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Where can I get an instruction book for my camera?
The Pentax User club has partnered up with to bring you a selection of instruction manuals and related photographic literature for almost every Pentax camera and accessory ever made. If you've lost your Pentax camera manual (also known as an instruction manual, instruction book or user guide) you'll find it here.

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Where can I get replacement software for my digital camera?
Operating manuals, drivers, firmware and other general information can be downloaded from the Pentax website.

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Is the classified advert buyer genuine?
Please note, the following applies whether you are selling on the forum or via the classified ads section on the site. You may be contacted by internet scammers. We cannot be held responsible for any action you take with these fraudsters.

Avoid Fraudulent activity
When selling online you have to be aware that the potential buyer could be a fraudster. The common scam, which happens on all sites that allow private sellers to advertise, is when you receive an e-mail in broken English asking questions about the item you are selling. The examples that follow are genuine and reproduced here, word for word.

Gooday and how are you doing today,I saw your advert advertised at site while i want you to know that i have my interest in buying your item, While i want you to make it known to me if this is still available and also the final sale price including the present term and condition and it's pics... Thanks and keep waiting to read from you asap.....stay bless.

i would like to buy the goods you listed for sale.I want to know the final price for it and i want to know if it is still available for sale.The shipment of the goods to Detroit will be handled by an agent from Arrow Shipping Company(ASC) to make everything easy. A payment with cashier's check or money order will be made immediately we both agreed on this transaction. Feed me back on time so i can know the next step to take.

i will like see the pics if is available, also i will like to inform you that am having an Associate of mine in United Kingdom who is owing me the sum of 2,800 and is willing to issue out a verified cheque on my behalf in which you are to deduct the said amount and make the remaining funds send to my shipping company for their upfront mobilization fees for them to come over to pick it up.he will also be responsible for signing the purchase document. Having said this, i believe true transaction should be based on trust so if you equally share the same view with me then i should be able to trust you. if this is okay by you i need to have the following information in respect of receiving the payment, where to address the Cheque.

Very dodgy, but surprisingly trusting buyers still get caught out time and time again.

Here's why. The cheque you receive will be a forgery, but it will clear and you will think the money is yours. You will then write a cheque for the balance and either send it with the goods, if they haven't already been picked up. A cheque clearing in your bank simply means there are sufficient funds in the account where the cheque is drawn. When the owner of this account looks queries their statement the owner's bank will automatically request that your bank returns the funds and will take the money out of your account. You will have lost the balance of money you paid and the item you sold.

Take precautions
To avoid scams, recognise when it's one of the above emails and do not make any further communication.

Forward a copy of the email to the company the scammer is using to send email out with (often Yahoo)

Pentax User is not involved in any transactions and can not police the actions of our many users of the classified ads section. We do, however, issue membership numbers so you could ask that the buyer (or seller) proves that they are a member before doing a deal.

Only deal with people in your area unless you are confident that they are trustworthy The majority of scammers are from another country, so the best way to avoid scams is to sell locally and ideally in person (providing it's not example 2's "Associate").

Do not wire funds via Western Union, etc as this is likely to be a scammer.

Never post the item to a third-party abroad.

If someone offers to pay for an item, plus shipping costs and requests that you pay the shipping agent, don't.

If you accept a cheque, only let the item out of your hands when you're certain that the cheque has cleared. Contact your bank if you are unsure.

Don't disclose any personal information to strangers unless you're sure they are genuine buyers.

Never share your bank account login details..

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