Monthly #115 - Windows Competition

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Closing Date: 31/01/2022
Judge: JudithAnn

For this contest, we invite community members to share their best shots showing windows as the main aspect of the composition. From buildings in the city and store fronts to cars and houses; show how you use windows in a creative and original way. 2022 is our new window into our future...Happy New Year Everyone. CHEERS!

All entries should be shot in January 2022 - reminder from Mod team - many thanks!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 07/01/2022 - 07:31
Hello My Fellow Competitors :

I love the photos posted thus far, and I see that the monthly comps have been down in numbers. However, one of the rules to the monthly competition is that the photo MUST be taken during the month of the competition. SO photo must be taken durning January 2022. Our reason for this rule, was to encourage you to go pick up your camera, and be inspired, and take something fresh to post. The weekly comp is for any all photos archived or freshly taken, but the monthly was set different. So if your photo is not dated for January then John will be deleting it. PLEASE, please make sure if is taken in the time frame given... I love judging and sharing my adjudications with each person who enters the competition, and I hate that anyone would be eliminated, but these are the rules set by the Pentax User Site. Looking forward to what you all create.
Cheers, As Ever, JudithAnn
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Link Posted 01/02/2022 - 10:13
Thank You all for the effort and the entries. As the judgeI know how important it is to adjudicate each person photo. Learning how others see and view our work can help us all to improve and push our self to be our best. Sometimes it can become an enlightened moment of understanding, something the artist never thought of when he took the photo. Of course it does not mean your interpetation is incorrect but rather another view of another person, saw something more. I love this fact so much. Remember these are just my opinion, my interpretation of how I was your piece, and why. Enjoy.

1. IN the Frame by Persepicador.
On the outside looking at the outside. This is a fun, yet profound capture. We all know about being on the outside looking in. Here, what we see on the out side, is the outside caught in the reflection. I love how sharp the window frame is. That sharpness, lets the eye fall on the reflection on the window panes as a eating place first. It becomes the main attraction. Once the eye has a focal point, it then is free to explore what is surrounding the window, the wooden how, the roof and the tree. When we have that focal point, the whole photo becomes enjoyable for the viewer. This was on topic and well executed. wonderful entry.

2.Abstrct in the Window by Johwnjr:

This piece jumps with colour. The eyes are drawn into that abstract shape. The brain want to make sense of what it sees. It is hard to decide where the focal point is. However, the eyes will eventually fall on one of the inter square , from them there explore the wobble of shape. These shapes are pleasant and do hold an attraction. Then one begins to focus on the framing, which of course is the window, and the photo fall a wee bit short on the delivery, because the softness and blur detracts from doing an excellent job. I really feel, if that frame was in focus, this photo would have gone from a great photo to a real masterpiece. It was band on topic, and very enjoyable.

3. Shop Window by PRYorkshire:
With an old-fashion female judge, this one captured the essence of something I adore doing, window-shopping. I absolulty love window fronts. I think the compositation of this photo was fantastic. I loved the upper left hand corner being the starting point of the framing, making something of interested even before the eye starts the study. The first thing my eye wanted to look at were the buckets hanging up high. I then noticed that that since the photo pull you into the top instead of the middle of the photo, everything became in order from the top to the bottom. What I mean by this, is the eyes start looking from top to middle to bottom. Everything in the photo is of interest. The objects have a flow of surprise and interest, just as if I were standing there looking in, in person. That makes a great photo. You were perfectly on tip, and your photo was a delight. Thank You

4. Window Vortex. by Negelk
I love creativity, and this was full of creativity. One thing that the photographer has done in this photo that make it magical and stunning, was to take that middle Frame with in the window frame, and allow his focal point to be so beautifully done. The eye as a place to fall and rest right away. It sees the shape and brightness of the man like image in the trunk of the tree, which the eye quickly slides to the left and there in all of its glory is the brilliantly formed vortex. The photo almost fades away into a piece of art, that could have have been painted or drawn. Yet being a photo, tilted into a masterpiece shows us that skill and mastery of a camera is what is really at play here. I would stop in a galley, and study this piece. It is a winning shot. So well executed!

5.A Greenhouse by MHOL1902
Nothing can fit this brief better the a greenhouse! So many windows...on top bottom, side front..on and on. How clever to think of one for this comp. To look into a window, especially in a photo is compelling, and interesting. Something that really surprised me with these windows, was that my eye went directly to the window decals first. Why? Because the decal are brightest thing in the photo and they are crystal clear and pin shape. Our eyes love all these things. After the eyes did this, I wanted a look inside. The frosted glass on top would only let me see bits of what were there. My brain wanted to see more. I think I might have removed the window sticker.... unless I was wanting to capture the scene to say... Hey look at these windows and all the effects it brings! Your topic was bang on, and I enjoyed your entree .

6. Iconic Window by Drofmit:

Yes... I wanted a car window and you sir delivered! THANKS!! I love th fact that I can look into the front seat and see that amazing plaid and the fact that the eye choses this as the centre and first place., and then look into the back and see the outside reflection. What a smart amazing way to expose this two windows side by side. The crop and composition is really fantastic. I fill like I am looking at everything that matter for my brain to form the whole picture. I love the dullness of the colour too, as it enhances the objects all around and one wants to explore the lines, wipers and shapes that make this photo. Wonderful done, and I can see the years of a master photographer at work. So enjoyed your art!

7. Look through any Windows. By Simonmac
This photo almost has a high key magical effect. What had brought this magic to life is Simons clever way of composing, or cropping this photo. When you enlarge it, so perfectly lined are the windows that I see "math". One's brain sees the beauty of this, out pops that one square window on its own. Boy do you ever give that a study. Somehow, it adds to the magical simplistic beauty of white and dark, repeated pattern of 2+2 and the oneness! It is a wonderful photographic find, and here it is brilliantly executed. It sure does meet this months brief. Lovely!

FIRST PLACE ..... Window VORTEX ........ Nigelk

SECOND PLACE .....Look Through Any Window..... Simonmac

THIRD PLACE .......... Shared: Iconic Window. Dormfit
...................................................In The Frame. Perspicador
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Link Posted 01/02/2022 - 11:06
Hello JudithAnn

Thank you for this competition. It was uplifting to take a trip out to cature those windows and enter- and thank you for my placing.

Love the winning shot- I go a little giddy looking at it.

Well done too those sharing third place.

All the best


Link Posted 01/02/2022 - 12:04
Hey, thank you very much!
Thank you for your kind and generous critic JudithAnn.
Congratulations all round an good interesting variety of interpretations of the theme. We just need more people with Pentax cameras!

Please do enter this months comp. Landscape in Black and White.
I look forward to seeing what you all create


Link Posted 01/02/2022 - 21:28
Sensitively adjudicated. Thank you.


Link Posted 02/02/2022 - 14:19
An interesting competition and a worthy winner- re the window stickers, they are an integral part of the greenhouse stability, if you get my meaning. A bit of a pane, but there we go
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