Monthly #76 - Abandoned Competition

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Closing Date: 31/10/2018
Judge: MikeInDevon

I want to see your images that evoke the feeling or idea of ĎAbandonedí, for example this could be somewhere or something that has been deserted or left or discarded or is disused or neglected in some way. I am open to any interpretation you can justify!

Photographs must be taken during October 2018 with a Pentax or accepted clone.

The competition closes at midnight UTC Wednesday, 31st October 2018.

The full usual rules for monthly competitions can be found at:

Best of luck, I'm really looking forward to seeing your entries.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/11/2018 - 20:57
Just to let you all know, I am working on it!

I expect to post my comments and the results tomorrow (2nd.)



Link Posted 02/11/2018 - 14:54
Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to create these images for me, itís been really fun studying them all, now for the tricky job of comments and judging.

Here are my comments:

On the shelf by newbiek50user
Well I just had to have a rummage on the internet about this camera and I found some interesting facts, for instance: itís around a 100 years old; when used with obsolete Kodak Autographic film you could record Ďmetadataí with each negative; it can take standard 120 roll film which of course is still available. So it may be on the shelf but it could still work, I wonder if the same will be said of my K-50 in 100 years time! A really interesting image which is nice and sharp which suits this subject.

A seasonal abandonment by Cdn_Sailor
This leafís function is over apart from the possibility of its decay providing organic nutrients back into the ecosystem. But what a function! Without the marvel of photosynthesis this planet would not be what it is today. Those bright colours pick out the vein structure almost like an X-ray, the edges are just starting to curl up as the leaf dries out. I can only guess at the size of this leaf, I suspect itís fairly small. For me a tighter square crop would work well though Iíd have liked to have had the complete leaf stalk included. Is the image sharp? To my eyes it looks like it could be sharper, is this the lens showing it limitations, would a smaller aperture help, etc.? There are technical issues worth exploring.

You were made for me by JAK
Ah the wonder that was Kodachrome colour positive slide film, production ceased in 2009 and there must be a whole generation now who havenít seen slides projected and experienced the impact of a good slide shown large. I have old family slides dating back to the 1950ís which still look fantastic. I like your composition, a film pyramid crowned with a mini Pentax MX, with beautiful sharpness where it matters.

Abandoned by Billdad
This made me grin, whoís abandoned who. The dog refuses to look at his master as he stumps off into the distance, he appears to be hitching up his trousers. The light is lovely with just a little glint off of the polished cobbles. The composition is great with its attention focussing perspective, the muted colours lifted by those splashes of green, even those ornate street lights add something. Was this a set piece or did you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, either way I enjoyed your original take on the theme. There is a lot to like here.

Abandoned? by Nigelk
You caught this just in time, a few more seasons and this old cement mixer with be totally engulfed by vegetation. No doubt this would be a great restoration Ďprojectí for the right person but they better be quick. Your composition makes good use of a very wide angle lens. That peeling fading yellow paint is a nice contrast to all that plant life, to the bottom right a black rubbish bag has joined in this scene of abandonment and decay. Right on topic.

Abandoned by johnriley
A young childís well worn Velcro dinosaur trainer is found after what looks like years in the wild, was it outgrown and discarded or was lost but maybe still remembered. I know that our son would have loved trainers just like these. A dandelion is visible growing from underneath the trainer whose Velcro straps lie unfastened, nearby dropped leaves, twigs, detritus and black currants litter the scene. Impressive sharpness from a small camera, well spotted.

Rescue Me by paulb531
What a great find, this old car does bring back memories, itís a Mark II, they were made between 1966 and 1970, so itís at least 48 years old, it would have been a great car to own in its day. I remember those dreaded vinyl roofs, which is peeling off in this example, and those DIY fitted heated rear window elements, I fitted just this to my Dadís car in the day. To my eyes the colours look rather over saturated and/or the contrast has been exaggerated, was this intentional? The mystery remains as to how on earth itís ended up there only to gradually decay and settle itself into the ground.

Corvid Invitation by Perspicador
Well what do you know itís a waistcoat wearing scarecrow, to me he looks rather happy and contented. Even if he is neglected he still has a good number of layers on to keep him warm! Heís nice and sharp but I find that background rather distracting, a wider aperture and a different viewpoint might have help here.

The Old Calving Shed (HDR) by Abe_Normal
For me this is a very successful and subtle example of HDR and sort of hand held at that. In fact if you hadnít said I would never have guessed youíd used HDR. The vanishing point perspective works well and for me the level of micro-contrast is spot on. All in all a great technical result and right on topic to.

Sunflowers by SteveF
This image prompted another internet rummage and it turns out that these sunflowers are probably just ripe for seed harvesting! We have a similar thing in the fields near us with the maize crop, itís left until it looks like itís had it before harvesting for animal feed, this used to mystify us as well. This is an image which definitely needs to be looked at large, in fact I suspect that the image resizing used on the web site doesnít help to do it justice. Perhaps using a wider aperture to emphasize the nearby flower heads would help with this.

Neglect by Noelcmn
I really like your bold geometric lines and colours in this image and also its very sympathetic out-of-focus background which is just great. From the look of the paint and the good condition of the underlying metal it seems to me that it probably never really needed painting in the first place! Nevertheless it was painted and you have captured the weathering and failure of the paintís integrity in a very striking image. It does seem to lack some critical sharpness, is this a focus or camera shake symptom or perhaps this is a cropped portion out of a larger image.

Abandoned in France by drofmit
Everything in this image says ĎI need some TLCí, what has lead to this sad state of affairs, thereís a story in there somewhere. I like the even lighting and somewhat muted colours they all work to enhance the ĎMari Celesteí mood. The composition works for me with the position of the van directing the eye into the image, nicely done.

As for my winners, well this was not at all easy but here goes:

First place goes to Abandoned by Billdad
a very close Second place goes to The Old Calving Shed (HDR) by Abe_Normal
Third place goes to Abandoned? by Nigelk

The HMs list has to be long, in no particular order:
On the shelf by newbiek50user
You were made for me by JAK
Abandoned by johnriley
Abandoned in France by drofmit

So now itís over to you Billdad to set and judge the next monthly competition.

Cheers to you all



Link Posted 02/11/2018 - 15:14
Wonderful emotive shot for a worthy winner. Congrats Billdad. And congrats extended to Abe_Normal and Nigelk. andnot forgetting the HC's Newbiek50user, JAK, Johnriley and Dromfit. Lovely crop of images in this challenge, so a hearty thanks to Mike, for the challenge, the C&C's and judging exercise. Much appreciated.


Link Posted 02/11/2018 - 16:53
Congratulations to Billdad, a worthy winner and many thanks to Mike for the competition and feed back. Yes the colours were a bit over saturated. The photo was taken on a dark miserable day and it was an attempt to brighten things up a tad.




Link Posted 03/11/2018 - 09:11
A well judged interesting topic and photographs to match. Well done to all, especially the podium places and the HC's. I feel lucky to have squeezed on to the podium in third.
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