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Can someone help I am looking to buy some Yongnuo flashes again. Although I had one TTL and one manual Yongnuo flash before I only really ever used them manually for strobe work and on the hotshoe for events I could never trust/understand the TTL metering.
Although I never used the TTL it was nice to know it was there. Just a couple of questions about the compatibility with pentax.

I know they work fine manually with pentax as I did use the Yongnuo 560 mk1 on my KR. I also had the 565 ex which I am guessing will not do TTL on penax bodies, is this correct?
If this is the case its pointless paying the extra for the 565ex.

There now seems to be a Yongnuo 560 mk3 model with built in receiver which would be useful for me. Am I correct in thinking that this will work fine with a pentax body if I bought the RF602/603 transmitter?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi - I've just bought the 560 mk ii and, not having used it in anger yet, am currently sat at being rather impressed by the build quality - especially for the price.

My understanding is that you can't buy Yongnuo flashes that do the TTL thing with Pentax, so it's manual only (which is not that much of a hardship with digital unless you have to work quickly and need to just trust the camera and flash to work out the settings for you). My understanding is that you are correct about the mk iii model too, but hopefully somebody who actually owns one will add more to this thread....



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JonSchick wrote:
unless you have to work quickly and need to just trust the camera and flash to work out the settings for you

Yes thats the trouble I could never trust it on the Canon body and instead I would always take 3/4 test shots in manual to get me in the ball park then make slight changes from there as a situation changed.
I am very impressed with Yongnuo apart from me needing a replacement for my first mk1 560 they are one of the most powerful output flashes, and at the price you pay for them can get some real professional results if you take the time to learn how to use them manually.
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