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Summer Issue 2010

Summer Issue 2010
Issue Summer Issue 2010
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Pentax compacts - hands-on

Matt Grayson takes a look at some of Pentax' latest compact offerings.

Pentax 100mm macro lens

Gary Wolstenholme reviews Pentax' new 100mm macro lens.

Beginners' guide part 4

John Riley returns with part four of his beginner advice and looks at using the histogram.

Floral Photography

Zeb Andrews shows us how he produces his beautiful floral landscapes.

It's all in the timing

Craig Roberts explains the camera's bulb setting.

Member in the spotlight

Pentax User puts John Anthony centre stage for his member in the spotlight interview.

The 14mm lens challenge

Matt Grayson shows us five interesting items we can photograph with a 14mm wide lens.

Starling photography

Steve Bennett returns with his starling photography advice.

Photographing interiors

We go inside with Andrew Cowin for some interesting interior photography tips.


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