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Monthly #66 - Leading Lines Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 31/12/2017
Judge: derek897

I've never set one of these before so I hope I don't mess this up

I know I struggle at times, composition wise, so I think this might be a good way for us to learn from each other.
I'm looking for good leading lines that help draw the viewer into the image.

The usual monthly competition rules apply. Entries must be shot during the month of the competition, December 2017, using a Pentax or the re-badged Samsung & Ricoh equivalent cameras.

The winner is expected to set, comment on and judge the next competition.

Looking forward to seeing your entries

Closing date is 31/12/17
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/01/2018 - 13:24
Thanks everyone for taking the time time to go out and shoot and then for entering,
Please forgive the poor quality of my comments as this is my first competition to judge.
Well done on entering a wide range of great shots

1st, Subway, Simonmac
2nd, Leading lines of white JudithAnn
3rd, Shelf Life GlynnM

Leading Lights
Nothing wrong with those leading lines, they lead you right to the door, you have handled what looks like difficult lighting conditions well, cool crisp path lights with the warm wall lights. Nice shooting.

Super gritty image, wouldnt look out of place as an album cover. It conjours all sorts of seedy goings on,The pp suits this spot on.

Looking west south west
I can see the way the clouds are following the line of the hills in the background, and with the ditch and track leading you through to the next field, well spotted and shot.

A Victorian Chorale
Great to have all the background info on this, fair play to them for doing it. nice combination of leading lines here.

Brick Lines
I do like the way the distortion has worked with the mortar lines in this. Its works so very well.

Gibbet Hill
Were you in the middle of the road for this one ? Might make a good spot for nightime light trails Well spotted and shot.

Shelf Life
What a great collection of classics. Well thought out and executed shot. You are led right to Hipperty. A super cool assistant. Focus stacking is something I have wanted to try out properly for a long time. Works wel here.

Lines Leading to the Heavens
No info on this, but the vertical leading lines work for me. Not somehing that would have sprung to my mind initially but it does work well.

Bridge at the site of the Brunner 19th century coal mining disaster in South Island, New Zealand
Super leading lines, and great shadow forms. The background info on this is good to know, been lots of mining disasters.

Leading Lines
Nice christmas themed shot. Bright and vibrant, good shooting.

Leading Lines of White
I really like this, between the trees and the tracks in the snow leading you into the mist, and whatever may be through it.

Apologies, I lost the comments twice now, this is the third time I have tried this.


Link Posted 01/01/2018 - 15:21
Thank you Derek!

Great shots here so I am chuffed amongst this company.

And your comments were very helpful so thank you.

A Happy New Year to you all.

All the best



Link Posted 01/01/2018 - 16:48
Many thanks Derek for a great competition which I thought worked very well. I enjoyed your comments.

Thanks also for awarding my "Shelf Life" picture third place .

Congratulations to Simon for the well deserved winning image, fellow podium member Judith for second place and everyone else for a wonderful set of interpretations.



Link Posted 02/01/2018 - 00:55
Super job Simon. That one really goes Splatt; it's so pithy and down to earth. I also hope Judith's camera is better after its mishap?
Yes, I was standing, with tripod in the middle of the road and yes, I intended to submit the nighttime light trails but it was too damn cold!!
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

My page on Photocrowd - link


Link Posted 02/01/2018 - 06:15
Thank you so much for second place.....all the honour and none of the work.
Poor Derek, losing the comments twice. Regardless of your trials and tribulations Sir, you did a very fine job, I enjoyed it all.

Congrats to the winners.


Ps....Camera has returned to a semi state of working, as it can once again snap a photo....but refuses to automatically turn off
Last Edited by JudithAnn on 02/01/2018 - 06:15


Link Posted 02/01/2018 - 06:41
Congratulations Simonmac, wonderful shot, superb composition and details, trailing off to OOF bits. B/W has huge impact too! Deserving winner! And extended to JudithAnn and GlynM. And thanks to Derek for the challenge comments and critiques- well done. And as usual, an intriguing range of interpretations, wonderful way to end of 2017!
Happy and Blessed 2018 to all!


Link Posted 02/01/2018 - 22:37
Hi Derek, thanks for running this competition, congratulation to the winners!

I get a lot out of these competitions, they are really great.

Cheers to you all for 2018.

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