Bovine intervention

Bovine intervention

Photo Information
Congo buffalo proves it can manage the useful trick of licking its own nose. Taken at Marwell Wildlife with Sigma 100-300mm f4.
07/01/2012 - 09:33simonarron
CategoryPets / Captive animals
Shutter Speed1/400
Focal Length300mm


Link Posted 07/01/2012 - 10:24
That really is a good lens Simon!
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Link Posted 07/01/2012 - 10:33
NiceI want to buy this lens


Link Posted 07/01/2012 - 14:39
Wow! So sharp. A great shot, and a terrific lens
Cheers - JD

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Link Posted 07/01/2012 - 15:34
It is a nice lens... when it works. They are fairly scarce, but I found a used example at SRS a couple of years ago and snapped it up. It began misbehaving fairly swiftly - autofocus not always reliable, f4 lens giving readings of f1.8 etc - but SRS sent it away for a free service and everything was fine for the best part of a year. It then began producing consistently fuzzy images, so I had it serviced once more (just before this buffalo snap was taken) and sharpness returned. Recently, though, there have been fresh hints of deterioration, so I fear more expense looms on the horizon.
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Link Posted 08/01/2012 - 18:10
Interesting shot, nice colours and sharpness.
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