Your duds could be worth money!


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Yes really! Here's a link to the latest RPS newsletter, look on the third page and see how you can buy an A3 picture of 2 blue buckets for 750, how about a suitcase on a rack or an old green shed, yes a bargain at 750 each.

They are limited editions so be quick!

Must get snapping my old watering can
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Mhm...exquisite special edition. Art is very subjective but this, this is very special haha. I guess kudos to him for actually having people write that and pay him for it. He is obviously doing 'something' right; even if it's not photography

Though to be frank, I don't find the images of the tracks particularly interesting either; nor technically good and most certainly, not haunting.

Who 'makes it' in any artsy profession is as much luck as it is a good name, connections or actual merit. It has been like that for centuries. You need far less talent if you are capable of 'selling' yourself.

I recently looked at a large online photo competition that runs for 12 months - each with it's own theme, and a sort of a grand finale, a photo story.

Some submissions are unconditionally superb, even if they are not up to one's taste; some not so much. But than you look at feedback given by some supposedly successful photographers, and it makes one want to cry. Or at least, it does me. And then you look at their work. And you understand, and you cry some more.

But, there are people to which it obviously appeals; for whatever reason. That in itself, makes it a' viable art'. If someone wants to pay for it - it's worth it. That's how the world spins.

At the end of the day, who am I to judge when I find the best things about Picasso are his earlier pencil drawings and his daughter's original perfume line
' remembers little things, long after you have forgotten....' (Aaron Siskind)


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Yeah - well.. I saw some prints in a gallery somewhere going for over 1000 of images I would have considered as duds and probably sent to the 'recycle bin' had they been mine. Seems you just need the right break somewhere!

vic cross

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I used to want to try for an RPS distinction but I looked at quite a lot of the things others had done and in the end thought a lot of it was just the luck of the draw. It's all a matter of taste. some of the pictures are mind blowing and the rest?? well as I said it's a matter of taste and some peoples tastes are very strange as this lot goes to show. I'll stick with my likes and dislikes and not bother the RPS with my rubbish.
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This is a spoof, right? If RPS really rate this stuff then I have no interest in even being considered for membership. Reminds me of visits to The Photographers' Gallery in London, where I always come away depressed at the awful state of the world consistently portrayed there!


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The buckets are perfectly balanced that's what you pay for. You could pour water in them and they wouldn't fall over

Brian Griffin's tracks aren't up to his usual standard. For those that don't know him he is one of the greatest photographers of all time, Very active with his Olympus gear in the 70's.... You can usually spot his photos by his unique style... He did a lot of boardroom portraits for magazines etc. Plus album covers.


Wandsworth Roundabout from 1978 is my favourite...

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff

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I had to look... 4 Limited Edition A3 prints x25 copies of each at 750 a time is 75000.

Take away the VAT leaves you with 62500.

Lets assume postage is 10 per item x 100 is 1000...leaving you with 61500.

Let's be extremely generous and allow expenses, advertising, marketing etc to neatly consume 1500...that leaves you with 60,000 !

Hey that's not bad if it all works out...?

I think the 'secret' here is to call them Limited Editions and not get too greedy...20-25 of each sounds about right. Don't 'underprice' them...they are reassuringly expensive and having a 'set' definitely helps.

I'd love to know if he ends up selling them all.

Of even more interest would be his customer details!

Fair play to him ain't illegal or misleading in any can see exactly what you are getting!!

Hmm...well..might be worth a try!


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It seems that the Emperor regularly gets a new set of clothes.



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Ah the clue is in the mention of Farser's working with William Eggleston. Bill - as he's affectionately known to other snappers like Martin Parr - was probably the main man to bring colour into fine art. His subjects were often banal but he considered this a way of democratising photography. Alhtough many have derided Eggleston's work - Ansel Adams being one of the first - his colour work has been lauded by many. I've seen some of his original dye-transfer prints and the colour certainly has impact (the red ceiling picture particularly). Personally I can't see much point in copying Eggleston. A photographer who has taken colour photographer further and in a more intersting way is Constantine Manos .

Perversely, I'd rather look at pictures of buckets thses days than slow mo seascapes or another sunset on the moors. You don't see many Eggleston copyists but there are far too many Joe Cornish clones about.
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