Sound II

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This is the Antony Gormley sculpture, called Sound II, that is found in the crypt of Winchester Cathedral. It really tested the high iso performance of the K5 due to the really low levels of light available. I had a tripod anticipating the low light levels but unfortunately they have a tallish railing which prevented using it. So handheld at 6400iso.
Camera was K5 with DA 16-45 @ f4.
10/04/2014 - 14:23Russ
CategoryStill Life
Shutter Speed20 sec
Focal Length16mm


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Technically a victory, and well worth the effort.

Brilliant composition!
Mac from Montreal

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Mac wrote:
Technically a victory, and well worth the effort.

Brilliant composition!

Brilliant, are the reflections in water? Difficult to make out


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Now Malc has observed, I am not sure too. I thought water and felt it's unusual presence was a conundrum. Lovely take whatever.
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Yes, it is water, just very still indeed. The crypt has been severely flooded, as you might imagine with Winchester being badly affected by the winter floods. They only reopened the crypt this week.
I do need to do a revisit. Apparently at the right time of day the sun will shine through the window and illuminate the sculpture. And also take my larger tripod in the hope its taller than the railing.
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Just come across this - very impressive!
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