Yum yum, or not?


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First attempts at food, how an these be improved please? Thanks.

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For teh first - hire a better cook!

The second was shot through glass - at a guess, and te reflection is a real problem. Try to avoid going through glass if you can.


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Louise - the important thing to remember about food is presentation. It has to look appetising! I dunno if you are old enough to remember the pictures of fish'n'chips that they used to hang on the walls of Woolies cafes - there was the obligatory slice of lemon, with some "shrubbery" alongside to make it look yummy!!

Another technique I know of is, when photographing sandwiches, have a little fine-mist spray with water nearby. Apart from stopping the bread from curling up under the heat of the studio lighting, the droplets of water on the skin of a tomato, on the lettuce leaves, etc makes a BLT look delicious!.. Of course, it normally gets thrown away after the photoshoot.

As for ice-cream, 9 times out of 10, it's actually mashed potato, sometimes dyed with food colouring to look like the corresponding flavour of ice-cream (pink for strawberry, yellow for banana, etc).

As Gamka says though - shoot the cook, and try photographing the food without a reflective cover. The chips in shot 1 could do with being laid out a bit more symettrically too! The scones in shot 2 need centred up, and a wee dollop of butter and/or strawberry jam in the shot wouldn't go amiss!!
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I would tell him but I might get dismembered with a meat clever, Woolies is going back a bit, I can remember as a kid their milkshakes.
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Not a food photo expert, but some comments on appeal...

For the first, get your color balance correct. If color balance is correct, stay away from strong yellow / green light and light reflecting from such colors..
Additionally, if its something that is going to melt and sag into a less than appetizing slump, serve it cold (or less hot). i.e. Would be better if you could see the layers or at least a more structured display.

For the second, beyond the reflection in the glass the lighting is nice except you need to increase exposure a bit and maybe fill the shadows slightly. The dirty plates in the background do not add to the appeal.
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And there goes back my appetite!

A polariser is your friend! And lighting! I'd go for reflectors instead of flash though.

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I've been on a low carb diet for the past five days. .. so all I'll say is. ..



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scones......yum yum I could go for one of those right now with some clotted cream.

Good first attempts Louise and looks like you have been given some excellent tips for the second attempt.


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Thanks for your comments. I will try Mr Kipling cakes next, what filter can you recommend for that please?
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