Monthly #69 - March Hare/Hair Competition

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Closing Date: 31/03/2018
Judge: WaypointCharlie

I've never set a competition before, so please be gentle.

In keeping with the month of March, the competition is Hare or Hair (or any other tortuous homophones you can come up with). I thought restricting it to Hare would be tough for most people but everyone should be able to enter something for Hair. I'm looking forward to seeing some interesting and creative ideas on the theme, but please try to keep it legal and decent!

The usual monthly competition rules apply. i.e. entries must be shot during the month of the competition, March 2018, using a Pentax or the re-badged Samsung & Ricoh equivalent cameras.

The winner is expected to set, comment on and judge the next competition.

Monthly Competition Rules & Guidance
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Link Posted 01/04/2018 - 16:59
Monthly Competition #69 - March Hare/Hair

I'm sorry that there were so few entries for the competition this month. My subject can't have been so easy and/or stimulating as I'd hoped. So thank you to the three of you who contributed.

I'm by no means an expert photographer and find it quite daunting to be expected to judge someone else's work. My comments are simply based on personal opinion, which you may disagree with.

Preening for presentability - Perspicador
I think you're pushing the subject to the boundary and perhaps beyond, interpreting feathers as encompassing 'Hair'. However, I do like a bit of boundary pushing! I like the idea of the preening swan taken from this angle. I'm particularly impressed by the exposure. Often swan feathers can be overexposed and blown but in your image there is still plenty of detail present throughout, revealing the feather layers. I like the tight cropping - if anything it's perhaps a little too tight at the top on the left. However, for me, I would like there to be more depth of field so the swan's head was more in focus, although I realise that might have been difficult to achieve without increasing the ISO.

Amy - paulb531
This one definitely meets the subject and is an image that's grown on me. I like the composition and the cropping, which I think tells us just enough about the model. The lighting is pretty harsh and I wonder if the image would have been more effective if it had been a bit softer. However, if you work at anything like my speed you'd only have had one or two chances at the shot before the model got bored!

A bit hairy - Noelcmn
This image has an abstract geometric quality to it, which I like. The hairy bits are nice and sharp and they show up well against the muted green background. If this had been an indoor shot I might have tried a bit of focus stacking, in order to increase the depth of field and get a bit more of the 'unknown flower' in sharp focus. However, when outdoors, any such attempts are usually impossible in even the slightest breeze. There are also a few patches that look a bit blown towards the centre that might be fixable, if you shot Raw. Even so, I think this is a striking image and a worthy winner.

So, my decision is:-

Winner: A bit hairy by Noelcmn

I've ummed and ahhed about 2nd and 3rd places and still can't decide. Therefore, I hope you don't feel I've ducked it by awarding Preening for presentability by Perspicador and Amy by paulb531 joint second place.

Noelcmn, you now pick up the baton for this month. I hope you're able to attract a few more entries than I did!


Link Posted 01/04/2018 - 18:43
Well, that was disappointing, only three entries in what I thought was a good challenge. Thank you WaypointCharlie, I'll take the honour. Thanks for the challenge and the judging exercise. Congrats to Perspicador and paulb531. I'll have a new challenge up probably tomorrow, to give me some time to ponder a new challenge which I hope will attract more entries.


Link Posted 01/04/2018 - 19:31
Yes disappointed about the entry level but a well done to Noel a deserved winner. Many thanks to Waypoint Charlie for the competition and judging. I always prefer the monthly competition because it makes you get out there and produce something instead of trawling through old stuff. I have started shooting new stuff for the weekly competition as well.

Perhaps a prize at the end of the year would encourage entry levels. Three point s for a winner two points for a second and one for third. Just a suggestion.



Link Posted 01/04/2018 - 20:56
paulb531 wrote:

Perhaps a prize at the end of the year would encourage entry levels. Three point s for a winner two points for a second and one for third. Just a suggestion.

That's a good suggestion. Perhaps to really encourage entries the points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd should be a bit higher and there should be one point for simply taking part!
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