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12/04/2012 - 14:56milamber
Shutter Speed1/80
Focal Length100mm


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I see you're getting the hang of the lens now.
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Charlotte wrote:
I see you're getting the hang of the lens now.

Actually Charlotte, I'm not

This was with the 50mm and the Teleplus 2X macro converter as one of a series I was taking to compare the different lens combinations.

Still struggling to get the 100mm up to the standard of the 50mm plus tubes/converter.


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You might have tried this already so forgive me if you have.

Get something that doesn't move like a daisy. Take it into your poly tunnel. Stick the camera on a tripod. Disable catch in focus (I'm not sure that's doing you any favours anyway). Put the camera on live view and zoom in (I think it's the info button that zooms in but you'll probably know better than me) to focus.

If you still can't get it sharp - and if your lens is the same as mine except the badge, it should be sharp- print out a focus chart and see what the score is. It's always possible that you may have to fine tune the auto focus for that lens.

Like I said though please excuse me if you've already tried this.

Kind regards
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Cheers Charlotte. I haven't tried anything as specific as that, but have tried a variety of stationary subjects with the tripod.

The 100mm is pretty sharp, but the images still don't have the snap of the 50mm and tube/teleconverter.

I haven't actually used autofocus much with it - it seems to struggle a bit with macro - certainly at 1:1. I prefer manual focus anyway.

I'll keep plugging away and will try what you suggest.

You seem to to be getting on better with yours




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Ah - you've only seen the half decent ones. I have several dozen out of focus really terrible shots and I could do an exhibition on depression where I could paper an entire wall with underexposed photos of something unidentifiable.
and if we have a bad summer I've got loads of overexposed ones to sunbathe under.
But I kept plugging away and am getting somewhere now.

Charlotte x
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