at a more modest focal length.
If you're not sure what it is or how to go about it there is a pretty good overview on Wikipedia here. There's also a beginner's guide here.

There's no restriction on subject matter but I'd expect the image width to height ratio to be at least 2 to 1 (if it's less than that is isn't really accepted to be a panoramic photo.) Typical panoramas show landscapes and cityscapes but entries certainly don't need to be limited to those subjects.

There are a number of software packages that have a facility for joining several images together including Photoshop / Photoshop Elements, Irfanview and Microsoft's Image Composite Editor (ICE).

If you're not comfortable using software to manipulate photos an alternative is to use a wide angle lens and simply crop the image top and bottom. Getting used to the panoramic technique though is useful if the lens on your camera isn't wide enough to cover a scene so taking several shots and combining them can avoid the need for carrying an extra lens if indeed that is an option.

It would be interesting to read in the description how the image was produced but I won't hold it against anyone if they don't do this! If you wish to discuss the process with anyone please use the dedicated thread in the main forum here to do this rather than this competition page.

Just to point out that the panorama has to be shot on a Pentax or related camera this month, March 2019 (not before) and uploaded by midnight Sunday 31st March BST (the clocks will have gone forward that morning.) The award for the winner will be to set up and judge next month's competition.
Good shooting and I look forward to viewing your entries.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 17/03/2019 - 20:28
I should have added that I cropped the lower half of the stitched image using Microsoft Paint in order to achieve the 2 by 1 requirement. Cropping in Lightroom would have resulted in the software trying to maintain the perspective but destroying the desired dimensions.


Link Posted 01/04/2019 - 13:00
First I would like to thank those who took the trouble to find a scene suitable for a panorama then actually taking the necessary images and combine them if need be.

I got the feeling some didn't follow the link in the competition description to the Wikipedia page to read what actually comprises a 'Panoramic Image' where it describes the key features as being, 'An image showing a field of view approximating, or greater than, that of the human eye about 160 by 75 may be termed panoramic. This generally means it has an aspect ratio of 2:1 or larger, the image being at least twice as wide as it is high. The resulting images take the form of a wide strip. Some panoramic images have aspect ratios of 4:1 and sometimes 10:1, covering fields of view of up to 360 degrees.'

Therefore taking a normal photograph and cropping it top and bottom to give the 2:1 wide format aspect ratio doesn't necessarily produce a panoramic image. The Wiki article goes on to describe ways to achieve such an image. One is to take several images with any standard focal length lens and combine them or alternatively use a very wide angle lens which has a suitable field of view and crop that to give the 2:1 minimum aspect ratio. The page also makes the point that a single cropped photograph taken with a standard lens or longer cannot qualify as its field of view simply isn't wide enough, it is just a wide format photograph..

There have been some splendid wide format pictures submitted but which fail to achieve the 'Panoramic' field of view requirement with some even taken with a telephoto lens! I also get the feeling that some haven't tried the joining technique before so all kudos to those who have attempted something new. I often find the technique useful for getting wider views where the lens being carried isn't wide enough.

Choicia by Perspicador
While this image is in a wide format it comprises a single cropped shot taken with a 55mm lens therefore the field of view is not wide enough to produce a panoramic image. The photo itself is pleasant enough, I quite like it actually.

Seed Pod by coker
This is a another well presented cropped wide format photograph where the format suits the subject perfectly. Nothing at all wrong with the photograph but taken with a 100mm telephoto lens it's definitely not a panoramic image.

Rhododendron Wood Walk by MikeInDevon
A well produced multi image view with great perspective. We have a panoramic image and I can't spot the joins! All in all a really good entry.

Mels at night by pipinmels
The exif suggests this wasn't taken during March 2019 so regrettably is not eligible. Sorry.

Liverpool Waterfront Panorama - Blue Hour by newbiek50user
This is like an extract from a panorama and the subject matter is absolutely suitable to create one. An extra image combined on either side would have achieved that. Its a shame the building on the right has been cut in half, an extra frame on that side would have solved that. The evening lighting is extremely well handled. Also the join you made looks undetectable so all good there but two portrait 55mm lens shots combined doesn't have a sufficiently wide enough field of view to make this a panorama image. however well done for trying the combining technique and that has proved successful.

Yellow to Yellow Panorama by Johnwnjr
The exif shows this as having been taken with a 70mm lens and I presume a single cropped image. So while it is a wide format photograph it isn't a panoramic image as the field of view is not sufficient. One would have expected to see almost all the garden in front of you which would require taking a number of shots with the camera initially pointed to your left side and continue taking shots right round until you get to the right side, quite a large arc! Use of a wider angle lens would reduce the number of shots required.
It's fine a a wide format photograph however.

River view by retsoor
This is definitely another subject that would make a good panoramic image and you'll have gained image quality by combining the two 55mm shots as opposed to taking it at the wide end of that zoom. So well done for trying the joining technique. You'll appreciate though it isn't a 'proper' panorama as its field of view isn't wide enough.
Judging it as a wide format photograph I feel I'd like to see more of the sea below the shoreline and less sky above it but its your photo and if that's how you like it who am I to argue!

Ainsa by Nigelk
This is another wide format photograph, not a panorama. It was taken with a telephoto lens (107mm) making the field of view a very narrow 16 degrees. It's a good shot of the town on the skyline but alas, not even close to being a panoramic image.

Now that's what I call a panorama by mikeprotts
As you say, indisputably a panorama, a full 360! I note the 16 images were taken with a 28mm lens which I'll agree was a good choice. Hugin is a good program to use to do the combining but possibly not the simplest to use. I'm pleased the competition gave you the motive to make the updated photo so thanks for creating it and making the full size version available which definitely helps see it properly.
As to the final image, it might not be the most beautiful scenic view but is an appropriate use of the panoramic image technique which has been successfully implemented making a superb record of the view and will serve the purpose you took it for very well. Great work.
Note the url you gave to view your original images has an extraneous comma at the end, it should be

Reed straws by Larseric
While this is a wider view than some of the other single shot 'panoramas' submitted it is still only a wide format photograph. The photo itself is quite eye catching and the wide format suits the subject perfectly.

Discharging Winter Road Salt Milwaukee Wisconsin by Cdn_Sailor
As this was taken during 2012 or 2013 I regret this is ineligible for the monthly competition as the rules state that images have to be shot during the current month. Sorry.

Sink Hole by paulb531

This is an interesting shot and taken with a pretty wide angle lens (12mm.) Technically it might not be a true panoramic image but it's very close to being one. It's a shame you couldn't have taken an extra shot to the left and combined them as there is subject matter on the left hand side that would have added considerably to the image, notably those logs piling up and then there's the wall behind them which would make a good lead in to the picture as a whole and make it a true panoramic image to boot, it would likely have won! Still it's a worth entry as the composition is good and has subject matter worth seeing.

Bathed in golden light by Noelcmn
Definitely this would form part of a super panorama but as it is it doesn't have a sufficiently wide enough field of view to qualify as being one. Also the picture aspect ratio as presented is less than 2:1 but adding the extra frames to make it into a panoramic image would overcome that. There is a true panorama waiting to be created from that very spot if you go there again!

So thank you to all who entered... And the result:

1st: Now that's what I call a panorama by mikeprotts
=2nd: Rhododendron Wood Walk by MikeInDevon
=2nd: Sink Hole by paulb531
HC: Liverpool Waterfront Panorama - Blue Hour by newbiek50user

Over to Mike for April's comp.
John K
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Link Posted 01/04/2019 - 14:00
Thanks John for this competition, I've always been a fan of panoramic images!

Many congratulations to Mike Protts, that's a major piece of work, and to paulb531 and newbiek50user! Thanks for the joint 2nd with paulb531, that's some Sink Hole, I've viewed a couple of YouTube videos of it and it's big!

Mike E


Link Posted 01/04/2019 - 17:02
I'll be the first to admit I did not follow the link and simply went with my limited understanding of Panorama, and had I done so, I'd have had a different approach, probably one akin to the directive given by our judge. Congrats Mikeprotts, panorama indeed! And extended to MikeInDevon, and paulb531, and not forgetting the HC Newbiek50user. Another informative judging exercise, so a hearty thanks to our Judge, for the challenge and judging exercise-always appreciated.
Link Posted 01/04/2019 - 19:20
Congratulations to Mike Protts and the other podiums and the HC. Thanks to JAK for the constructive comments as I also wasn't too sure of what constituted a panorama-there is always something to learn from these competitions.


Link Posted 02/04/2019 - 08:02
Congratulations to the podium places and HC. and to JAK for the competition and judging. Like some others at least I have learnt something.


Link Posted 02/04/2019 - 08:28
It's a good feeling to win, even though not a picture that deserved in on artistic merit. I very much agree that there were some excellent compositions here. Thanks. I've corrected that link.

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Link Posted 02/04/2019 - 21:33
An interesting competition and I have in the recent past taken eight pictures joined together in a long panorama which then travels across the screen in an AV. Yellow to Yellow was in fact two photos joined together which I went out early one morning to take especially for the competition! No hard feelings. John


Link Posted 02/04/2019 - 23:17
Johnwnjr wrote:
Yellow to Yellow was in fact two photos joined together which I went out early one morning to take especially for the competition!

But two 70mm telephoto shots joined don't make a panoramic image! A wider view could have been taken with a singe shot at the 24mm end of that zoom but even that still wouldn't make a panoramic image. At least you didn't have far to go to take it.
John K
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