How do I find out my username and/or password?
To find out your username and password, visit the Forgotten Password / Username page. This asks for the email address which you used to register. Enter it and your details will be sent to your inbox.

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Why am I asked to log in?
If you are asked to log in even when you have entered your correct username and password, make sure you have cookies enabled.

If cookies are enabled or enabling them doesn't resolve this issue, try clearing the cookies stored on your computer. This is done from Internet Options from the Windows Control Panel then select the general tab and under Browsing History click on the Delete button and then Delete Cookies. In Firefox go to Tools from the file menu, select Options, then Private Data heading and Clear Now.

Please note: this will also delete all saved settings for previously visited sites.

Now when you enter your username and password a new cookie will be created and you should be able to log in.

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