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Magazine Archive: 2004

Pentax User used to create a quarterly glossy magazine until 2010, digital copies are still available.

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Winter Issue 2004

  • Still-lifes - using simple daylight props indoors.
  • How the white balance mode works on your Optio and*ist D digital camera.
  • Our wildlife expert ventures north to photograph Reindeer.
  • Learn about colour harmony and contrast.
  • Silhouettes - shooting into the sun and sandwiching slides.
  • Dark digital - how to create the silhouettes digitally.
  • Differential focus comparing a digital and film camera’s ability to control depth-of-field.
  • Back to the roots - project to return to manual focus.
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Autumn Issue 2004

  • Daylight portraits - make good use of natural light.
  • Festival fun - take a fresh look at street parades.
  • Old buildings - photos of stately homes and cathedrals.
  • Digital panoramas using your Optio
  • Pentax 200mm Telephoto
  • Precision timing - fruit splashed
  • Sunrise how to plan where the sun rises.
  • Lateral Thinking - great new ideas
  • Morocco - a photographic journey through the Atlas Mountains
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Summer Issue 2004

  • Weddings - advice on how to take them
  • Harlequins - creative portraits with studio lighting
  • Architecture - what to look for in modern buildings
  • Digital macro with your Optio camera
  • Formats - a look at the various formats
  • A trip to the British Wildlife Centre
  • Portfolio of flight
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Spring Issue 2004

  • Winter photography
  • Freelance
  • Red Squirrels
  • Digital flash using your Optio
  • Flash and indoor lighting
  • B&W reversal processing
  • Glass works
  • Rembrandt lighting
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