Sunset over Belfast Lough

Sunset over Belfast Lough
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Monday evening was bright and sunny so I drove down to the Loughshore at Holywood (County Down) in the hope of a nice pic!
I bracketed three exposures and HDR'd them in Affinity Photo (trial version).
By: Antony
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This is very nice - the HDR doesn't look over-cooked to me (which is good IMO!)


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Everything "works" in this one. Congratulations on a honey of a photo.


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Excellent, especially if you can make Holywood look good 😁

The clouds came out nicely for you.

Monday evening was freezing cold, it looks warmer here!
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This really works well and, as has been said, the HDR isn't overpowering
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Affinity offers 5 HDR presets, I chose 'detailed' over 'natural' or 'dramatic'. It's tempting to go over the top with HDR but I'd try to persuade myself to choose a more natural effect. I was lucky with the sky as another shot I took pointing down the lough has a uniform blue sky.


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What a lovely result!

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What a beaut. Well done you.
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