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Hi everyone.

I've been back from Zambia for around 6 weeks now (feels like 6 months!) but I've not had much of a chance to post some images for your perusal.

We were lucky enough to spend 3 days near Victoria Falls, Livingstone before traveling to South Luangwa National Park and then on to the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Hope you like ...

Victoria Falls

Thornicroft Giraffe

Lilac Breasted Roller


Impala & Oxpecker


A few more here

Appreciate any comments or advice



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Excellent Hippo.
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Hi Lee,

You have some lovely images in your collection. Of the above I really like your Victoria Fall shot and the Hippo. The Giraffe seems a bit uncolourful (if that's a word!)or lacking in contrast. Male Lions are very hard to make look good in my experience and this may have been better as a head shot and its a shame he is in the shadows as you got the catch light in his eyes. I have waited ages on safari for male lions to lift their heads up to get a decent shot only to miss it when they have The Impala and Oxpecker is good but you took off his legs The Roller is nice but might have been better cropped in closer Just my opinon and I am sure others will disagree. The important things is whether or not you like them?

Can I ask who you went with as I am looking for a photographic safari in Zambia?


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Hi Pentaxbabe

Thanks for the comments. The giraffe image just seemed to 'come out like that' and I quite liked it so didn't do much tweaking. The lion image was taken in the Lower Zambezi NP and like most of the lions we saw he was just lazing around in the shade!

On the whole I am pleased with the images I got but always welcome suggestions

We stayed in several lodges in each park but I would recommend Lion Camp in South Luangwa as one of the guides there, Patrick Bentley is a professional photographer who does run his own photo safari's. Some of his images are amazing

I would also recommend Kaingo camp, again several of the staff there are photographers which meant they were quite accommodating and they have several temporary hides setup nearby which allows you to get close up to some of the animals.

Both of these camps are close to each other so I would suggest one or the other and then maybe another camp elsewhere in the park (South Luangwa NP is big!).


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love them all great shots,
just keep snapping,

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Thanks for all the comments guys


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Hippo and Giraffe for me, great shots!

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The giraffe looks like Jar Jar Binks character out of Star Wars movies
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That hippo shot is fantastic.

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I think the hippo is the one that stands out, alough I like the oxpecker on the impala
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kerrowdown wrote:
The giraffe looks like Jar Jar Binks character out of Star Wars movies

Looks like a cricket umpire to me.

The hippo picture is unusual in that the head is held vertically, so that the mouth catches the sun fully. I would be inclined to crop it so that there is not much left but the open mouth.

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